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Bundledocs Electronic Document Bundling Solution Is G-Cloud 11 Compliant

We’ve exciting news to share. Bundledocs has once again been selected as a UK Government cloud compliant solution. If you’re on the hunt for an electronic document bundling tool then look no further than Bundledocs.


About The Digital Marketplace

If you’ve yet to hear about the Digital Marketplace, in short, it’s a UK Government framework that aims to help UK public sector bodies easily evaluate and procure cloud based solutions. So if you’re looking to find cloud hosting, cloud software or cloud support, then the Digital Marketplace is the place to be. Read the Digital Marketplace buyers' guide to learn more.

Need an Electronic Document Bundling Solution?

Bundledocs is no stranger to the Digital Marketplace and have been an approved supplier over the last number of frameworks. Our 100% cloud based document bundling solution is the ultimate tool for anyone looking to easily prepare bundles and securely share with others - from anywhere! So what can Bundledocs do?

Bundledocs electronic document bundling software helps you create fully searchable electronic bundles in minutes. It’s incredibly simple and easy to use. It automatically handles document bundling (with files of any type), indexing, paginating to create a hyperlinked electronic bundle instantly. Fully customisable and updating is automatic too. Check out our Ultimate Electronic Document Bundling video to see it in action.

If you’re on the hunt for a tool to help you with electronic bundling then be sure to check out our profile on the Digital Marketplace. Or get in touch with our team who are on-hand to answer any queries you have.

Bundledocs eBundling Solution - G-Cloud 9 Approved Service Supplier

eBundling Solution Bundledocs Announce Acceptance to G-Cloud 9

Bundledocs is delighted to announce that our powerful ebundling solution has been accepted as an approved UK Government Digital Marketplace supplier under the G-Cloud 9 framework.  


What does this mean for local authorities? 

For those that are unaware, the G-Cloud framework is a UK Government initiative to help UK public sector bodies easily procure cloud solutions. So whether you are on the market for a Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS), Software as a Service (SaaS) or even Specialist Cloud Services (SCS), then the Digital Marketplace is the place to go. 

For any local authorities looking to adopt an ebundling solution to help prepare electronic court and document bundles, then look no further than Bundledocs.  


What is Bundledocs eBundling Solution?

Bundledocs electronic document bundling software allows you to take a load of documents from your folder, case or document management system. Bundledocs organises them into a neat, sectioned booklet in minutes - ready to save, share or print. No matter how big or small, you can instantly change it in seconds. Simple, easy to use, time saving and massively efficient. There really is no reason not to choose Bundledocs.

Interested to see how it works? Arrange a Free Online Demonstration for your team today!


Why choose Bundledocs eBundling Solution?

Local Authorities and legal departments are already using Bundledocs efficiencies to set the standard and save costs. Let take a closer look at what Bundledocs has to offer...

Create Bundles in Minutes. Your bundle is automatically indexed, numbered, hyperlinked and bookmarked to the highest standard every time. If you forgot anything, don't worry. Bundledocs can re-organise the entire electronic bundle immediately.

Connect to your System. Effortlessly upload documents from your case or document management system. Bundledocs partners include solutions such as iManage, NetDocuments, Tikit TFB, Clio, Worldox... to name just a few.

Work Collaboratively with Others. Use Bundledocs to collaboratively work with colleagues, counsel, co-workers or any third party. Share your ebundle, keep copies of drafts, work together on the final bundle, all sorted for anytime access.

Access Anytime, Any Place, Any Device. With Bundledocs ebundling solution you are no longer tied to the office. Phone, tablet, laptop, desktop - whatever device you use, Bundledocs can be accessed from any location, at any time. 


To learn more about Bundledocs powerful ebundling solution and the G-Cloud framework, visit the Digital Marketplace today or check out our dedicated Bundledocs G-Cloud 9 Digital Marketplace listing for more about us and what we offer. 

3 Steps to Prepare a Hard Copy Electronic Bundle (ebundle) - Training Tip

Did you know you can effortlessly create a hard copy paper bundle from any ebundle created in Bundledocs? In our latest #trainingtip post we will highlight just how this can be done. 

Whether you produce paper bundles or produce electronic e-bundles, Bundledocs is the solution for you. Our unique solution simplifies and streamlines the process of preparing bundles through the automation of time consuming tasks. What does that mean for you? For legal professionals it means you no longer have to spend countless hours preparing bundles - creating indexes, numbering and paginating bundles, collating and much more. With Bundledocs this is all a thing of the past. 

How can I create a hard copy of my electronic bundle with Bundledocs?

Step One - Generate: When you are ready to produce your bundle, hit the generate button. This will merge all your documents into a single PDF bundle, automatically create an index page, number your entire bundle and apply any customization's you have applied. (Did we mention it automatically hyperlinks and bookmarks your bundle too!)

Step Two - Download: That's it! Your bundle is immediately available to download. 

Step Three - Print: You can download your PDF electronic ebundle directly to your computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone. Need to create a paper hard copy bundle? No problem. Simply select 'Print'. It really is that simple. 

Interested to learn more? Get in touch with our team today! We will be happy to give you a FREE online demonstration of Bundledocs. Alternatively, you can create a FREE 30 Day Trial right now. 

Create eBundles on your Smartphones or Tablet Device - App Focus

With over 14 years experience working in legal technology, the Bundledocs team know that producing ebundles - electronic bundles - can be a time consuming and laborious task. With Bundledocs that problem is a thing of the past. 

What does Bundledocs do? In short, it takes all your documents (emails, word documents, PDFs, images etc.) and combines them into a single PDF. It automatically creates an index that is hyperlinked, bookmarked and fully searchable. Its fully compliant and flexible so you can produce ebundles to suit court requirements. 

What's great about Bundledocs is that you can not only access but create complete ebundles from anywhere. This is great for any busy lawyer or legal professional on the move and means you are no longer tied to the office. 

Why choose Bundledocs App for all devices?

Intuitive Look & Feel

Bundledocs responsive design ensures you can work from your mobile, tablet, laptop or desktop and there is no difference in the look and feel. Effortlessly create ebundles from any device, from any location, at any time. 

No Learning Curve

Bundledocs is so simple and easy to use you don't even need training. Making the switch to the Bundledocs App? No need to worry, it works the same way as the Bundledocs you're used to. Check out our latest post to see the top 3 things you need to make the switch today!

Complete Feature Range

With Bundledocs App you can not only view/download completed bundles from any location - you can create complete bundles from scratch. Have access to your complete Bundledocs feature range and create professional ebundles on the move. Don't believe us? Sign up for a free trial today and put an end to your bundling worries.  


Electronic Bundles (e-bundles) for Court

Whether you are creating a common bundle or electronic bundle, Bundedocs is the solution for you... 

With Bundledocs you don't have to choose between creating common bundles or electronic bundles (e-bundles). With Bundledocs you can create both - with no extra effort and at no extra cost! 

Preparation of bundles is made easy with Bundledocs. When you create a bundle with Bundledocs, all bundles are automatically created in PDF format. If you need to provide the court with a hard copy - no problem. Simply download the completed bundle and press print. It's that simple!

For those that are new to Bundledocs, bundles can be effortlessly prepared in only 5 steps. The best bit? Bundledocs automates time consuming tasks such as indexing, paginating/numbering, bookmarking, hyperlinking etc. Let's take a closer look...


Bundledocs can be used to create any type of electronic bundle. Legal professionals use Bundledocs for civil proceedings (civil cases), criminal proceedings (criminal cases), mediation etc. It provides users with a range of customisable options so you can prepare ebundles to suit your needs and your court requirements. For example, effortlessly place your files in chronological order using simple drag and drop method, customise page numbering, customise your index page and much much more. 

Don't just take our word for it. Set up your free Bundledocs trial today!