Document Bundling with a Difference

(Let's start with... What is Bundledocs?)

Bundledocs document bundling solution is designed to automate time consuming activities to help legal teams easily produce high quality professional document bundles. It automatically creates a hyperlinked index that is bookmarked, paginated and ordered with multiple sections (if required). Each document bundle is created in PDF format that can be shared electronically or printed. With a range of customizable options available, Bundledocs ensures you create a bundle to suit all your requirements. Let's take a closer look...

Bundledocs is designed to create document bundles or binders and the interface does just that. Upload your documents, adjust the order, group them how you want, redact any text you don’t want in the final bundle and that’s it. Then as it’s cloud based just fire off a link to anyone who needs a copy (which also allows collaboration on the creation if you want). - The product demo took about 10 minutes, simply because the product does it’s one job easily.
— Jason Plant,

Document Bundling in Only 5 Steps

In short, Bundledocs is document bundling at its best. How does it work? Simply take a load of documents. This can be from your case or document management system or any folder. Bundledocs organises them into a neat, numbered, sectioned booklet in minutes. Immediately ready to save, share or print. It doesn't matter how big or small your bundle is, you can change in seconds. It's incredibly easy to use, time-saving and massively efficient. Simple.


Create professional bundles in minutes. The automation of time consuming activities such as indexing, paginating and ordering ensures your bundle is immediately available. Just think of how much time it could save if documents arrive at the last minute. 


Collaboration has never been easier. Bundledocs offers a number of options to collaboratively work on bundles or share them electronically. It's great when working with third parties or colleagues. Members can effectively work regardless of location or even time zone.


Create electronic and printed briefs with Bundledocs. What's great is each bundle created is available in PDF format that can be securely shared with team members or third parties. Alternatively, it can be printed or saved to a CD or USB.

Your Document Bundle. Your Way.

(Customize your document bundle to suit you)

AUTOMATIC INDEXING. Take the hard work out of indexing your bundles - Bundledocs can automatically handle this for you. Bundledocs will automatically create a full index for each bundle created. Let's see how it works.

AUTOMATIC PAGINATION. With Bundledocs there is no need to spend time paginating documents. Bundledocs will automatically superimpose the indexed number on each page of the document bundle. You can even customise how your numbering appears. Learn more now.

AUTOMATIC HYPERLINKING & BOOKMARKING. Navigate your bundle with ease with our automatic hyperlinking and bookmarking. Bundledocs produces all bundles in a single PDF Adobe document that is fully hyperlinked and bookmarked so users can easily find information within their bundle.

CUSTOMISE YOUR BUNDLE. Bundledocs provides a range of customisable options to help you create a bundle to suit your requirements. Customise items including: title pages, index pages, sections, page numbering, bates numbering, watermarking etc.

LAST MINUTE CHANGES MADE SIMPLE. Making changes to your bundles has never been easier. Add/delete/modify/include/exclude sections at any time - at no extra cost. Once you have made changes to your bundle, Bundledocs immediately produces another brief to reflect these changes. Last minute work to the highest standard.

We wanted e-bundling software that met Manchester Family Law Court requirements and therefore looked at Bundledocs. It was important that the finished bundle was available in ocr pdf format and fully searchable. Bundledocs does this quickly and easily and means we don’t have to purchase any additional software. During our trial our Family Department quickly discovered that production of a pdf bundle really is in 5 easy steps with Bundledocs
— Partner, Butcher & Barlow LLP

Your Completed Document Bundle

(A solution to suit your needs)



Seamlessly integrate your case, practice or document records management systems with Bundledocs. Accessing documents has never been easier. Check out our Partners.


Want to test Bundledocs for yourself? No problem. We offer FREE 30 day trial accounts to anyone looking to trial Bundledocs. There is no credit card and no obligation. Try for Free.


At Bundledocs we're committed to providing you with a solution to suit all your needs and requirements. Choose between our cloud or on-premise solution. Contact our team.


Who Chooses Bundledocs?


Lawyers. For litigation, commercial law, family law, private client, internal administration, remote location co-working. 

Business. For document management, report generation, compliance and regulation. 

Government Organisations. For case handling, litigation file handling, property ownership filing, white collar crime prosecution, book of evidence - and hundreds of similar uses. 

Large Organisations. For location handling, document collation, document management - or even internal legal teams and counsel. 

Medical. For collating medical charts for transmission to others or collaboration online. 

Accountancy & Banking. For tax advice, deal bibles. audit management, client information, Freedom of Information bundles. 

You. For meetings, reports, cv's, dissertations and sorting out any large volumes of documents.