The Bundledocs Affiliate Partner Program is a great way to add a new revenue stream to your business. 

How does it work? As a Bundledocs Affiliate Partner you simply need to introduce Bundledocs to your network and you get rewarded if they subscribe. It's ideal for anyone that works with lawyers, legal professionals, barristers, local authorities - or really anyone that needs a solution to help with document preparation. 

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What do you get for referring a new customer to Bundledocs? Once you have been accepted to the Bundledocs Affiliate Partner Program you will be rewarded if your lead subscribes to either a monthly or annual contract. 


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Our early adopter clients are already using Bundledocs successfully for both Litigation and Mediation engagements. Paralegals are already finding it more beneficial when compared to other tools they would have used previously for document preparation.
— Peter Brannigan, DoxAdvisors


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