The Inevitable Cloud: Send Security Protected Legal Briefs

Mr Ryan McClead writer for the ‘3 Geeks and a Law Blog’ recently released an article entitled “The Inevitable Cloud” which provides an insight into the perceptions of cloud computing technologies in law firms today.  

The article highlights an encounter that Mr McClead had with a Partner in which he was assigned the task to review the privacy policies and terms of service of a number of cloud storage providers. During the discussion the Partner stated,

“Attorneys send client confidential information all the time via email, so do any of these (‘cloud’) services come close to meeting the standards for email security?”

As the article argues there are misconceptions that currently exist regarding the security of cloud technologies compared with other communication types. Click the link below to read more about Mr McClead views on cloud computing and to find out what was said to the Partner that led him to remark, “Then what’s the big deal about the cloud”

3 Geeks and a Law Blog: “The Inevitable Cloud”

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