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The New Bundledocs Design is Coming July 31st

As you may be aware, we have a modern, responsive and mobile friendly version of Bundledocs ('Bundledocs All Devices'). With most of our users having already made the switch, we are excited to announce that moving forward we will be developing all future releases on this version. 

From July 31st 2017, we will be moving all our customers over to the latest version of Bundledocs. You don't need to make any changes on your side as everyone will be automatically moved on this date.

For those that can't wait until then you can make the switch today. It's simple. Here's how...

1. Access Bundledocs via login.bundledocs.com.

2. Choose 'All Devices'. 

3. Login to Bundledocs using your username and password.

That's it! You have successfully made the switch to the latest version of Bundledocs. Now Bundledocs will have the same look and feel regardless of what device you use, whether this is a desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone. 

Any questions? Make sure to get in touch with our dedicated support team who are happy to any queries or questions you may have.

How can I put my bundle in order in Bundledocs - Training Tip

Recently our online support team had an inquiry from a new user asking how they can put a bundle in order with Bundledocs. If you are new to Bundledocs and were interested to know how to move single and/or multiple files in Bundledocs, then this is the post for you. 

I am new to Bundledocs and using the free trial. I’ve uploaded my documents. How can I put my bundle in order?
— New Bundledocs User

Ordering and re-ordering files in Bundledocs is simple. To move a single document you just have to click on the file you want to move. Select the file type icon i.e. the PDF icon, word icon etc. to move any file. Once selected you can simply drag and drop the document into a new section and/or position. Still unsure? Check out our '5 Steps to Create a Bundle' video to see it in action!

Did you know you can also move multiple documents at once in Bundledocs? To do so you simply need to...

1. Choose your files using the select icons - these are located to the right of any uploaded document. Once selected the blue icon will turn red.

2. Select as many files as you need. Each selected document will be numbered. 

3. Then when you are ready to move the files, you just need to use the same process used when moving one file. Select the file type icon, in the example above we will select the PDF icon.

4. Once selected, simply drag and drop the documents into place. That's it!


Moving and arranging files in Bundledocs really is simple. Don't believe us? Why not register for a trial and give it a go for yourself. It's completely free!

Any Questions? Be sure to get in touch with our dedicated support team who are happy to assist.

Leading Electronic Document Bundling Software for Lawyers

Electronic Document Bundling Software with a Difference

Do you handle large volumes of cases? Successful law firms are already using Bundledocs efficiencies to set the standard and save costs.   

What does Bundledocs do? Simply take your documents from your folder, case or document management system. Bundledocs organises them (automatically) into a neat, numbered, sectioned e-bundle in minutes - ready to save, share or print. No matter how big or small, you can change and update in seconds. Simple, easy to use, time saving and massively efficient. 

For busy lawyers on the move, Bundledocs ensures you are no longer confined to the office. Create complete electronic document bundles on the go. Phone, tablet, laptop, desktop - whatever your device - Bundledocs can be accessed from any location, at any time.

With no upfront costs, no minimum terms and a Free 30 Day Trial - you can just get going!

e-Bundles in Minutes

Here at Bundledocs we know that producing electronic document bundles - or e-bundles - can be a time consuming and laborious task. With Bundledocs this is a thing of the past. 

Recently, Bundledocs launched a new 'All Devices' version for their electronic bundling solution. For any of our long time users, there is no need to worry, it still contains all the same features, functionality and works the same as the Bundledocs you're used to. You can even switch back and forth between the two versions! 

Ready to create an e-bundle with Bundledocs? 


Access Bundledocs

Easily access your Bundledocs account by selecting 'All Devices' on your login screen. Selecting 'All Devices' ensures you can work from your mobile, tablet, laptop or desktop and there is no difference in the look and feel. Otherwise, you can login directly via: app.bundledocs.com/


Easily Preview Uploaded Documents

Did you know you can easily preview any uploaded document directly within Bundledocs. This is great when working collaboratively with colleagues or outside counsel. Simply click the preview icon and a document preview window will immediately appear. 

Check out our 'Easily Preview Documents and Bundles in Bundledocs' post to learn more. 


Effortlessly Arrange Files in Order

With Bundledocs you can easily arrange and re-arrange your files by simply dragging and dropping files. All you need to do is select the file type icon, for example the PDF icon. Then drag into the correct position. 

Check out our 'How can I put my bundle in order in Bundledocs' post for more. 


Top Hidden Features

Bundledocs 'All Devices' contains some handy new features. These include: The ability to easily expand/collapse all sections, which is great for those working on large e-bundles; Effortlessly work with volumes or multi-section bundles; At a glance view how many pages are contained within each section (again great for volumes); and even add comments to your sections. 

Take a closer look at the Top 3 Hidden Features of Bundledocs.


Any Questions?

Get in touch with our team via phone, online chat or simply log a query. Our complete training manuals are available 24/7 to view or download directly within your Bundledocs Account. Check out our Help Centre for full details. 

3 Steps to Prepare a Hard Copy Electronic Bundle (ebundle) - Training Tip

Did you know you can effortlessly create a hard copy paper bundle from any ebundle created in Bundledocs? In our latest #trainingtip post we will highlight just how this can be done. 

Whether you produce paper bundles or produce electronic e-bundles, Bundledocs is the solution for you. Our unique solution simplifies and streamlines the process of preparing bundles through the automation of time consuming tasks. What does that mean for you? For legal professionals it means you no longer have to spend countless hours preparing bundles - creating indexes, numbering and paginating bundles, collating and much more. With Bundledocs this is all a thing of the past. 

How can I create a hard copy of my electronic bundle with Bundledocs?

Step One - Generate: When you are ready to produce your bundle, hit the generate button. This will merge all your documents into a single PDF bundle, automatically create an index page, number your entire bundle and apply any customization's you have applied. (Did we mention it automatically hyperlinks and bookmarks your bundle too!)

Step Two - Download: That's it! Your bundle is immediately available to download. 

Step Three - Print: You can download your PDF electronic ebundle directly to your computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone. Need to create a paper hard copy bundle? No problem. Simply select 'Print'. It really is that simple. 

Interested to learn more? Get in touch with our team today! We will be happy to give you a FREE online demonstration of Bundledocs. Alternatively, you can create a FREE 30 Day Trial right now. 

How to Set Default Font and Styles in Bundledocs - Training Tip

If you are regular reader of our blog, you may be aware that we recently announced the introduction of our new Font and Styles feature. This is a great new release as it allows you to customize your bundle even further. 

This week we highlighted how to apply font and styles to your bundle. That's not all. Our latest release also allows you to set a default font and styles for your index pages, section and page numbering. This will ensure that every bundle created in Bundledocs will utilize these settings. 

How can you set default font and styles for your bundle?

1. Select your email in the top right corner. 

2. From the drop-down select 'Account Settings'. 

3. Within the 'Font & Style' section you have the ability to customize how you would like your bundle to appear. 

4. Press 'Update' to save any changes made.  

Interested to learn more? Make sure to download a copy of our manual to find out everything there is to know about Bundledocs and get up to speed fast.