Create a Bundle from your iManage Workspace

Did you know you can instantly create a complete bundle directly from iManage? So whether you use iManage FileSite, DeskSite or iManage Work, it’s all possible.


It’s true. With Bundledocs you can create complete bundles directly from your iManage workspace. This will automatically pull in any folders, sub-folders and documents you have contained within your Workspace. With just a few clicks you can replicate your complete workspace into a Bundledocs bundle.


Bundledocs, an iManage integration partner, makes it simple to create a bundle, binder or booklet directly from your iManage workspace. Here’s how it works…

  1. Simply right click on the workspace, for example, ‘James v Piper’.

  2. From the options, select ‘NewBundle > Bundledocs’.

    Note: If you have yet to login to Bundledocs, you will be initially prompted to provide your Bundledocs username and password.

  3. From the window, select ‘New Bundle’. This will automatically begin to reproduce your workspace within Bundledocs.

That’s it. Access your Bundledocs account via Within your account, a new bundle will be automatically created based on your Workspace. This will include your workspace folders, sub-folders and documents. Now that the hard work is done, you are free to customise your bundle as you like. Simple!

If you’re interested to learn more about Bundledocs and our integration with iManage, get in touch today. We can arrange a free online demonstration or trial so you can see how it works.

Bundledocs Announce Sponsorship of LEXPO'19 in Amsterdam

Bundledocs are thrilled to announce we will be heading to Amsterdam to sponsor the upcoming LEXPO’19 legal innovation event in April. We’ve gathered together everything you need to know about the event, so keep on reading.

Come see Bundledocs at the upcoming Lexps 2019 (

Come see Bundledocs at the upcoming Lexps 2019 (

LEXPO 2019 - What You Need to Know

Lexpo returns this year with a two day action-packed event. Taking place on April 8-9th, Lexp’19 is shaping up to be bigger and better than ever. The event brings together international top speakers from the legal industry, European legal heavyweights from leading law firms and in-house legal departments and a wealth of suppliers of innovative products and services (featuring Bundledocs!).

Lexpo'19 will aim to provide a comprehensive overview of the cutting-edge trends that will be high on every law firm’s agenda in the coming years. Speaking on the event, Lexpo Organizer Rob Ameerun said:

After last year’s sold-out Lexpo’18, our team faced the challenge to come up with a new mind-blowing agenda for Lexpo’19. If ticket sales and sponsor interest are indicative of the success, I think we did a great job.
— Rob Ameerun, Lexpo Organizer

Bundledocs are delighted to be part of the Lexpo event this year. We will be showcasing alongside the industry leading suppliers and partner including iManage, NetDocuments and Tikit. If you are attending then make sure and drop by our stand. We will be positioned in the Start-up Square so come and say hello!

LEXPO’19 Event Details

When: April 8th - April 9th 2019

Time: 08:00 – 16:00

Where: Park Plaza Amsterdam Airport, Melbournestraat 1, 1175 RM, Lijnden, The Netherlands

Stand: Bundledocs will located in the Lexpo’19 Start-up Square.

How to get there: Visit the Lexpo website for full detail on how to get to the event from Amsterdam Schiphol Airport, from Amsterdam Central Station or by car - Directions to Lexpo 2019.

How can I register? For all event information including visitor registration, visit the official Lexpo’19 website -

Are you planning to attend LEXPO in April? Make sure to follow us on Twitter,  LinkedInFacebook,  Google+  and YouTube so you won't miss a thing. Amsterdam here we come!

Bundledocs New Feature Release - January 2019

Happy New Year everyone! We’re delighted to be back to tell you all about our latest feature releases and what’s new in the world of Bundledocs. Let’s jump right in.


Instantly Re-Order with a Single Click

We’ve all been there. You’ve uploaded a load of documents at once only to find they’re in the wrong order. Not to worry. Now it’s easier than ever to sort your files in Bundledocs.

If you’ve been using Bundledocs for a while you will know that you can already sort your documents by date - in either ascending or descending order. Fancy a recap on how this is done? Check out our announcement post here.

With our latest feature release we’ve added another way to sort your documents - this time by description/name. Again this can be done in either ascending or descending order and all with the click of a button. Here’s a quick look at how it can be done…

Note: This option will only appear on screen when you have ‘Show Document Date on Screen‘ selected for this bundle. Full details on how this can be done are covered in the manual.

Don’t forget, Bundledocs offers a number of ways to quickly and easily order and sort your bundles. Why not check out our Feature Focus post on the Moving Documents in Bundledocs (it even includes a short video so you can see it in action!) to see how this can be done. Getting to know these options is great for those who want to help save even more time or for anyone working with large bundles.

Ready to give it a try for yourself? Login to your Bundledocs account now and see for yourself.

A Note for your Diary

Earlier this month we were delighted to announce that we will be exhibiting at the upcoming British Legal Technology Forum 2019 on March 12th. This is one of Europe’s largest legal IT conference and exhibitions and it is one certainly not to be missed. Our team have been showcasing at the event over the last few years and each year we look forward to meeting with our clients, partners and showcasing how Bundledocs works for everyone that stops by.

Thinking of attending this year? For full details on the event and where you can find Bundledocs on the day, check out our recent ‘Come see Bundledocs at the British Legal Technology Forum‘ post. Can’t wait to see you all in March!

Instant Updates with Bundledocs

Remember with Bundledocs you don’t have to wait around for software install and feature updates, everything is available for you now. Simply log into you Bundledocs account and give them a try for yourself!

Have a question? If there is anything you need to know simply get in touch with our awesome support team. They’re on-hand to help get you familiar with everything Bundledocs. Prefer to go it alone? No problem. Our complete training and user manual is available to download 24/7 directly from your account. Easy!

Trial Bundle Preparation Made Easy - Video

A few years back we wrote a post all about trial bundles. We covered everything from what a trial bundle is; what is their purpose and why they’re important. If you didn’t get a chance to check it out, here is it: “Trial Bundles: Everything You Need To Know“. In that post we briefly touched on the steps needed to create a trial bundle. As we know that trial bundle preparation is a struggle for so many, we wanted to create a post to show you the simple way to prepare bundles using Bundledocs. Let’s jump right in…

How to Prepare a Trial Bundle using Bundledocs

(Don’t fancy reading today? Watch our short 2 minute video to see how it works!)


To prepare our trial bundle we first need to create the structure. Easily create sections, sub-section and even volumes. You have complete control and can name the sections as you like. Need to make a change? Just double click! Bundledocs even offers the ability to create templates for your trial bundles which will save you even more time.


Now that we've created the structure for our bundle, the next step is to add our trial documents. Using the upload button you can access your documents and upload them into your sections. You can upload documents from anywhere - your local pc, an online storage system (like Dropbox or Box); and we even have integrations with case/document management systems such as iManage, Tikit Partner for Windows, NetDocuments, Dropbox, Actionstep - to name just a few. Discover more about our integration partners.


Now that we’ve created our sections and added our documents, we’re ready to customise our bundle to make sure it fits our firms house style, meets practice directions etc. There are many ways you can customise your trial bundle, however, if you need any help getting it just right then get in touch with our team.

Here are a few ways you can customise your trial bundle using Bundledocs:

Cover Page: Upload a custom cover page or let Bundledocs generate one for you.

Index Page: The days of manually creating an index page for your trial bundle is over. With a single click your index (or table of contents) page is created for you. It’s even hyperlinked too so you can quickly and easily search your casebook. Click and you're there!

Page or Bates Numbering: Paginating your trial bundle is done instantly. There are a number of ways you can customise it to make sure you get it just right.


That’s it! When you are ready to complete your trial bundle, simply click the Generate button. Your bundle will be instantly available and can be shared electronically directly from Bundledocs, or downloaded, printed and saved. Do whatever works for you.

Interested to learn more about Bundledocs trial bundle software? We offer a free online demonstration where we take you through exactly how it all works. There’s no obligation and it only lasts about 15 minutes. Otherwise, we can get you setup with a FREE 30 day trial account so give it a try and see if it suits.

Bundledocs Achieve Record Sales Growth in 2018 - Announcement


Bundledocs celebrate record success within UK and International legal markets

Bundledocs today announced a record 2018 having secured several major new sales wins within the UK top 100 and wider international legal markets.

Through-out 2018, Bundledocs continued to gain traction with firms across a plethora of platforms - including iManage, Netdocuments, Tikit Partner for Windows, Worldox, Timeslice and others - adopting Bundledocs. A record number of firms including Mills & Reeve, Brodies, Penningtons Manches, Burness Paul, Clarke Wilmott, Thrings, Thomson Geer and Cliffe Dekker Hofmeyr all choose Bundledocs as their first choice when it comes to document bundling and seamless collaboration.

We were delighted to on-board so many firms including many of the UK’s top firms – as well as those from other jurisdictions including the US, Australia and South Africa.
— Brian Kenneally, Director

Commenting on the new wins, Brian Kenneally, Director at Bundledocs said: “2018 was certainly an amazing year for us. We were delighted to on-board so many firms including many of the UK’s top firms – as well as those from other jurisdictions including the US, Australia and South Africa. Our rapid growth has been a testament to the power of true cloud computing allowing us to deploy and design an incredibly simple to use, stable and well-designed product – as well as our great customer service. With our on-going development plans we hope to expand our reach further in the coming year.”

Interested to discover how Bundledocs can help create efficiencies and improve processes within your practice? Contact our team today to arrange a free online demonstration or to simply find out more about Bundledocs.