All in one solution for creating, sharing and working on briefs

Bundledocs is specifically designed to help legal professionals with every aspect of bundle creation, from beginning to end. We know that collaborating and sharing your bundle is important, so we have integrated some key features to help you prepare and share the perfect brief or bundle.


Invite Third Parties to View Bundles

(Securely Invite Third Parties to View Bundles)


Bundledocs enables users to send security protected bundles to third parties. Users generating large bundles can invite third parties to view bundles created using Bundledocs. All exchanges are security restricted. 

Sending security restricted bundles is made easy. Simply fill out the 'Forward bundle to third party' form. The recipient will then be send two emails - one containing the link to download and another containing the password that you've provided. For security reasons, the user will be allowed one time access to the bundle.

Top Tip: This is a great option if your bundle is too large to send via email. 



Collaborative Group Work Made Easy

(Work with anyone - inside or outside your office - any time)


Bundledocs enables users to easily work together to create bundles. With Bundledocs, users can grant access to other team members allowing them to view, edit and work on bundles. This is particularly relevant when a number of people need to work on a case or cases together.

The best bit? Confusion and time wasted through emailing different versions of your brief is eliminated. With Bundledocs, everybody's reading from the same page.

Work in Groups

(It's never been easier to work collaboratively with colleagues)


With Bundledocs users can easily work together in groups to create bundles. Users simply share their cases with other team members allowing them to access and edit cases created. This is particularly useful if a number of people or departments are working together. 

24/7 Access

(Available Anytime, Anywhere, Any Device)


Bundledocs is available to all users 24/7 from any location. Users can access their bundles from any device with an internet connection including laptops, smart phones, tablet devices etc. Bundledocs creates a single PDF document bundle that can be easily annotated (no need to purchase PDF annotate software), shared or printed - all directly from Bundledocs.