Bundledocs New Feature Release - July 2018

This month our development team have introduced some great new features that we know you'll love. From document manipulation, exporting zip files and account security, there is something for everyone. Let's jump right in...


New Ways to Zip 

When it comes to creating bundles, we've got you covered. As you may know you can already instantly generate your bundle in PDF format but did you know you can also create zip files? This is ideal for those that want to share files with others or for any firm that uses printing rooms.

Although our 'Generate as Source Zip' feature has been around for a while, over the last few development releases we have expanded the features to make it even better. 

So what's new? In this months release, it is now possible to:

  • Include Sub-Folders: By selecting 'Generate Zip with Sub-Folders' you can replicate your entire folder structure in your zip file. It will automatically create all folders, sub-folder and include all documents in their relevant sections. 
  • Include Full Completed Bundle: By default, our zip files contain a hyperlinked index page that will open all documents in their original format. With our latest release, you now have the option to include the full generated PDF bundle in your zip file. Just click the 'Generate Zip with Full Bundle' to include it. 

If you've not yet had a chance to check out our 'Create a Zip of your Bundle' video before now then go check it out.


Rotate any Document

Last month we announced some exciting developments for anyone interested in document manipulation. Bundledocs now includes handy features like merging, splitting, de-skewing and rotating documents as standard. Even better, it works for every document uploaded not just pdf's. 

This month we have expanded our rotate options further so you can now...

  • Rotate documents by 90 degrees, 180 degrees and 270 degrees. 
  • Reset your document back to their original display.

Ready to give it a go for yourself? Access Bundledocs now and get your documents moving.


Two Factor Authentication

Last but certainly not least, this month sees the release of Bundledocs Two Factor Authentication. Two Factor Authentication (2FA) allows you add an additional layer of security to your Bundledocs account. We would highly recommend all our users enable 2FA on their accounts for better security and peach of mind. 

Whether you are litigant in person or large enterprise, 2FA is available to you. 

For full details on how to enable and activate Bundledocs Two Factor Authentication on your account, get in touch with our support team to get a copy of our 'Two Factor Authentication User Guide'.

The Simple Way to Create a Digital Binder

If you're on the hunt for a tool to help you create digital binders, then you've come to the right place. At Bundledocs, we help you do one job. Create document bundles, electronic binders and booklets from anywhere. Ready to discover how Bundledocs can help you?  

How to create a digital binder with Bundledocs? 

Bundledocs electronic closing binder software makes the whole process of creating digital binders simple. So how does it work?

  • Gather your Documents: The first thing you will need to do is upload your documents into Bundledocs. You can upload directly from your computer or we have integration links with the worlds leading solutions like iManage, NetDocuments, Tikit Partner for Windows, Dropbox, Actionstep, Clio - to name just a few.

  • Put it in Order: Once your documents are uploaded, you can adjust the order, group them, redact any text you don't want included in your completed binder - and that's it!

  • Generate: When you're ready, simple click the magical generate button. This will collate all your files into a single PDF digital binder. It will automatically create the table of contents/index page for you. It's hyperlinked and bookmarked so you can quickly jump to different parts of your binder.

  • Download or Share: As Bundledocs is cloud based you can easily send a copy to anyone that needs it or simply download and print, if you'd prefer.


Bundledocs is so simple to use, you won't even need training. But if you do, we're here to help. We can give you a quick call and take you through how it works. Or you can access our complete user manual at any time, directly within your account. 

Don't just take our word for it. In a recent article by Jason Plant (www.jasonplant.co.uk) he discussed the simplicity of Bundledocs:

I got a demo of Bundledocs the other week and thought it worth a mention, mainly because it ticks a box I’ve blogged about previously. Simplicity. The product demo took about 10 minutes, simply because the product does it’s one job easily.
— Jason Plant (www.jasonplant.co.uk)


Read the article in full: Complexity is your enemy any fool can make something complicated it is hard to make something simple.

Ready to give it a try for yourself? One of the great things about Bundledocs is it can be accessed any time, any place directly from your browser. There is no need to wait for setup and install. So whether you are looking to avail of our free 30-day trial or want to sign up straight away, access Bundledocs now to get going. 

Need more information before you get started? We would love to hear from you so get in touch with our dedicated team today for more product information or to arrange a demo for you and your team. 

Bundledocs Approved Court Bundle Software Provider for G-Cloud 10

We have some exciting news to share. Bundledocs is thrilled to announce we have once again been selected as a certified G-Cloud 10 supplier.  


What is G-Cloud? 

Not heard of the UK Gov G-Cloud Framework before? G-Cloud is a UK Government initiative that has been established to help UK public sector bodies easily procure cloud based solutions (like Bundledocs!). It covers everything cloud from Infrastructure as a Servce (IaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS), Software as a Service (SaaS) or even Specialist Cloud Services (SCS). So if you're on the market for a new cloud based application, then the Digital Marketplace is the place to go!


Bundledocs Approved G-Cloud 10 Supplier

Having been selected as an approved supplier over the last number of frameworks, Bundledocs is delighted to once again be included, this time as part of the G-Cloud 10 framework. 

As a 100% cloud based court bundle solution, we are dedicated to helping local authorities and in-house legal departments quickly and easily prepare bundles. 

Ready to learn more about what Bundledocs can do? 


About Bundledocs Court Bundle Software

If you're looking for a solution to help with the creation of court bundles, then Bundledocs is for you. We have everything you need to create the perfect bundle in one place.

For starters, it's incredible quick and easy to use. Simply upload your documents, adjust the order, group them, redact anything you don't want included and that's it. Then as we're cloud based you can send off a link to anyone that needs a copy (or even add collaborators to work with you whilst creating). We’ve even included document manipulation, annotations, OCR and online collaboration as standard – and all integration connectors are available for free!

Interested to learn more? We offer a no obligation 30 day trial and free online demo's too. We would love to hear from you, so get in touch today! 

Bundledocs New Feature Release - June 2018

Once again we have some exciting new feature releases and enhancements to share with you all. Ready to take a look? 


Document Manipulation is Here!

When it comes to creating the perfect document bundle, we've got you covered. We provide you with everything you need to get the job done. 

Need to merge or split documents? Re-order or delete individual pages? Even rotate or simply deskew scanned documents? It's all possible using Bundledocs latest range of manipulation tools. 

There is no need to purchase additional software. There is no additional costs involved. We offer everything as standard - whether it's powerful document collation tools, secure sharing, OCR, document manipulation, redaction, annotation (and much more!) - Bundledocs does everything you need. And did we mention, it's incredible simple and easy to use? 

Don't believe us? Book a quick 10 minute walk through now


Document Reference Linking Just Got Better...

In last month's Feature Release post, we announced the introduction of our latest range of annotation features - which now include the ability to redact, add comments (public or private), highlights, labels, and pin-point links. We were delighted to hear so many of you are finding them helpful already!

Following on from this, this month our team have released some added extras:

  • Add Multiple Links At Once: Now you can use our 'find all' feature when adding document reference link annotations. This will allow you to add links to any/all instances of a term with a single click!
  • Add Some Colour: You can even change the background colour for your document reference links - or even choose transparent if you would like no specific colour to appear. 

If you have not yet discovered our latest range of annotation features, then login to Bundledocs today and try them out for yourself. 


Securely Send Bundles - with an Expiry Date

As many of you know by now, within Bundledocs you can securely send bundles to anyone using our 'Forward Bundle to Third Party' feature. This is a really quick and convenient way to send bundles - particularly if they are too large to send via email. 

This month, our team have added an enhancement to our secure send feature. What is this you ask? Our latest feature release allows you add an expiry date to any bundle sent from Bundledocs. Not only that, but you can set a max download limit too.

Remain in control of your bundle at all times. Check it out for yourself here. 


Integrations to Make your Life Easier

Over the years, Bundledocs have partnered with the world's leading case and document management systems - including iManage, NetDocuments, Tikit TFB Partner for Windows, Worldox, Actionstep, Dropbox, OneDrive - to help make your life easier.

As a cloud first solution, all our cloud-based integrations are readily available from the uploads area in Bundledocs. There is no need to install anything, just click and go.

Then for any of our clients that use systems such as iManage, P4W, Timeslice Lawman or any of our on-premise partners - we've got you covered too. As all our integration connectors come completely free of charge. If you want to access the latest version of our integration, all you have to do is get in touch. 


Need a quick run-through of any of our new feature releases? Contact our dedicated support team today. It's completely free so there's no reason not to! 


Bundledocs New Feature Release - May 2018

This month we've added some great new features. Ready to see what's new? 


Let's Annotate

In one of our latest posts, we announced the introduction of some new annotation features. Now you add redactions, comments, highlights, pin-point links, labels to your bundle - and all direct from Bundledocs. That means you don't have to purchase additional software products - you can do it all with Bundledocs. 

If you're interested to learn more about our annotation features, check out our announcement post 'How do I add annotations to my digital binder using Bundledocs?' or take a look at our Bundledocs Annotations video to see it in action. 


just zip it!

At Bundledocs you can generate your final bundle in a number of ways. For example, you can export as a single PDF, multiple PDF's, as source zip - and now you have the option to export your zip file containing all converted PDF files. 

How does it work? For starters, when you upload a file into Bundledocs, it automatically converts any uploaded file to PDF. We keep both a copy of the original file (whether this is an image, email, word doc etc.) and the converted PDF file. 

Where this really comes in handy is when you want to share your documents with others. Using our 'Generate as Source Zip' feature you can easily export all bundle files in their original format and even share this with others too. 

In our latest release, it is now possible to export all your bundle files in their converted PDF format - and all with the click of a single button. 

Want to give it a try? Access your Bundledocs account now and test it out for yourself. 


Create the Perfect Date

The ability to include document dates in your table of contents has been around for some time now. However, did you know that you can easily order in ascending or descending order, even once your documents have been uploaded into Bundledocs? It really is quite easy - simply click a single button to instantly re-order your files. It couldn't be easier!


Ready to take a look at our new feature releases? Access Bundledocs give them a try for yourself. Our manual covers everything in detail or if you have any queries, our support team is on-hand to help!