How to Index Legal Documents - A Lawyers Paperless Office

Dreaming of making your office paperless? Then we have just the solution for you. Anyone striving to create a paperless office - or at least a less paper office - needs the right solutions. That's where Bundledocs comes in. 

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So what is Bundledocs you ask? In short, it is a solution that helps you prepare your court bundles, briefs, binders, booklets - really any type of collated bundle. It's completely electronic so is the perfect fit for any legal professional looking to reduce the amount paper wasted when preparing documents. 

How does it work? It's designed to be incredibly simple to use. Just take your document from anywhere - your folder, case or document management system. Bundledocs then automatically organises your documents into a neat, indexed, paginated, sectioned bundle in minutes. Even better, if any changes are needed there is no need to waste time or paper. Just make the change and re-generate. Easy!


How can I index legal documents with Bundledocs?

If you are looking for a way to quickly and easily create an index then you've come to the right place. Let take a look at how Bundledocs can help...

Trouble viewing? Check out our ‘How to index legal documents’ video on our YouTube channel


Yes, that's right. Bundledocs is completely automatic. This means that with one single click, it will automatically create a complete index for you. All you need to do is upload your documents, arrange in the order you want them to appear (just drag and drop) and Bundledocs does the rest - all at the click of a button.

That's not all. It also automatically paginates and numbers your entire bundle, creates bookmarks and even hyperlinks your finished index page so you can easily move around your finished bundle. Click and your there!

Don't believe us? Why not give it a go and create a FREE 30 day trial account (with no obligation) or get in touch and we can arrange a FREE online demonstration for you.



From speaking with our clients, one feature they love is the ability to just securely share the index page with outside counsel. This is great as there is no need to print off the bundle each time you need them to review and sent it over. Now you can just send the index page. Rather than going into details about how it all works, we have created a video so you can see for yourself... 



For anyone looking to adopt a paperless office, our wide range of collaboration options are ideal for you. No need to go printing off reams of paper unnecessarily. With Bundledocs you can work collaboratively in groups, add collaborators for anyone working outside your practice, securely share your bundle with anyone - all direct from Bundledocs. 


Interested to learn more about Bundledocs and how it can help you move towards a paperless office? Get in touch to arrange your free online demonstration and free trial


Bundledocs Late Inserts Explained - Feature Focus

We've all been there. You have finalized and completed your bundle, only to find new documents arrive in at the last minute. Don't stress. Bundledocs has just the solution for you.   


To begin with, if you have yet to send out or distribute your bundles to others, it couldn't be easier. Simply upload your new documents, arrange in order and generate. Your updated bundle is immediately available in seconds. 

The issue for many legal professionals out there is when the bundle has been sent out to the other parties relevant to the case - such as other side counsel, Barristers, Judges etc. From that point on, they need to ensure that the original page numbering is not affected (as some parties may have already begun their preparation, noting page numbers etc.). 

With Bundledocs unique and powerful Late Inserts feature, these troubles are in the past. 

So what is our Late Inserts feature and how does it work?

Bundledocs Late Inserts offers you the flexibility to add missing or late arrival documents into your bundle with ease. Once a document is marked as a Late Insert it will automatically apply alternative numbering to the document and this is then automatically reflected in the updated index page. It doesn't alter or affect your existing page numbering and ensures that all parties are reading from the same page, at all times. 


It's incredibly simple and easy to use. So how exactly does it work?

1. Upload. Upload any late arrival or missing documents

2. Mark a document as a Late Insert. Simply select the 'Edit Details' option, select the option 'Is this a late insert document?' and update.

3. Generate. Once you have positioned your document where you want it to appear, you are ready to generate. Bundledocs will then handle the hard work for you. It will apply an alternative number scheme on your document and this will be reflected on your index page. 


Want to see it in action, we have created a short video to guide you through the process - take a sneak peak now. Video: Bundledocs Late Inserts

Interested to learn more? Don't waste time. Get in touch with our team to arrange your free online demonstration and free 30 day trial today. 

Can I remove the Index Page from my Bundle? - Training Tip

Following on from our recent post where we highlighted how to remove the cover/title page from your bundle, today's #trainingtip post will focus on how you can quickly remove the index page from your bundle. 

If you are new to Bundledocs then you may not be aware that Bundledocs automatically generates a complete index - that is fully sectioned, numbered and hyperlinked for easy navigation. Even better, Bundledocs offers a range of customizations so you can adjust your index to suit your requirements. 

In some cases however you may not require the inclusion of a complete index for your bundle. So, to remove the index page from your bundle simply do the following: 

  1. Select Generate

  2. Expand the 'Index Pages' section and select 'Remove Global Index Pages'. 

  3. Apply additional customizations (if needed) and generate your bundle.

Give it a go for yourself. If you are new to Bundledocs then make sure to create your free 30 day trial account now. Already using Bundledocs? Then login now and try customizing your bundle today. 

Video: Working with Document Dates in Bundledocs

This week Bundledocs announced the introduction of our new dates features. Our latest release will enable you to effortlessly include document dates within your completed index - and all with the click of a button!


When it comes to creating documents for court, Bundledocs is the one tool you need. We automatically handle document indexing, pagination and the creation of a single downloadable PDF bundle. It’s instantly ready to save or electronically share with others.

With Bundledocs you can customise the look and feel of your bundle to suit your requirements. Upload a custom cover page, a custom index page, watermark and much much more.

One thing we get asked about time and time again is the ability to handle document dates. Yes - Bundledocs allows you to include document dates in your bundle. You choose the date format and easily change if needed. Better still, we even include functionality to allow you to sort documents in date order with a single click.

Don’t believe us? Check out our ‘Working with Document Dates’ video to see it in action...

Interested to learn more? Download your FREE copy of our manual today and find out everything there is to know about working with dates - as well as so much more. 

Can I add a date field into my Bundledocs Index?

If you missed our new feature announcement yesterday, Bundledocs latest product release enables you to effortlessly include document dates within your completed index. 

Interested to see how it works, then you've come to the right place. Let's take a closer look...


Step One: Create your bundle.

Step Two: Within your 'Edit Case' options, choose to 'Show Document Date on Screen'.

Step Three: Need to edit your document date? No problem. This can be done easily by simply double clicking on any document date. 

Step Four: To include document dates within your completed bundle, select the 'Show Document Date in Index' when generating. 

Step Five: That's it. Simply download your complete bundle to complete. 

Find out more about our new dates feature now. Download your Free copy of our manual today and find out everything there is to know about Bundledocs.