Bundledocs Review 2012: Cloud Computing & The Law Firm

In the third and final part of our 2012 review series, this post will focus on the issue of cloud computing within the legal field. During 2012 there was a considerable amount of discussion about the adoption and use of cloud technologies within law firms. During the year, we posted a number of articles in relation to cloud computing, so let’s take a look…

1. Cloud computing: The Basics

2. Is Cloud Computing Right for you?

3. What is Saas?

4. SaaS Vs. Traditional Software

5. Why Smaller Firms Adopt Saas

In addition to these articles, there were a number of interesting infographics…

1. Are you Already in the Cloud?

2. Cloud Infographic: What is it?

3. Infographic: Moving your Business to the Cloud.

Already in the cloud
Already in the cloud
What is SaaS
What is SaaS
Moving to the cloud
Moving to the cloud

Bundledocs Review 2012: Getting Started

In the second part of our 2012 review, this post will focus on the articles that were aimed at helping users getting started with their Bundledocs account. Let’s take a look..

1.  How to create an account

2.  How long does the free trial last

3.  I am using the free trial and want to create another case

4.  Help: Live Chat

5.  Help: Step-by-Step Help Guide

6.  How to login to your account

7.  Getting to know your account: Home page

8.  Getting to know your account: My Account

9.  How to quickly search your cases within your account

10. How to drag & drop files

If there are any questions you would like answered, please leave us a comment below or email lisa@bundledocs.com

Bundledocs Review 2012: What is Bundledocs?

During the course of 2012 we have posted a significant number of articles here on our blog. As such, we have created a three part series ‘Bundledocs Review 2012’, which we hope will be beneficial to those new to Bundledocs as well as our current users. So let’s get started.

Bundledocs Review 2012: What is Bundledocs?

Bundledocs Basics: This post gives an overview of what Bundledocs is and how it creates briefs. Read more...

Bundledocs Top 10 Features: Get a quick overview of Bundledocs Top 10 Features. Read More...

Bundledocs Explained: Watch our video to quickly see what Bundledocs is all about. Read More...

Bundledocs Infographic: At the beginning of the year we created an interesting infographic. Check it out and see if you have had a similar experience in your office. Read More...

Training Tip: I am using the free trial and want to create another case

Question: I have recently created a free trial account with Bundledocs and have successfully created my first case. I now want to create another case, how do I do this?

Answer: If you are currently availing of our free trial and would like to create additional cases, you will need to upgrade your account. To upgrade:

1. Login to your bundledocs account

2. Select your email in the top right corner. This will reveal a list of options.

3. Select ‘My Account’

4. Under 'Account History', choose the number of cases you want to upgrade yout account by.

5. Select the upgrade button and fill in the details required.

Need more help? We offer free training and support to all Bundledocs users. Contact us today if you have any questions. Our team is happy to help!

Global Cloud Survey Report 2012

Legal IT Professionals earlier today released the results of their ‘Global Legal IT Cloud Survey’.  

The report details some key issues that exist concerning the adoption of cloud technologies within the legal sector, including:

  • Moving key applications to the cloud
  • Are people changing their minds about cloud computing?
  • Are clients worried about legal IT in the cloud?
  • Cloud on the horizon
  • BYOD and the public cloud
  • Which applications/services are suitable for the public cloud?
  • What issues still need to be addressed?
  • Reaping the benefits 

The full report is available to download for free via http://litn.eu/gcsr2012

Bundledocs legal software is a cloud based software that enables legal professionals to quickly and easily create a court ready brief. With automatic indexing, numbering, sectioning, formatting and bookmarking, creating briefs has never been easier. Learn more today.