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Where do I signup to use Bundledocs Software?

Bundledocs document bundling software offers a free trial - no credit cards required and no obligations. Signup for Bundledocs today by visiting our 'Create an Account' page.


How long does a free trial last?

We offer all new users one month free trial of Bundledocs. If you would like to upgrade your account or create additional cases, these can be purchased via our pricing page.


Does Bundledocs provide a product demonstration?

Yes. Bundledocs provides a free online demo. Simply fill out the online demo form and we will contact you directly to schedule your free online demonstration.


What software and hardware do I need?

Bundledocs is a cloud based software so no new hardware or software is needed. Users simply need Web access and a unique email address.


How does Bundledocs work?

Bundledocs document bundling software is designed to quickly and easily bundle documents.

1.Upload: Securely upload your documents into Bundledocs. Files can include: .doc, .pdf, .msg, images etc.

2.Arrange & Customise: Uploaded documents are then easily moved into the correct order, through dragging and dropping files. Then customise how you want your bundle to appear eg. Numbering, Bates Numbering, Watermarking etc.

3.Download: Bundledocs software automatically handles formatting, paginating, indexing and bundling of documents. The completed bundle is then immediately ready to download and print and is automatically emailed directly to you.


Who would use Bundledocs software?

Bundledocs is suited to any professional who has a need to easily bundle and consolidate large numbers of documents into one single PDF file. Our software is particularly beneficial for Lawyers, Legal Execs & Legal Secretaries that require assistance in the preparation of document bundles.


What type of documents can be bundled?

Bundledocs document bundling software bundles a range of documents, including: Microsoft Word (.doc), Emails (.msg), .PDF, .txt, Pictures (.tif), Photographs, Maps and Charts. Currently Bundledocs does not support Microsoft Excel. Excel documents should be saved as a different document type, for example .PDF before uploading.


How will Bundledocs benefit my business?

Bundledocs has been designed to significantly improve the process of document bundling. Bundledocs document bundling software can benefit businesses by saving time, reducing costs and increase staff efficiency. Bundledocs users can access and create document bundles anytime, anywhere 24/7 and documents are securely stored on online backup.

Read more about the benefits of Bundledocs for your business.


How will Bundledocs save my firm money?

Bundledocs software significantly reduces the cost associated with creating document bundles. Bundledocs document bundling software automatically orders, indexes and paginates documents into a single PDF document. Significant time is saved in the production of document bundles as firms no longer have to spend countless hours manually performing these tasks.

In addition, Bundledocs is more flexible and adaptable when compared to traditional methods of document bundle creation. If changes or amendments are required once the bundle has been generated, users would need to re-order, re-index and re-paginate the document bundle. With Bundledocs, simply make the necessary changes and re-generate a new bundle, saving firms a significant amount of time - and at no extra cost.


Where is my information stored?

For European Economic Area (EEA) countries (i.e. all European Union countries plus Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway) the data is stored in Microsoft European data centers in Dublin, Ireland and Amsterdam, Netherlands.

For the United States the data is stored in North-central US - Chicago, IL and South-central US - San Antonio, TX

For countries in Asia the data is stored in East Asia - Hong Kong, China and South East Asia - Singapore


Is my information safe?

User information is stored safely and securely using Microsoft SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) Encryption. Microsoft SSL Encryption ensures a secure communication channel exists preventing any interception of data from third parties, across our network and other internet communications. For more information about Bunndledocs security, visit our security page.


What else do you do with my data?

Nothing. We understand the importance of user information and data security. We guarantee users that we will not pass any information onto third parties.


If I cancel my account, what will happen to my information?

All information will be deleted once an account is cancelled. We do however suggest that users takes personal responsibility for their data and delete any documents saved to further ensure file removal.


Where do I access my documents?

Once documents have been successfully uploaded to the users storage area, a user can access the information anytime anywhere by logging in to their unique account.


Can I get more information about this product?

Read more about Bundledocs bundling software on our features page or contact us directly via our email or call +353 (0)21 482 6320 and we will endevour to answer any queries you may have about Bundledocs.