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If you are on the hunt for a solution to help you with the production of court bundles, briefs, booklets or any document binder for court then look no further than Bundledocs. Interested to learn more? Why not start with a FREE 30 day trial

How do I setup a trial of Bundledocs?

At Bundledocs we are dedicated to making the process of creating bundles simple. With our 30 day trial you can have full access to our complete range of features so you can fully test to make sure it suits your needs and requirements. Take a look at our video (included above) to start your trial or simply follow these steps...

  1. Visit:

  2. Provide your email and set a password.

  3. Your account is immediately created. Simply login (using your email and password provided). That's it! You now have complete access to Bundledocs for the next 30 days.

That's not all. Bundledocs provide FREE connectors to the world's leading case and document management systems. Our partners include iManage, NetDocuments, TikitTFB Partner for Windows, Worldox, Dropbox, Senecca and much much more. So simply get in touch with our team to get this setup or check in with us to see if we integrate with your solution.