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Bundledocs Review 2012: Cloud Computing & The Law Firm

In the third and final part of our 2012 review series, this post will focus on the issue of cloud computing within the legal field. During 2012 there was a considerable amount of discussion about the adoption and use of cloud technologies within law firms. During the year, we posted a number of articles in relation to cloud computing, so let’s take a look…

1. Cloud computing: The Basics

2. Is Cloud Computing Right for you?

3. What is Saas?

4. SaaS Vs. Traditional Software

5. Why Smaller Firms Adopt Saas

In addition to these articles, there were a number of interesting infographics…

1. Are you Already in the Cloud?

2. Cloud Infographic: What is it?

3. Infographic: Moving your Business to the Cloud.

Already in the cloud

Already in the cloud

What is SaaS

What is SaaS

Moving to the cloud

Moving to the cloud


Global Cloud Survey Report 2012

Legal IT Professionals earlier today released the results of their ‘Global Legal IT Cloud Survey’.  

The report details some key issues that exist concerning the adoption of cloud technologies within the legal sector, including:

  • Moving key applications to the cloud

  • Are people changing their minds about cloud computing?

  • Are clients worried about legal IT in the cloud?

  • Cloud on the horizon

  • BYOD and the public cloud

  • Which applications/services are suitable for the public cloud?

  • What issues still need to be addressed?

  • Reaping the benefits

The full report is available to download for free via

Bundledocs legal software is a cloud based software that enables legal professionals to quickly and easily create a court ready brief. With automatic indexing, numbering, sectioning, formatting and bookmarking, creating briefs has never been easier. Learn more today.

What are the next big moves expected in the Legal IT market?

Cover of the Journal Magazine

Bundledocs Director Brian Kenneally recently spoke with The Journal, the official monthly publication of the Law Society of Scotland.

The article entitled "Further, Faster, Smarter" discusses some of the IT developments that industry professionals expect will develop in the next 12 months. Speaking with IT professionals from Thomas Reuters, LawWare and Net Documents, The Journal examines how established firms can equip themselves to respond to new online providers. 

Click here to read the full article.

The Inevitable Cloud: Send Security Protected Legal Briefs

Mr Ryan McClead writer for the ‘3 Geeks and a Law Blog’ recently released an article entitled “The Inevitable Cloud” which provides an insight into the perceptions of cloud computing technologies in law firms today.  

The article highlights an encounter that Mr McClead had with a Partner in which he was assigned the task to review the privacy policies and terms of service of a number of cloud storage providers. During the discussion the Partner stated,

“Attorneys send client confidential information all the time via email, so do any of these (‘cloud’) services come close to meeting the standards for email security?”

As the article argues there are misconceptions that currently exist regarding the security of cloud technologies compared with other communication types. Click the link below to read more about Mr McClead views on cloud computing and to find out what was said to the Partner that led him to remark, “Then what’s the big deal about the cloud”

3 Geeks and a Law Blog: “The Inevitable Cloud”

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Technology's Transformation of the Legal Field

Robert Half Legal has recently released their report, entitled ‘Future Law Office: Technology’s Transformation of the Legal Field’. The report discuses “how technological innovations have impacted and will continue to impact the practice of law, the management of law firms and corporate legal departments, as well as the relationships between legal counsel and their clients.”

The report highlighted an observation by attorney and author of the LawSites blog, Robert J. Ambrogi. Writing about technology and the legal field, he previously stated, “it is not so much that technology has imposed itself on lawyers, as that changes in the demands of law practice have required new solutions.”

As the report highlights law firms are adopting new technologies in order to increase efficiency, competitiveness and lower costs. For Bundledocs users, adopting legal bundling software within their firms has seen considerable benefits. When discussing Bundledocs, Ronan Kennedy of Kennedy Frewen O’Sullivan stated, “I created a bundle in two hours the old way, then I did it again using Bundledocs, it took only twenty minutes. This process takes all the pain out of ensuring that bundles are created on time, and are paginated properly. It simplified a time consuming task that used to require too much manpower and supervision.”


What new technologies has your firm adopted?  Have you seen any benefits?


Download Report: ‘Future Law Office: Technology’s Transformation of the Legal Field