Can I Collaborate with Colleagues in Remote Locations on Bundles using Bundledocs?

Let’s discuss collaboration. Here at Bundledocs making it easy and secure to work with others has been our priority since day one. Plus as a cloud-first solution we have the flexibility to allow you to work seamlessly with anyone, anytime and on any device. Let’s jump right in and show you how collaboration is done…


We were inspired to write today’s post from a recent enquiry we had about Bundledocs. The user (and now client) was looking for a solution that integrated with their DMS system and allowed them to easily collaborate on bundles with colleagues in different office - without the need to travel.

We are looking to collaborate with colleagues in remote locations on bundles - without the need to travel to each office. Is it possible to permit people in various offices access the bundle data so we can collaboratively work on bundles?
— Bundledocs Enquiry

Yes. If you too are looking for a solution to help you securely collaborate with colleagues, other side counsel, clients or any third party, then Bundledocs has a solution for you. In this post we will go through Bundledocs Secure Share; Bundledocs Online Collaboration and Bundledocs Groups. Let’s get started!

Secure Share

(Electronically share your bundles in an instant)

How it works. Our Secure Share allows you share a password protected bundle with anyone - outside counsel, barristers, other side solicitor, client etc. When you share a bundle using Bundledocs, the recipient will receive two emails: The first contains a unique password and the second email contains a link to download the bundle. Use both to instantly download the bundle.

How it helps. Our Secure Share is great for anyone working with large bundles. You are no longer limited by your email limits and can now send bundles of any size to anyone. You won’t need to print and send bundles unnecessarily and can help move towards being a less-paper office. Win. Win.

Did you know? Many of our clients are now using our Secure Share feature to share the index or Table of Contents page with others. Simply generate your bundle to only include the index page and then securely share your index with others. Here’s a quick video so you can see it in action: Share Index with Others (Video).

Over the last few months we’ve added a number of new enhancements to our Secure Share feature to make it even better. It is now possible to set an expiry date for your shared bundle; set download limits and even type longer messages when sending.

Online Collaboration

(Securely collaborate on bundles with anyone)

How it works. Bundledocs Online Collaboration allows you grant access to others to view, edit and work on your bundle(s). You can grant access to any third party - you control who is allowed access and what access type they have.

How it helps. With online collaboration the days of sending bundles back and forth are over. Create one bundle and grant access to anyone that needs it. This feature is great if you need to have a number of people working on a bundle. The best bit? You don’t even need to have a Bundledocs account. It’s automatically created when you send them the invite!

Did you know? Bundledocs allows multiple users to work on the same bundle, at the same time. This is brilliant for anyone who’s working on large complex cases. It ensures that when you’re working on a particular section of your bundle, it’s locked for use to another other user.

Work in Groups

(Work together with colleagues on your bundles)

How it works. Bundledocs Team Groups allow you to work together with colleagues on your bundles. Everyone is working from the same place - regardless of which office they are in or where in the world they are.

How it helps. You don’t have to wait until the last minute to start preparing your bundles. Build up and modify as the case progresses and remove the last minute stress. Plus with everyone working from the same place you no longer have to worry about duplication. What a dream!

Did you know? Bundledocs have introduced Management Groups to help you easily manage your organisations user licences, bundles, access rights, global template and styles - and much more. If you’ve yet to introduce Management Groups in your practice, then get in touch today. We will be happy to show you how it works and offer free Admin training too.

That’s a wrap. If you’ve any other queries about Bundledocs secure share, online collaboration, team groups or management groups then make sure to contact our team. We will be delighted to show you more.

Make a Bundle Private from Groups in Bundledocs - Training Tip

Did you know it is possible to make specific bundles private from groups within Bundledocs? If not, then you've come to the right place. 

Within our recent post 'Work Collaboratively in Groups with Bundledocs' we released a new video highlighting our groups feature - from the setup of groups to managing group members. Following on from this we will take a look at how to make a single (or multiple) bundles private from group members within Bundledocs. 

It only take a few steps to make a bundle private from other group members. Don't worry you can easily share your bundles again at a later stage if needed. 

How do I make a bundle private from group members in Bundledocs?

1. Choose a Case. Select the 'Edit' button to edit the case details. 

2. Make Bundle Private. Within the 'Advanced' section simply change the settings for 'Make this bundle available to groups' from 'Yes' to 'No'. Select 'Update' to complete. 

3. Review at a Glance. A grey silhouette will appear next to any case that has been made private making it simple to see any private cases at a glance. 


Interested to learn more? Full details are covered within our manual that is available to download within your account. In addition, our dedicated team are here to help - we are happy to assist with any questions or queries you may have. Get in touch today!

Work Collaboratively in Groups with Bundledocs - Video

Collaboratively work together to create bundles with Bundledocs.

Bundledocs provides a number of options for both collaborating and sharing bundles. Thus allowing you to seamlessly work with parties inside and outside your organisation - regardless of their device, location or even time zone. 

If you would like to work collaboratively on a bundle with your colleague then our Groups feature is the solution for you. Easily work together to create bundles by allowing team members to view and edit bundles. This can not only help avoid duplication of work but will ensure that everybody is reading from the same page. 

Check out our video and get familiar with the basics of setting up groups and managing members within Bundledocs. Full details are covered within our manual that is available to download within your account. 

Resend Group Invitation to Bundledocs Group Members - Announcement

New Feature Announcement. Bundledocs are delighted to announce that we have added a new enhancement within Groups and Sharing. 

Within our latest release it is now possible to resend an invitation to any user that you have invited to join your group. This is particularly beneficial for group administrators as it enables them to easily re-send invitations to any user that has yet to accept the invitation to join the group. It only takes the click of a button!

Interested to learn more about working in groups with Bundledocs? Make sure to check in on Friday when we will review and highlight working in groups within Bundledocs. 

Can't wait until then? No problem. Our complete manual can be downloaded directly within your Bundledocs account and covers everything there is to know. Find out more today!

Feature Focus: How to Make your Bundles Private (Unshare)

Bundledocs unique bundling solution has been designed to make the process of producing professional bundles simple from start to finish. It not only reduces time consuming and repetitive tasks such as indexing, pagination and bookmarking but also offers a range of additional features that help make the entire bundling effortless.

If you are familiar with Bundledocs you will know that it is easy to share bundles and work collaboratively to produce the perfect bundle. In some cases however, you may not want to share specific bundles with your group members. In today's #featurefocus post, we will highlight how to make bundles private . Let's see how it's done.

1. On the home screen, select the 'Edit Case Details' icon. This is located to the right of each case listed in your account. 

2. Once selected a window will automatically appear. Select the 'Advanced' tab to expand this section. 

3. From the options listed, untick the 'Make this case available to groups' box. 

4. To complete click 'Update'.

That's it! Even better, a grey silhouette will appear beside any case that is not visible to group members. Making it simple to see at a glance. 

Want to learn more about Bundledocs groups and sharing? Download a copy of our complete training guide. This can be accessed directly within your Bundledocs account. Not already a user? Set up your free trial today!