Bundledocs New Feature Release - May 2018

This month we've added some great new features. Ready to see what's new? Then this is the post for you...


Let's Annotate

In one of our latest posts, we announced the introduction of some new annotation features. Now you add redactions, comments, highlights, pin-point links, labels to your bundle - and all direct from Bundledocs. That means you don't have to purchase additional software products - you can do it all with Bundledocs. 

If you're interested to learn more about our annotation features, check out our announcement post 'How do I add annotations to my digital binder using Bundledocs?' or take a look at our Bundledocs Annotations video to see it in action. 


just zip it!

At Bundledocs you can generate your final bundle in a number of ways. For example, you can export as a single PDF, multiple PDF's, as source zip - and now you have the option to export your zip file containing all converted PDF files. 

How does it work? For starters, when you upload a file into Bundledocs, it automatically converts any uploaded file to PDF. We keep both a copy of the original file (whether this is an image, email, word doc etc.) and the converted PDF file. 

Where this really comes in handy is when you want to share your documents with others. Using our 'Generate as Source Zip' feature you can easily export all bundle files in their original format and even share this with others too. 

In our latest release, it is now possible to export all your bundle files in their converted PDF format - and all with the click of a single button. 

Want to give it a try? Access your Bundledocs account now and test it out for yourself. 


Create the Perfect Date

The ability to include document dates in your table of contents has been around for some time now. However, did you know that you can easily order in ascending or descending order, even once your documents have been uploaded into Bundledocs? It really is quite easy - simply click a single button to instantly re-order your files. It couldn't be easier!


Ready to take a look at our new feature releases? Access Bundledocs give them a try for yourself. Our manual covers everything in detail or if you have any queries, our support team is on-hand to help! 

The Document Bundling Tool Every iManage User Needs - Webinar Recap

Earlier this month, we hosted an iManage focused webinar with our partners RBRO Solutions. During the session we had some great questions come through. In today's post we thought we'd recap for anyone that couldn't make it. Let's dive right in... 


iManage Bundledocs Integration - RBRO Webinar Recap

Our latest webinar with RBRO Solutions took place earlier this month and was focused on our integration with iManage. It was great to see so many people from different sectors join us on the day to learn more about what Bundledocs can do - and our integration with iManage. 

If you were unable to make it, here are some of the iManage specific questions that came up... 


Does it include both a FileSite/DeskSite integration? 

Yes, Bundledocs links with iManage FileSite and DeskSite 8.5+. As a cloud first solution, we offer a full Work 10 server integration so you have anytime acess to your iManage documents. From there you can quickly create professional document bundles in minutes. Simple. 


To use Bundledocs, do you have to access iManage? 

No, Bundledocs is a stand-alone tool so you don't have to access iManage to use it. Really, our integration with iManage simply makes it easier to access your documents and files. We also have integrations with a range of solutions, such as NetDocuments, Tikit TFB Partner for Windows, GoogleDrive, Dropbox - or even just upload any document that sits on your computer. Take a look at our integration partners. 

Once you have your documents, you can then quickly and easily customise and prepare your bundles in minutes - from any location, with anyone and on any device. 


Can Bundledocs handle the creation of large bundles?

Yes! Bundledocs is the perfect tool for anyone that needs to create and work on large complex bundles. For starters, our unique design means that all the heavy lifting is done on the server - so no more slow pc's or worries about systems crashing. 

Then with our range of collaborative features, it makes it easy to work with anyone - whether they work in your office or anywhere. If bundles are too large to send via email - then use our inbuilt 'Forward Bundle' feature to quickly send the bundle to others. Don't want to send bundles back and forth?  Then our groups and collaboration features make it simple to work with anyone.  Document bundling has never been easier with Bundledocs!


Is there documentation on the integration available?

Yes, absolutely! We have everything from brochures, how to guides, videos - and much more. If you prefer to give it a go for yourself, we offer free trials of Bundledocs and our integration with iManage. What's more, we setup and install that for free too! 

Then if you would prefer to first book in a demo for you and your team, we can do that too. Just let us know when suits and we can get you started. Go on, give it a go! 



iManage and Bundledocs Integration

Want to learn more about the iManage and Bundledocs integration? Here is a brief recap...

For starters: Bundledocs seamless integration with iManage, the leading provider of work product management solutions for legal, accounting and financial firms around the world, takes the hard work out of document bundle preparation. 

Our integration connector makes it easy to take documents from iManage FileSite, DeskSite, iManage Work 10, iManage Cloud - or wherever you have documents stored. Bundledocs will then automatically convert all source files into PDF and instantly create an organised, numbered, sectioned, tabbed and indexed document bundle. 

With our integration connector you can create a complete bundle directly from your Workspace, upload complete folders, individual or multiple files and even save completed bundles back into iManage. The choice is yours. 


Interested to see it in action? Check out our short 2 minute video for a quick overview...


Interested to learn more about Bundledocs and our integration with iManage? We offer free online demonstration where we can take you through exactly how it all works. There is absolutely no obligation and it only lasts about 15 minutes. Otherwise, we can get you setup with a FREE 30 day trial account. Simply give it a try and see if it suits.  


How do I add annotations to my digital binder using Bundledocs - Video

Bundledocs makes adding annotations to your digital binder simple. In today's post we will take you through the latest annotation features available and will even include a short video to show you how it all works. 



Annotations with a Difference

Our range of annotations include the ability to highlight important text, add comments, create document reference links and even completely redact confidential information (ensuring no trace-ability) from your pdf binder.

But that's not all. With our unique design you can do so much more with annotations. What's this you ask?

When introducing new features we give a lot of thought to the way you create and build binders. After all, our aim is to make it as simple and effortless as possible. For that reason we have designed annotations to be applied to the documents rather than on the completed bundle. 

With this there is absolutely no change to the way you apply annotations. Really, the main difference is the amazing flexibility and benefits it offers you! These include: 

  • No Annotations Lost. If you apply updates or re-generate your bundle, you don't have to worry about losing any annotations. As they are applied to the documents you can make as many changes as needed and all your annotations will still be there!
  • You Decide What Annotations are Included: With every generation of your bundle, you can choose what annotations are included and added to your bundle.
  • You Decide Who's Annotations are Included: If you are working with others, you can even choose which person's annotations are added to each bundle you generate. 
  • Effortlessly Add Private Comments: When working with others on a bundle, you may want to include some personal comments that only you can see. With Bundledocs you can! Not only that, you can choose whether you want to include them or not in each bundle you generate. 
  • All-in-one Solution: Bundledocs handles everything from pdf conversion, document bundling, secure sharing, collaboration and annotations. No need to purchase a range of solutions, get Bundledocs and get the results you want!


A New Way to Annotate

Before developing our range of annotation features, we spoke with a number of clients to discover the real pain points of annotations. For many this was dealing with updates and changes to their bundle (once the annotations are already applied). 

As many of you know, making changes in Bundledocs in simple. You can easily add documents, make amendments and with one click your entire bundle is instantly re-numbered, re-indexed, re-hyperlinked, re-bookmarked etc. We even have our late inserts feature for times when you want to add documents and not affect the existing table of content and page numbering. 

When developing our range of annotations, we wanted to make them as user friendly and flexible as possible. With other solutions, the annotations are added to the final completed bundle. But what if changes are made? All these annotations and all the work you've done is lost when an updated version of your binder is produced. 

That just didn't seem right. That's why we developed our annotations with a difference. 

For you there is absolutely no change to the way you apply annotations. Simply add your annotations (highlights, comments, redactions, pin-point links etc.) and save. The real difference is we add the annotations to the original documents, rather than on the completed binder. Meaning if you update or re-generate your bundle, nothing is lost. Make as many changes as you need and your annotations will still be there!



Check out our short video (it's only 3 minutes long) to see how simple it is to add annotations to your digital pdf binder using Bundledocs. Take a look now...


If you are interested to learn more about our new range of annotation features then login to your Bundledocs account and give it a try for yourself. Any Questions? Our team are on-hand to help so get in touch today!

Linenhall Chambers to Host Bundledocs Demonstration Event - Announcement


We are delighted to announce we've been working with Linenhall Chambers to host an event in Chester. That's right - Bundledocs is coming to the North West!

If you're interested in discovering more about Bundledocs, how it all works and how it could help your firm - then this is the event for you. 

Martin Griffiths, Chambers Director at Linenhall Chambers will kick off the event which will take place at the Crowne Plaza, Chester. Our Sales Director, Matt Breen will then give a presentation on Bundledocs and highlight just how easy it is to create court-ready documents in minutes. With drinks and nibbles to follow, make sure to book your place now!


Event Details

When: Wednesday, May 16th 2018

Where: Crowne Plaza, Chester

Time: 4PM - 5PM


Places for this event are limited so book your place to avoid disappointment. The closing date for registration is May 11th - or as soon as the event fills up. We look forward to seeing you there! 


About Bundledocs

Not heard of Bundledocs before? Before you attend the event, let us give you a quick overview of what we're all about...

With Bundledocs you simple take documents from anywhere - your folder, case or document management system - Bundledocs organises them into a neat, numbered, indexed and sectioned booklet in minutes. 

Instantly ready to save, share or print. No matter how big or small, you can change in seconds. Simple, easy to use, time-saving and massively efficient. 

Securely share your bundle direct from Bundledocs. You can invite colleagues, counsel or any third party to collaboratively work with you.

Bundledocs can be accessed any time, from any place - Desktop, laptop, tablet, phone - whatever your device.

Bundledocs New Feature Release - April 2018

We met with our Development team to find out the great new features that have been added to Bundledocs recently. Ready to check out what's new this month?



For starters, we've expanded our 'Forward Bundle to Third Party' area to allow you type even longer messages when securely sharing your bundle with others. That means the message box will automatically expand as you type. Longer messages here you come! 



Depending on what you're working on you may need to create different types of index pages. The great thing about Bundledocs is you have the flexibility to draft your bundle again and again until you get it just right. 

Here are some of the new ways you can customise your index page:

  • Add an Extra Column. Creating the perfect index page just got better. You can now easily add an extra column into your index page. Include any text you need and even choose to include/exclude it in each version of your bundle created. Simple!
  • Include More Text.  Ever wanted to add text beneath your document description? Now you can! Any text added will appear beneath your document description and will be automatically hyperlinked for quick and easy access. Click and you're there. 
  • Change Font Colour. If you need to change the font colour for your sections, document descriptions or even page numbers, this is now possible. Choose your house style or any colour you need. It's up to you. 

We find the best way to get familiar with these great new features is to test them out for yourself. Login to Bundledocs today and have a play around. We know you're going to love them!



Sometimes it's not just new features that can be exciting to discuss. Before we let you go, let's talk about something that has been around for some time - templates!

Templates are a great feature for firms looking to adhere to house styles, or anyone who finds themselves continuously creating the same types of bundles (or even applying the same customisations) over and over again. If this is the case, then templates can be a real lifesaver. 

When discussing the awesome new features that have been added this month, we thought it was a great time to re-visit templates. Using templates means you don't have to worry about the various generate options, nor do you need to remember which options you need to use. Simply do it once and the templates will handle the rest from there!

If you need a recap of how templates work, then go ahead and grab a copy of our Complete Training Manual. Or even check out some of the previous posts we've created on the subject:

Still need to know more? Get in touch with our Support team directly. They will be happy to answer any questions you have on templates or anything else that comes to mind.