Quick Way to Paginate Court Documents

Manually numbering or paginating court documents is a time consuming and laborious task. However, with Bundledocs legal software this is a thing of the past.

How can Bundledocs help?

Bundledocs software is specifically designed to automate the task of paginating documents. Our software superimposes page numbers on your documents so you don’t have to. The best part? If you make any changes to your court documents, you simply press a button and your documents will be automatically re-paginated. Simple.

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Customise Numbering Options:

With Bundledocs, users have the ability to customise how they want their numbering to appear. There are a number of Page Numbering options available, including:

    Where you want your numbering to appear - Placed at the top or bottom of the page

    Choose a position within the page - At the right, center or left of the page

    Re-start Page numbering at the beginning of each section

Our page numbering can be as simple or as complex as you wish. Some of our clients require a Bates Numbering option and using Bundledocs they can specify where they want the numbering to start, the length/ number of characters, the bates prefix and the bates suffix. 

With Bundledocs, Paginating court documents has never been easier learn more about Bundledocs document pagination today.