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Is there anyway to stop a bundle being generated? - Questions & Answers

We’ve all been there. You’ve hit generate only to discover you weren’t quite ready. No need to worry, it’s simple to stop your bundle generating. Let us show you how.


Before we jump into how you can stop your bundle being generated, let’s cover a few of the basics…

What does it mean to generate your bundle? Bundledocs will revolutionise how you create bundles. When you generate your bundle, Bundledocs automatically merges all your documents into one single PDF file. It instantly creates an index page that lists all your sections, sub-sections and documents. It numbers everything, hyperlinks your complete index and adds bookmarks too. Amazing right?

Is it complicated? How do I generate a Bundle? It’s incredibly simple - just click one button!

Why would I need to stop a bundle generating? In most cases you won’t need to. However, if you’re creating and working on large complex bundles, this feature can come in handy. So if you ever have a time when you’ve hit generate only to discover that you weren’t quite ready yet - this will work great.

Quick View: How to Generate a Bundle with Bundledocs

How Do I Stop a Bundle Generating?

So you’ve hit generate but have discovered you need to make another couple of changes. Don’t fret, simply follow these steps to stop the process.


Step One: Select the ‘Save’ drop-down, as shown above.

Step Two: Click ‘Cancel Generating‘.


Yes, that’s really it. Now you’ve stopped the generating process, you’re free to make any changes you need. Perhaps re-order, change your index, remove that watermark - whatever it is, it’s always simple with Bundledocs!

Can I change how my documents are numbered in Bundledocs? - Q&A

Can I change how the documents are numbered or paginated in Bundledocs?

Can I change how the documents are numbered or paginated in Bundledocs?

Bundledocs offers you incredible flexibility when it comes to numbering your bundle. Before we get started, we should mention that it's completely automatic so any numbering can be applied and even changed with the click of a button. Just think of how much time and hassle this could save you!

Can I change how the documents are numbered or paginated? I would like to choose the page numbers i.e. A1, A2, A3 - rather than just numbers?
— New User Query

When it comes to numbering and paginating your bundle you can choose how you want it to appear. This is all done within the 'Generate' area. Recently, our support team received a query asking it is was possible to add page numbering in the format - A1, A2, A3? Yes, it sure is. Here's how...


1. Within the generate area, expand the 'Page Numbering' area. 

2. Click the option 'Prefix Page Number with Section Number'. This will change your number to appear in the format 1.1, 1.2, 1.3 or alternatively, A.1, A.2, A.3 - depending on what format your sections appear in. 

3. That's it. Click the 'Generate' button to complete and download. 


That's just the beginning. When it comes to paginating and numbering your documents in Bundledocs, we offer a wide range of options. For example, you can choose to restart page numbering at the beginning of each new section; choose where it appears; or even remove it entirely. That's not all. For those that require bates numbering or the inclusion of leading zero's/numbering, this is all possible. Get in touch with us to find our more. 


Interested to learn more? If you are already a Bundledocs user then make sure to grab a copy of our complete training manual. Or if you are new to Bundledocs then start your free (no obligation) trial today

Top Tip! Bundledocs Templates helps make bundle creation even easier. Set your structure, format for your bundle and set any customisations (like page numbering). Then every time you create a bundle using this template, all these settings will be pulled in automatically. 


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Create PDF Binders and Bundles from iManage - Bundledocs Integrations

If you use iManage DMS and are on the hunt for a great solution to help with the preparation of PDF binders and document bundles, then you've come to the right place. To celebrate one year since the launch of the iManage-Bundledocs integration, we have gathered together some of our frequently asked questions. We have listed them below so go check them out... 

Bundledocs seamless integration with iManage DMS makes document preparation simple. 

Bundledocs seamless integration with iManage DMS makes document preparation simple. 

Can Bundledocs help with the creation of PDF Binders and Court Bundles?

Yes, this is what we do. Bundledocs is cloud based technology for the easy creation of electronic PDF binders, court bundles and deal bibles. In short, it just works! Take documents directly from your iManage DMS - or anywhere. Bundledocs then magically organises them into neat, numbered, sectioned booklets in minutes. Immediately ready to save, share or print. You can make changes in seconds. Better still, there is no upfront costs and no minimum terms.  


Can Bundledocs handle the creation of large bundles?

Yes, absolutely. You no longer need to worry about the creation of large volume bundles. Bundledocs unique cloud/server based document bundling software will seamlessly add and subtract computational resources in line with demand. What does this mean? For our users it means it won't interfere with your work. There will be no more slow pc's, no stalling, no crashing and no issues. Sound good? Give it a try for yourself. 


My firm IS currently on iManage Work 9.3 and looking to upgrade to iManage Work 10. Can I (and will I be able to) create bundles directly from my workspace?

Yes, you can easily create bundles directly from your Workspace. It only takes a couple of clicks. Bundledocs will automatically pull in folders, sub-folders and all documents you have contained within your Workspace and replicate this in Bundledocs. 


I have created a PDF Binder and want to download it back to iManage Work. Can this be done?

With our seamless integration you can quickly save any completed binders back into your iManage DMS. No need to leave iManage. Simply right click on your folder and profile your binder to save. It really is that simple!


What versions of iManage is compatible with/supported by Bundledocs?

Bundledocs seamlessly links with iManage FileSite and DeskSite 8.5+. Our integration allows you effortlessly access and upload your iManage documents with ease so you can quickly create professional PDF binders and bundles in minutes.


Is Bundledocs available in the cloud? Does Bundledocs work with iManage Cloud?

Yes. Bundledocs is a unique cloud first solution. We offer full Work 10 server integration so you have anytime access to your iManage documents. With no downtime you remain productive regardless of where you are. If you would like to learn more about Bundledocs integration with iManage Cloud then get in touch with our team today!


Can I collaborate with others?

Yes. With Bundledocs you can securely share your bundle directly from Bundledocs. Alternatively, invite colleagues, counsel or any third party to collaboratively work with you. This allows you to work more with less paper!


We use iManage as our DMS solution. I've heard you integrate with iManage. Can I get more information on this?

Yes, we will be delighted to provide you with more information. We are hosting a webinar on Feb 28th 2018 at 11am. During the session we will cover how to collaboratively prepare bundles directly from iManage FileSite and DeskSite. If your free, make sure to register for our Prepare Bundles from iManage webinar to learn more. 

Can't make the webinar? We can arrange free online demonstrations at a time that is convenient for you and your team. There is absolutely no obligation, so if you are interested to see how it all works, then get in touch!

Q&A: What types of documents does Bundledocs support?


This week we met with our support team to talk all things Bundledocs. We are always interested to find out what people would like to know so we can cover it right here on the blog! 

One question our support team have been asked time and time again, is what types of documents Bundledocs supports. So we will get this answered in today's 'Questions and Answers' post (thanks for the idea guys!). 

We need to collate documents of different formats together. These can include word, pdfs, images, emails, spreadsheets etc. We also need to be able to handle large documents (with thousands of pages). Is this possible with Bundledocs?
— Bundledocs Enquiry


We Accept All Documents

Let's keep it short - Bundledocs accepts all document types. When preparing a hard-copy bundle you can upload any type of file such as word, pdf, emails, excel spreadsheets, the list goes on... Not only that, we have integrated with the world's leading case management systems, document management systems and online storage providers to even make the process of uploading your files simple. Check out our Bundledocs Integration Partners here. 

Then if you are creating an electronic bundle or electronic binder, you can upload video files or audio files and include these in your bundle. How is this possible you ask? If you read our recent 'Bundledocs New Feature Release - August 2017', you may have seen that we introduced our new 'Generate as Source Zip' feature. This is great as it allows you to prepare bundles that contain video, audio or any file in it's original format. 

Interested to learn more? We have a couple of blog posts in the pipeline that explain how it all works. Make sure you follow us on Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ and Facebook to make sure you don't miss a thing. 

Can't wait until then? Why not access our complete training manual directly within your account. This covers everything there is to know about Bundledocs and our new 'Generate as Source Zip' feature. 


Don't Worry About Document Size 

The great thing about Bundledocs is you don't have to worry about working with large volume bundles or large document sizes. Bundledocs unique design means that computational resources can be added/subtracted in-line with demand. For you, this means that regardless of the size of bundles you are working on, this won't slow down your pc and you can continue to work efficiently. Excellent news! 

Remember, our support is always on-hand to answer any queries or questions you may have. Got a question? Make sure to get in touch with Bundledocs Support today to get your questions answered. 

Can I OCR my Electronic Binder in Bundledocs? - Feature Focus

Can Bundledocs OCR my binder - or do I need to purchase additional software for this?
— New Bundledocs User

Yes. Bundledocs electronic closing binder software allows all users to effortlessly apply OCR to your electronic binder. Our OCR feature comes as standard and means there is no additional cost and no need to purchase any additional software.

This feature is great for those that need to utilise the electronic version of their bundle and need to submit a full OCR version to the courts. Bundledocs OCR functionality ensures that you can easily search and find what you want, when you want. 

Better still, Bundledocs automatically creates a hyperlinked index/table of contents and automatically bookmarks your entire bundle. How can this help you? All these features combined mean that you can quickly and easily search and navigate your bundle. Just think how great this is for your large complex electronic bundles!

For anyone that is interested to see how it all works, we have detailed just how you can create an OCR electronic binder with Bundledocs. Here's how...

Step One: Create your Electronic Binder


The first thing you need to do is create your bundle in Bundledocs. Once you are happy simply select the generate button to complete. 

Then select the 'Download' button.


Step Two: Apply OCR to your Electronic Binder


To OCR your bundle simply select the 'OCR' option in the download area.  

Top Tip: Leave Bundledocs do the hard work - Minimize the window. Bundledocs will email you once it's all complete! 

Step Three: Download your Completed Electronic Binder


That's it! Once complete you can simply choose the bundle you want to download from the dropdown. Select the 'Download' button to access your completed OCR electronic bundle in PDF format.

Do you have a need to create an electronic document binder? Then Bundledocs is the solution for you!

Interested to see how it all works? Get in touch with the Bundledocs team today. We will be happy to organize a Free Online Demonstration or even set you up with a Free Trial so you can test it out for yourself.