Document Indexing Has Never Been Easier…

(Automatically Create an Index with Bundledocs)

Using the most innovative technology, Bundledocs has been specifically designed to help legal professionals easily create document bundles. By automating time consuming tasks such as indexing legal documents, Bundledocs can save firms a considerable amount of time and resources. Now with just the click of a button, legal professionals can produce a PDF document bundle that is fully indexed, sectioned, numbered and formatted. It really is that simple.

Created Automatically

No need to manually create an index. Bundledocs automatically produces a complete index for your bundle.


Fully Customisable

Each Index is fully customisable - and all with the click of a button. Creating the perfect bundle has never been easier!

Hyperlinked Index

Quickly jump to different parts of your bundle. Every index is automatically hyperlinked. Click and your there.

How to create an index for legal documents

(Remember with Bundledocs its completely automatic)

With Bundledocs document indexing software the days of manually creating an index are over. Simply upload your documents, arrange documents in the correct order and Bundledocs will automatically generate a full index for you. What's great is if any changes or amendments are required, once the brief has been completed, Bundledocs will automatically generate a new index – at no extra cost. What are the three steps you need to create an index for your legal documents?


1. Organize your Sections and Documents

2. Apply Customizations (optional)

3. Click a Button and it's done!



Each Bundle Bookmarked for Easy Navigation

With Bundledocs, users can easily navigate their bundle. Bundledocs produces all bundles in a single PDF Adobe document that is fully bookmarked, so users can easily find information within their bundle.

Navigation is easy. Simply select the Bookmark Tab to reveal the sections and pages of your bundle. Select the section title to immediately reveal the relevant page.