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All this talk about snow, blizzards and storms has got us thinking... about clouds. But this time we're not talking about the weather. With cloud solutions like Bundledocs - offering greater flexibility and mobility, it is now possible to continue to work no matter what the conditions are outside. In today's post we will take a look at just some of the ways Bundledocs can help you ... even in a snow storm!


Here are just some of the ways cloud-first solutions, like Bundledocs, can help you and your legal team - even after the weather improves. 


Access your Documents Anytime.

One of the best bits about cloud solutions, is you are no longer confined to your desk. Regardless of whether you are in the office, at home, or on the move, you will have anytime access to your documents. This means you can continue to work in exactly the same way, no matter what. Just think how handy it is when you are unable to make it to the office!


Work with Anyone.

It is now easier than ever to work with others. Whether you need to work with colleagues in a different offices; share bundles with clients or even collaborate with the other side - it is all possible with Bundledocs. It's great as it saves time, significantly reduces the amount of paper waste and ensures there is no more duplication. 

Remember, you may be stuck in the snow but your colleagues elsewhere may be fine. Don't let your work load pile up. Choose the right solutions so you can continue to work productively with them at all times. 


Work on the Go.

Working on the move has never been easier. You are now completely mobile and can continue to work at any time, any place and on any device. This is great as it allow you to work in exactly the same way whether you are on your laptop, computer, tablet, iPad, phone - or whatever device you use. It really doesn't get any easier than this!


Big Bundles. No Issues.

Working with hundreds of documents on large volume bundles? No problem. With Bundledocs you are no longer limited by your computers resources. You don't have to worry about your computer stalling, crashing or falling over. It takes care of the hard work (silently in the background). There's no fuss. It just works!


Sound good? Discover how Bundledocs can help you create the perfect court bundle, binder or document booklet in minutes. Check out our top features or register for a free 30-day trial and give it a go for yourself. 

Create PDF Binders and Bundles from iManage - Bundledocs Integrations

If you use iManage DMS and are on the hunt for a great solution to help with the preparation of PDF binders and document bundles, then you've come to the right place. To celebrate one year since the launch of the iManage-Bundledocs integration, we have gathered together some of our frequently asked questions. We have listed them below so go check them out... 

Bundledocs seamless integration with iManage DMS makes document preparation simple. 

Bundledocs seamless integration with iManage DMS makes document preparation simple. 

Can Bundledocs help with the creation of PDF Binders and Court Bundles?

Yes, this is what we do. Bundledocs is cloud based technology for the easy creation of electronic PDF binders, court bundles and deal bibles. In short, it just works! Take documents directly from your iManage DMS - or anywhere. Bundledocs then magically organises them into neat, numbered, sectioned booklets in minutes. Immediately ready to save, share or print. You can make changes in seconds. Better still, there is no upfront costs and no minimum terms.  


Can Bundledocs handle the creation of large bundles?

Yes, absolutely. You no longer need to worry about the creation of large volume bundles. Bundledocs unique cloud/server based document bundling software will seamlessly add and subtract computational resources in line with demand. What does this mean? For our users it means it won't interfere with your work. There will be no more slow pc's, no stalling, no crashing and no issues. Sound good? Give it a try for yourself. 


My firm IS currently on iManage Work 9.3 and looking to upgrade to iManage Work 10. Can I (and will I be able to) create bundles directly from my workspace?

Yes, you can easily create bundles directly from your Workspace. It only takes a couple of clicks. Bundledocs will automatically pull in folders, sub-folders and all documents you have contained within your Workspace and replicate this in Bundledocs. 


I have created a PDF Binder and want to download it back to iManage Work. Can this be done?

With our seamless integration you can quickly save any completed binders back into your iManage DMS. No need to leave iManage. Simply right click on your folder and profile your binder to save. It really is that simple!


What versions of iManage is compatible with/supported by Bundledocs?

Bundledocs seamlessly links with iManage FileSite and DeskSite 8.5+. Our integration allows you effortlessly access and upload your iManage documents with ease so you can quickly create professional PDF binders and bundles in minutes.


Is Bundledocs available in the cloud? Does Bundledocs work with iManage Cloud?

Yes. Bundledocs is a unique cloud first solution. We offer full Work 10 server integration so you have anytime access to your iManage documents. With no downtime you remain productive regardless of where you are. If you would like to learn more about Bundledocs integration with iManage Cloud then get in touch with our team today!


Can I collaborate with others?

Yes. With Bundledocs you can securely share your bundle directly from Bundledocs. Alternatively, invite colleagues, counsel or any third party to collaboratively work with you. This allows you to work more with less paper!


We use iManage as our DMS solution. I've heard you integrate with iManage. Can I get more information on this?

Yes, we will be delighted to provide you with more information. We are hosting a webinar on Feb 28th 2018 at 11am. During the session we will cover how to collaboratively prepare bundles directly from iManage FileSite and DeskSite. If your free, make sure to register for our Prepare Bundles from iManage webinar to learn more. 

Can't make the webinar? We can arrange free online demonstrations at a time that is convenient for you and your team. There is absolutely no obligation, so if you are interested to see how it all works, then get in touch!

Law Firms can make a Paperless Office a Reality with Bundledocs

Make your law firm paperless with Bundledocs 

Making the switch to a paperless office - or at least a less paper office - is more than just simply scanning everything and converting your paper files into electronic copies. You need to have the right software, processes and systems in place that are relevant to your firm and address your practices requirements. 

When it comes to document bundling or preparing documents for court, Bundledocs has got you covered. We offer a range of features that help save you time, reduce the hassle associated with document production - and offer a paperless solution for your firm.

So, what ways can Bundledocs help your firm move towards a paperless office?

  1. Online Storage: Upload and store all files needed for your bundle in Bundledocs. All files are securely stored in one location.

  2. Complete Access: As a Cloud based solution, you can access your documents and work on your bundle at any time, any place and from any device.

  3. Effortless Collaboration: Use Bundledocs to collaborate with Counsel, colleagues and co-workers. Share your bundle, work on it with others, keep copies of drafts.

  4. Secure Share: Securely send draft or completed bundles to colleagues, counsel, other side solicitors or any third party.

  5. Paperless Bundle Creation: Create your complete bundles from scratch. Effortlessly upload files directly into Bundledocs. Any physical paper or incoming mail that is received can be scanned, stored in your document management system and/or uploaded directly into Bundledocs. Easily review, change and amend your bundle as many times as you need - with no paper wasted and no extra cost!

  6. Powerful Integrations: Bundledocs has developed integrations with leading cloud based solutions including: NetDocuments, Clio, Box, Dropbox, OneDrive, GoogleDrive, Worldox Cloud - to name just a few. See our complete list of integration partners.


Not just for lawyers. Many Bundledocs users are using our solution to help make their office paperless. Check out a quote below or discover what our customers are saying about Bundledocs. 

I run a high volume finance broking company. Bundledocs is the only alternative I could find to using a full paperless system. Everything else is cumbersome and places added costs and time in trying to make a truly paperless brief. Bundledocs allows you run multiple files at once, and using templates allows it to be tailored for different lenders / purposes, providing an at glance update on what is still outstanding. It also allows us to provide a much more professional loan file to the lender for consideration
— Owner Manager, Mortgage Choice

Are you ready to make the switch to a paperless office?

Make sure to get in touch with our dedicated team to arrange your free online demonstration and/or free 30-Day trial. We are happy to assist!

Bundledocs Powerful Electronic Binder Software - Get Started Guide


Prepare an Electronic Binder in Minutes with Bundledocs. 

If you are looking for a software solution to help you quickly and easily create an electronic binder then you've come to the right place. Our powerful electronic closing binder software lets you easily upload your files, arrange them in the correct order, apply customizations (and make as many changes as needed) and then creates a neat, numbered, sectioned binder in minutes, no matter how big or small. Download in seconds. Share your binder instantly.

Bundledocs takes only 5 steps to create the perfect binder. Let's take a quick look at these 5 steps now...

Create your Electronic Binder. 

We want to help you create high quality electronic binders with ease. Now the whole process only takes 5 steps from beginning to end. It really couldn't be better.



Create Sections. 

With Bundledocs you can easily create single, multiple, sub-sectioned or even large volume binders. With a simple and intuitive drag and drop you can effortlessly create and customize the sections of your binder with ease. 



Upload Files to your Binder. 

At Bundledocs we want to make it as easy as possible for you to access and upload your documents into your binder. That's why we have developed partnerships with the world's leading systems. These include: Dropbox, Clio, NetDocuments, Worldox, iManage - to name just a few. Or just simply upload files directly from your computer (or whatever device you are using). 


Customize your Binder. 

There is a range of options you can use to customize your binder, helping you prepare the perfect electronic binder in minutes. Customization's include: bates numbering, watermarking, custom cover page and even customize the look of your index page. 

Discover other ways you can customise your index. 


Download the Electronic Binder Instantly.

Easily preview your bundle before downloading. Your electronic binder is immediately available in PDF format which can be securely shared. With a range of collaboration features available you can easily work with others regardless time, location or even device. 


Don't waste time manually preparing electronic binders. Get started with Bundledocs today. Interested to learn more? Why not create your Free 30-Day Trial or arrange your Free Online Demonstration.

 Got a Question? Our team are happy to help. Get in touch today.  

Legal Collaboration and Software as a Service


Within the legal sector collaboration plays a key role for most lawyers, whether it exists between colleagues, clients or opposing counsel. However, as new technologies and software continue to change the way firms conduct business, these changes are also affecting how lawyers collaborate.

The rise of cloud computing technologies such as software as a service (SaaS) has greatly affected collaboration within the legal sector. In short, software as a service enables users to access software related services through an internet connection. Therefore, rather than relying on desktop software or traditional servers, software is hosted by a third party and can be accessed via an internet connection.

In an article entitled “Practicing Law with SaaS” author Luigi Benetton discussed the view of Tom Mighell, senior counsel and litigation technology support coordinator for Cowles & Thomspons and author of ‘The Lawyer’s Guide to Collaboration Tools and Technologies: Smart Ways to Work Together’. When discussing his experience using online collaborative tools, Mighell stated that, “It was just so much more convenient. There would always be one version of the document. We wouldn’t have to email back and forth and we wouldn’t have multiple copies of thing on different computers.”

For legal professionals, one of the main areas in which sharing information and collaboration are extensively used is creating brief bundles.  As Bundledocs brief building software uses a software-as-a-service model, lawyers have the added advantage of using online collaborative tools to help when creating brief bundles. So how can Bundledocs help lawyers create briefs collaboratively?

1. Work in Groups:

With Bundledocs, lawyers can grant access to other team members allowing them to view and edit briefs. This is particularly relevant when a number of people are working on a case as there is no need to send documents back and forth, cluttering up your inbox.

2. Share Bundles with Third Parties:

Using Bundledocs, lawyers can securely invite third parties to view briefs. For lawyers generating large briefs this is particularly beneficial, as emailing large files can often be problematic.

3. 24/7 Access from Anywhere:

With Bundledocs, lawyers can access their brief from any device with an internet connection, at anytime 24/7 and from any location. This is particularly useful for legal teams working on a case from different offices or even countries, as Bundledocs enables users to work on briefs regardless of time or location.

If you have any questions about Bundledocs brief building software or would like to avail of our free online demo, please do not hesitate to contact us via our email or by calling +353 (0)21 482 6320.