Document Bundling

Easiest PDF Bundling Software for Legal Professionals

Now we don’t want to brag but Bundledocs really is the most user friendly and easy to use PDF bundling software on the market today. We’ve designed Bundledocs specifically for legal professionals, so if you’re a Lawyer, Barrister, or Legal Secretary, this is the tool for you.


Bundledocs PDF Bundling Software

On the hunt for a PDF bundling tool, then it’s time to discover how Bundledocs document bundling software can help you. Take a look at Bundledocs in action…

Easily Create PDF's

Instantly Convert Any File to PDF

With Bundledocs you don’t have to worry about converting your documents and files to PDF. It is all done automatically for you when uploading. That’s right, simply upload your files into Bundledocs and everything is instantly converted into a PDF document.

Manage your PDF’s in One Place

For legal professionals needing to create bundles/binders for court, we want to make this process as easy as possible for you. Using Bundledocs you can store and manage all case documents in one place. By building it up as you go, last minute changes are made simple.

Combine PDF into a Bundle/Binder

We know a thing or two about easy document bundling - after all it’s in our name! So if you need to create a PDF bundle then we’ve got you covered. Simply hit that magical ‘Generate’ button and Bundledocs will instantly create a single PDF bundle, add a cover page, create a table of contents that is automatically hyperlinked, paginate the whole thing - and if that’s not enough, even add bookmarks too!

Working with PDFs

PDF Editing

Bundledocs has a range of ways you can manipulate your PDFs. We include everything from rotating pages, removing pages, re-ordering pages.


Bundledocs includes a suite of annotation tools to make it easy to mark-up PDF docs on the go! Need to highlight important text? Add labels? Include cross reference links? or add comments? We have it all for you. Plus as we’re a 100% cloud tool, you can annotate your PDF’s regardless of where you are - or what device you’re working on.

Redact Information

In addition to our suite of annotation tools, Bundledocs also includes redaction so you can easily redact confidential or sensitive information. Awesome right?

Sharing PDFs Made Simple

Securely Share PDF’s

From speaking with our clients, one of our tools they love most is our Secure Share. This allows them to quickly and easily share their PDF files and bundles with others. Bundledocs knows that legal professionals work with complex bundles that can be very big in size. Not to worry, using our unique feature you can send bundles of any size, so you are no longer tied to the limits of your email.


Did we mention we’re cloud based! This means you don’t have to send bundles back and forth. Now you can create one PDF bundle and grant access to anyone that needs it.

Group Work

Does your law firm need to work together on bundles? Then you need Bundledocs Groups. This amazing feature allows you to easily work together with team members. It doesn’t matter where they are or what office they are based in. With Bundledocs Groups you are all working from the same page!

Interested to learn more? Then get in touch to arrange a free online demonstration or why not give it a go for yourself and create a PDF bundle free trial.

Bundledocs Electronic Document Bundling Solution Is G-Cloud 11 Compliant

We’ve exciting news to share. Bundledocs has once again been selected as a UK Government cloud compliant solution. If you’re on the hunt for an electronic document bundling tool then look no further than Bundledocs.


About The Digital Marketplace

If you’ve yet to hear about the Digital Marketplace, in short, it’s a UK Government framework that aims to help UK public sector bodies easily evaluate and procure cloud based solutions. So if you’re looking to find cloud hosting, cloud software or cloud support, then the Digital Marketplace is the place to be. Read the Digital Marketplace buyers' guide to learn more.

Need an Electronic Document Bundling Solution?

Bundledocs is no stranger to the Digital Marketplace and have been an approved supplier over the last number of frameworks. Our 100% cloud based document bundling solution is the ultimate tool for anyone looking to easily prepare bundles and securely share with others - from anywhere! So what can Bundledocs do?

Bundledocs electronic document bundling software helps you create fully searchable electronic bundles in minutes. It’s incredibly simple and easy to use. It automatically handles document bundling (with files of any type), indexing, paginating to create a hyperlinked electronic bundle instantly. Fully customisable and updating is automatic too. Check out our Ultimate Electronic Document Bundling video to see it in action.

If you’re on the hunt for a tool to help you with electronic bundling then be sure to check out our profile on the Digital Marketplace. Or get in touch with our team who are on-hand to answer any queries you have.

Create PDF Bundles Directly from your P4W Case File - PDF Bundling Made Easy

Bundledocs, a Tikit P4W Partner, makes the process of creating PDF bundles simple. It can all be done direct from Tikit Partmer for Windows with our awesome integration connector. Ready to discover the ultimate PDF bundling tool then keep on reading…


Last week we hosted a webinar with the guys over in Tikit to highlight how document bundling is made incredibly simple with Bundledocs. If you missed the session and are interested to see how it all works then not to worry. We’ve gathered together everything you need to create the perfect PDF bundle in minutes. Here’s how it’s done…



Having trouble viewing this video? Head over to our YouTube Channel.



Starting in your Tikit P4W Case File all you need to do is search for the documents you would like to export into a pdf bundle. Simply type your client matter code and choose what documents you would like to include. Choose any document type - Bundledocs will automatically convert them to PDF for you.


Before uploading you can quickly and easily make changes to the range of selected documents. For example you can change the order in which they appear, change the document description or even amend the document date if you’re including this in your final bundle.


Now that we’ve decided what documents we want to include in our PDF bundle, the next step will be to choose where we want the documents to go. If you’ve already created a bundle/sections in Bundledocs then you can just go-ahead and select the final destination.

If not, then you create your bundle/sections now. All you need to do is select the ‘New Bundle‘ option to create a new bundle; or alternatively select the ‘New Section‘ option to create a new section. Click ‘Upload‘ to complete.


Once this is done your documents will be automatically uploaded from your case file into Bundledocs. From there we can go-ahead and customise the look and feel of our bundle further - only if you need to.

With click of a single button (the magical generate button) Bundledocs will instantly merge all your documents into a single PDF bundle. Even better, we will automatically create a hyperlinked table of contents page and fully paginate the entire bundle. Your PDF is instantly available to download, save, print or securely share with others. What could be better!


If you’re interested in giving it a try for yourself then get in touch with us today. We will get you started with a free Bundledocs trial and even setup the integration with Tikit P4W so you can see for yourself how simple it is to create the perfect PDF document bundles with Bundledocs. Get started today!

Top 3 Reasons to Build Electronic Court Bundles Rather than Paper Bundles

On the hunt for a solution to help you create court bundles quickly and easily. You’ve come to the right place. In today’s post we will explore the top 3 reasons your practice should create electronic court bundles rather than paper bundles. Let’s jump right in…


When it comes to creating court bundles many firms today still rely heavily on printers and manual processes. Why so when there are awesome tools like Bundledocs electronic document bundling software available to do all the time consuming and laborious work for you? So if you’re reluctant to give up the printer, we’ve gathered together our top 3 reasons you should build electronic court bundles rather than paper copies…


Creating electronic court bundles rather than paper copies doesn’t have to be hard decision. If you create your bundles using electronic document bundling software you can have both - and you don’t have to do any extra work!

  • No extra work. Bundles created using systems like Bundledocs will automatically produce your bundle in electronic format. Once complete you can easily download in PDF format, save, send and even print.

  • Power of electronic bundles. Even if you are required to print your final bundle, having an electronic copy available will always come in handy. For example, each bundle produced in Bundledocs is automatically bookmarked and the index (which is automatically generated) is fully hyperlinked too - one click and you’re there. Better still we offer in-built OCR functionality so your final ebundle is fully text searchable. Just think no more sieving through leaver arch files!

  • Create court bundles on the go. As you’re no longer tied to your desk and printer, you can create complete electronic bundles wherever you are. Work seamlessly on your case from any location, on any device, at any time.

complete compliance

One of our users Armstrong Family Law recently wrote an article about investing in Bundledocs bundle creation software to help with their move towards a “paperlite” (not paperless) office. In the article he mentioned how lawyers are notorious for having large piles of paper files in their office that are both a combination of current case files and files where cases have concluded. But how can producing electronic court bundles help with this?

  • Instantly Archive Electronic Bundles. Solicitors have to keep files for at least 6 years in order to comply with the requirements of the Solicitors’ Code of Conduct. As such having the ability to save electronic records is great for those that want to reduce paper storage whilst still remaining compliant. Paperlite office here you come!

  • Works with your system. Bundledocs makes it even easier to archive electronic court bundles with our range of integration partners, including: iManage, NetDocuments, Tikit TFB Partner for Windows, Dropbox and many more. Better still we have an Open API which makes integrating with third parties easy.


  • Reduce unnecessary printing costs. Using tools like Bundledocs you no longer need to print bundles unnecessarily. Produce electronically, collaboratively work with others, electronically share with anyone that needs a copy and only print where you need to.

  • Work with anyone. Do you need to work with colleagues in different offices? Or share bundles with clients? Or even collaborate with the other side? There are a range of features available to make document production simple - and will save you time and money too.

  • Changes are instant. Build your bundle up over time, make changes as you go and save all the last minute stress. Make a change? Your page numbering is instantly updated with a single click. With no limit to the amount of changes you can make, you can draft again and again until you get it just right.

Interested to learn more about Bundledocs and how it can help solve your electronic document bundling woes. Get in touch. We offer a free trial so you can test it out and see if it suits your requirements. There’s absolutely no obligation and no credit card required either.

Discover How to Create PDF Bundles from Tikit P4W - Webinar

Interested to learn more about Bundledocs and how you can create PDF bundles directly from Tikit TFB? You're in luck!


Bundledocs, a Tikit P4W Partner, are delighted to partner with the guys over in Tikit for our upcoming webinar taking place on June 5th. So what will we cover?

  • The simple steps you need to create the perfect PDF bundle

  • How it links with your Partner for Windows system

  • Discover why Bundledocs should be your go-to solution for PDF bundling

  • Attendee Exclusive. All attendees will receive a FREE all access 30-day Bundledocs trial - including free integration connector and free familiarization session to get you started.


Come and join us! The webinar is taking place on Wednesday, June 5th at 12pm BST. That’s less than 2 weeks to go, so be sure to book your spot today.

Unable to attend the webinar? Let us know and we will arrange a free online demonstration at a date and time that suits you best.