Easily Sort Court Documents in Chronological Order

Looking for a solution to help you easily sort court documents in chronological sequence quickly and easily? You’ve come to the right place. In today’s post we’re going to show you exactly how it’s done…


If you are preparing documents for tribunal, trial bundles or court proceedings, you will need to arrange your documents in chronological sequence. Setting out a timeline of events and arranging them in sequential order is made easy using Bundledocs court bundle software.

How Do I Sort Documents in Date Order?


Sorting documents with Bundledocs is incredibly easy. Here’s how it works…

  1. Show Dates. The first thing you will need to do is show the document dates on-screen. This will allow us to see at a glance our document dates and amend if necessary. Simply select the ‘Edit Details‘ option and select ‘Show Document Date on Screen‘.

  2. Arrange Documents Chronologically. Sorting document in date order can be done with a single click. Select the arrow icon to sort either ascending or descending order.

If you’re having trouble viewing our ‘How to Sort Documents in Date Order‘ video (above) then head over to our YouTube channel to check it out.

That’s it. Your documents will be instantly arranged in chronological sequence. Need to amend a specific date? No problem. Simply select the date and amend. Need to re-order a specific document? Moving documents can be done with a simple drag and drop. Check out our Moving Documents in Bundledocs for even more ways to move documents into place.

Bundledocs makes the creation of bundles simple. If you’re interested to see how Bundledocs can help you streamline document production and help make the process of creating bundles quick and easy, get in touch. We offer free online demonstrations, a free 30-day trial or are on-hand to answer any questions you have. What are you waiting for? Get in touch with our helpful and friendly team today!

Bundledocs New Feature Release - June 2019

Each month we’re excited to bring you the latest development releases and this month is no different. Ready to discover what’s new?



We’ve some exciting new features to share with you all. We’ve met with our development team and gathered together everything that’s new to Bundledocs this month. The best part about being a 100% cloud based solution is you don’t have to wait for installs, setup and roll-outs. Everything here is instantly available right now - all you need to do is login to Bundledocs!

Good News for Australian Users.

Bundledocs are thrilled to introduce a new storage location. Australian users now have the option to choose Australia Central and Australia East for the storage of new bundles. Making the change is simple and can be done directly within your account via the ‘Account Settings‘ area. Full details are covered in our manual but if you’re interested to learn more about our storage location options get in touch with our team.

Ready to Strike Out?

We recently received a request from a number of users, asking for the inclusion of a strike-out option. In short, they needed to be able to remove document contents from the generated bundle however the item (document name) still had to remain on the index page with a strike-through.

Your wish is our command! The Strike-Out feature is now available and it’s even supported if you use our Custom Index. How does it work?

  • Mark your Document. Select the ‘Edit Details’ and select the ‘Is this document a strike-out?’ and ‘Update’ to complete.

  • Let’s Generate. When you’re ready to complete your bundle, select ‘Generate’.

  • That’s it. You’re bundle will be instantly available to preview and download.

Bundledocs will then automatically generate the index page and any document that has been selected will have a strike-through. The contents of any marked documents will also be removed from your updated bundle. Perfect!

Why not login to Bundledocs today and give it a try for yourself.

Time Change for documents

It’s now possible to set time information for any uploaded document.

This can be done by editing a document and amending the ‘Display Time’ field.

It works in the same way as amending the document dates for your bundle. In some cases, you may find that the document date - or document time - is incorrect. With Bundledocs, you can now easily amend both the document date and the document time.

Remember our New Feature Release - January 2019 post where we released our Instant Re-Order feature? Just think how amazing this will be when coupled with our latest amend document date/time release. Now every document contained within Bundledocs can be quickly and easily sorted with a single click!

more reasons to love Custom Indexing

Bundledocs Custom Index is here and it keeps getting better and better. Each month our awesome Development team are releasing more and more ways for you to customise your index page so you can create the perfect bundle every time.

This month we’ve added a number of new terms into the mix to make it possible to further customise your bundle numbering. For example, Arabic numbering, Roman numbering and Latin numbering are now possible and you can even include the original section numbering too.

If you’ve yet to discover Bundledocs Custom Index and unsure if it’s for you, then get in touch. We can show you how it works, provide you with helpful user guides and even setup your own custom index for you. No reason not to get in touch!


Missed any of our recent video releases? We’ve gathered them together so you won’t miss a thing. To help get new users up-to-date with how Bundledocs works we released a couple of videos, however if you already use Bundledocs then you will already know this part.

In addition to this we also released a new video all about our amazing Late Inserts feature. If you’ve yet to discover it then you’re in for a treat. Here’s how it works…


So what is our Late Inserts feature? Late inserts is ideal for anyone that needs to add additional documents to your bundle but doesn’t want to affect the existing numbering sequence.

All you need to do is upload the new document(s) and mark it as a ‘Late Insert’. Bundledocs then takes care of the rest.

Better still there is no need to waste paper re-printing the entire thing. We even have included the option to generate only the late inserts and new index page so you can instantly print or share the changes with others. What could be better?

Check it out: Bundledocs Late Inserts explainer video to see it in action.

Having trouble viewing the video, watch our ‘Late Inserts Explained’ video over on

If you’ve a video request then let us know! Our team are always on the look-out for new videos to create for you so get in touch if there’s any feature you want to see in action. Whether it’s to assist with internal training sessions or simply as a reminder for later, get in touch and who knows you might see it featured on our YouTube Channel very soon.

Tikit P4W Webinar

This month we were delighted to host a webinar with our partners Tikit TFB. There was a fantastic attendance on the day and we were thrilled to showcase how Bundledocs seamlessly links with Partner for Windows to make document preparation simple.

If you missed the webinar, get in touch and our team will be delighted to show you how it works. In the meantime, check out our Bundledocs Partner for Windows Integration video or our ‘How Do I Connect P4W to Bundledocs PDF Bundling Software’ post for more on getting the integration setup in your office.

Court Bundle Generator Software with a Difference

Bundledocs court bundle generator software makes generating PDF document bundles for court simple. Don’t believe us? We’ve gathered together everything you need to know to generate the perfect bundle. Keep on reading…

Discover the ultimate way to generate court bundles with Bundledocs

Discover the ultimate way to generate court bundles with Bundledocs

What is a Court Bundle?

First things first, what is a court bundle?

Before we jump into what a court bundle is, let’s define a bundle. According to Merrian-Webster.com, a bundle is “a group of things fastened together for convenient handling“.

But what is a court bundle? Although we have found no formal definition for a court bundle specifically, it is similar to trial bundles (see definition here) and as such can be defined as:

A court bundle contains copies of all documents (evidence, statements, forms, expert reports etc.) that are relevant to a court case. With all information in one place, it is easy to refer to in court. Court bundles are typically stored in a leaver arch file(s) or used electronically.

Are you Court Compliant?

One of the most important things to consider when preparing a court bundle, is to ensure that it is court compliant and adheres to the court rules on court bundle preparation.

For example, for more information on the Practice Directions and Family Procedure Rules head over to the Justice on Gov.UK website to read the Practice Directions 27A - Family Proceedings: Court Bundles in full. It covers everything from who is responsible for preparing the bundle; the contents of the bundle; format of the bundle; timetable for preparing the bundle; to lodging the bundle - and much more.

Bundledocs is fully compliant and offers everything needed to generate a court bundle. Next, let’s take a look at how we can create a court bundle using Bundledocs…

The Ultimate Court Bundle Generator Software

(How to generate a court bundle in minutes with Bundledocs)


Bundledocs court bundle software takes the hard work out of court document preparation. Our video ‘How to prepare a court bundle for family proceedings’ covers everything you need to prepare a professional court bundle from scratch.

Remember, Bundledocs helps legal professionals (and litigants in person) easily create court bundles from anywhere. It’s incredibly easy to use. Simply upload your documents, adjust the order, group them, redact anything you don’t want included and that’s it. Your final bundle is instantly ready to save, securely share or print - from any device, at any time. Bundledocs even handles document manipulation, annotations, OCR and online collaboration.

How to Create a Court Bundle

Here are the steps you need to generate a court bundle with Bundledocs…

  1. Create a Court Bundle

  2. Add Case Documents (even divide into sections, if needed)

  3. Generate your Court Bundle.

    • Upload a Custom Title Page

    • Customise your Index Page

    • Customise the look and feel of your bundle (completely optional)

  4. Download your PDF bundle. Instantly ready to lodge to court.

Have a question about Bundledocs and what it can do? Get in touch!

Interested to give it a try for yourself? Bundledocs offers a free 30-day trial. There is no setup/install, no credit card required and no obligation. Get started today.

Create PDF Bundles Directly from your P4W Case File - PDF Bundling Made Easy

Bundledocs, a Tikit P4W Partner, makes the process of creating PDF bundles simple. It can all be done direct from Tikit Partmer for Windows with our awesome integration connector. Ready to discover the ultimate PDF bundling tool then keep on reading…


Last week we hosted a webinar with the guys over in Tikit to highlight how document bundling is made incredibly simple with Bundledocs. If you missed the session and are interested to see how it all works then not to worry. We’ve gathered together everything you need to create the perfect PDF bundle in minutes. Here’s how it’s done…



Having trouble viewing this video? Head over to our YouTube Channel.



Starting in your Tikit P4W Case File all you need to do is search for the documents you would like to export into a pdf bundle. Simply type your client matter code and choose what documents you would like to include. Choose any document type - Bundledocs will automatically convert them to PDF for you.


Before uploading you can quickly and easily make changes to the range of selected documents. For example you can change the order in which they appear, change the document description or even amend the document date if you’re including this in your final bundle.


Now that we’ve decided what documents we want to include in our PDF bundle, the next step will be to choose where we want the documents to go. If you’ve already created a bundle/sections in Bundledocs then you can just go-ahead and select the final destination.

If not, then you create your bundle/sections now. All you need to do is select the ‘New Bundle‘ option to create a new bundle; or alternatively select the ‘New Section‘ option to create a new section. Click ‘Upload‘ to complete.


Once this is done your documents will be automatically uploaded from your case file into Bundledocs. From there we can go-ahead and customise the look and feel of our bundle further - only if you need to.

With click of a single button (the magical generate button) Bundledocs will instantly merge all your documents into a single PDF bundle. Even better, we will automatically create a hyperlinked table of contents page and fully paginate the entire bundle. Your PDF is instantly available to download, save, print or securely share with others. What could be better!


If you’re interested in giving it a try for yourself then get in touch with us today. We will get you started with a free Bundledocs trial and even setup the integration with Tikit P4W so you can see for yourself how simple it is to create the perfect PDF document bundles with Bundledocs. Get started today!

Can I Remove The Page Numbering From My Bundle?

If you need to merge a wide range of documents (PDF docs, word, images, excel) into a single PDF file then Bundledocs is the tool for you. We handle complex tasks such as indexing, pagination, hyperlinking and bookmarking as standard. However, the best bit about Bundledocs is it’s really flexible and fully customisable.

Is it possible to remove the page numbering from the final generated bundle?

Recently our support team had a question asking if it was possible to remove the page numbering from the completed bundle? Yes! Bundledocs automatically paginates documents and your entire bundle as standard - as well as creating a hyperlinked index page and bookmarked PDF bundle. However, we know this isn’t for everyone. So if you would like to remove page numbering from your Bundledocs bundle, here’s how it’s done…

  1. Select ‘Generate‘.

  2. Expand ‘Page Numbering’.

  3. Select ‘Suppress Page Numbering on Documents‘.

  4. Press ‘Generate‘ to complete. Your bundle - without page numbering - will be created for you instantly.

That’s it! How simple was that? Remember, there are plenty of ways to customise your bundle with Bundledocs. Login to Bundledocs today, grab a copy of our manual and give it a try for yourself! Have any questions? Let our awesome support team know and they’ll help you out.