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Collating legal documents has never been easier with Bundledocs.

Document collation is a time intensive and often costly task but is an essential component to many businesses. Document collation software is particularly useful to professionals and support staff within the legal industry, as document bundles are required for any case appearing in court. Professionals spend countless hours collating, ordering, paginating and indexing legal documents and as a result, valuable time and money are wasted. Bundledocs document bundling software has been designed to significantly reduce the time and effort involved in bundling court documents.

Simply take any type of document from your folder, Case or Document Management System. Bundledocs organises them into a neat, numbered, sectioned bundle in minutes - ready to save, share or print. No matter how big or small, you can change it in seconds. Simple, easy-to-use, time saving and massively efficient. You'll wonder how you ever worked without it!

With no upfront cost, no minimum terms, no training need - with Bundledocs you just get going!

How Can Bundledocs Help?

Bundledocs is unique document collation software significantly designed to significantly reduce the work needed to produce professional document bundles. Let's take a closer look...



Bundledocs bundling software takes the hard work out of collating documents. With a user friendly interface, Bundledocs enables users to quickly and easily organise and arrange documents into single or multiple sections. In order to organise documents in Bundledocs users simply drag and drop documents into the bundle and arrange in the correct order.



Bundledocs document collating software automatically formats multiple file types into a single PDF court bundle. Bundledocs supports a range of different file types, including: Microsoft Word (.doc), Emails (.msg), .PDF, .txt, Pictures, Photographs, Maps and Charts etc. Users simply arrange the documents in the correct order and Bundledocs automatically collates documents and creates a fully formatted PDF court bundle.



Paginating documents has never been easier. With Bundledocs, legal professionals and support staff no longer have to spend countless hours manually ordering, indexing and paginating documents to produce a court bundle – Bundledocs does it automatically. By automating this time consuming task you can ensure your numbering is correct, sequential and consistent through-out your bundle. 



Once a bundle has been created and the documents positioned in the correct order, Bundledocs will automatically generate an index, number each page and produce a single PDF document. Furthermore, Bundledocs document collation software is more flexible and adaptable compared with traditional methods of court bundle creation. If any changes or amendments are required once the bundle has been completed, users would need to re-order, re-index and re-paginate the entire court bundle. With Bundledocs, users simply make the necessary changes and generate a new bundle – at no extra cost.


Bundledocs is an amazing time saving tool for creating, editing, indexing and paginating bundles. It has simplified a burdensome part of the litigation process at a time when solicitors’ are under increasing pressure to reduce their costs.
— Associate, Short Richardson & Forth LLP

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If you want to handle large volumes of cases to a high standard every time then Bundledocs is the solution for you. Successful law firms are already using Bundledocs efficiencies to set the standard and save costs. Interested to learn more? Register for a Free Online Demonstration today!