Never Create an Index Manually Again!

(Document Indexing Has Never Been Easier With Bundledocs)

Automatically Create an Index with Bundledocs. Using the most innovative technology, Bundledocs has been specifically designed to help legal professionals easily create document bundles. By automating time consuming tasks such as indexing legal documents, Bundledocs can save firms a considerable amount of time and resources. Now with just the click of a button, legal professionals can produce a PDF document bundle that is fully indexed, sectioned, numbered and formatted. It really is that simple.

Index Created Automatically

No need to manually create an index. Bundledocs automatically produces a complete index for your bundle.


Fully Customisable

Each Index is fully customisable - and all with the click of a button. Creating the perfect bundle has never been easier!

Hyperlinked Index

Quickly jump to different parts of your bundle. Every index is automatically hyperlinked. Click and your there.

How to create an index for legal documents

(Remember with Bundledocs its completely automatic)

With Bundledocs document indexing software the days of manually creating an index are over. Simply upload your documents, arrange documents in the correct order and Bundledocs will automatically generate a full index for you. What's great is if any changes or amendments are required, once the brief has been completed, Bundledocs will automatically generate a new index – at no extra cost. What are the three steps you need to create an index for your legal documents?


Step One: Organize your Sections and Documents

Step Two: Apply Customizations (optional)

Step Three: Click ‘Generate‘ and it's done! 


Index Updates Are Instant

(Making changes to your bundle is easy)


One Click to Update

Need to update your bundle? With Bundledocs updates and changes are done with a single click.

Last Minute Inserts

If you add documents to your bundle at the last minute you can re-generate in seconds - and we even handle late inserts. All done with a single click!

Unlimited Changes

Make as many changes as you need - add documents, re-arrange order, re-generate - whatever the change, it's simple with Bundledocs. 

Add a Custom Index

(You have complete control of the look and feel of your index page)


Make Use of Templates

Add a custom index to your Bundledocs templates to make it even more powerful and help save you even more time.

Add Custom Index

Design and add your own custom index. You’ve complete control over the look and feel and can customise to suit you.

Ready to Give it a Go?

Make use of our FREE 30 Day Trial and FREE online demo. There is no credit card required and no obligation.

Searching Made Easy

(Each bundle is hyperlinked and bookmarked for easy navigation)

With Bundledocs, users can easily navigate their bundle. Bundledocs produces all bundles in a single PDF Adobe document that is fully hyperlinked, bookmarked and text searchable so users can easily find information within their bundle.

Navigation is easy. For example, with our automatic bookmarks, simply select the ‘Bookmark Tab’ to reveal the sections and pages of your bundle. Select the section title to immediately reveal the relevant page. Magic!

Instant Hyperlinked Index

Don't wast time creating a table of contents page. Bundledocs creates a hyperlinked index with a single click.

Automatically Bookmarked

Bookmarks are automatically added to your bundle. No need to add manually, we've got you covered.

Fully Text Searchable

Bundledocs creates an OCR bundle quickly so you can find what you want, when you want, on any device.

Discover More About Document Indexing


With Bundledocs, there is no need to spend time paginating documents. With a single click Bundledocs automatically superimposes the indexed number on each page of the document bundle. Better still, as Bundledocs allows you create multiple sections within their bundle, you even have the option to restart page numbering at the beginning of each new section.

If you’re on the hunt for a solution to help you paginate and number your documents, then you’re in the right place.

Document Pagination Made Easy

(Automatically Paginate your Documents with Bundledocs)


Watch our ‘Ultimate Electronic Document Bundling Software’ video to see what else Bundledocs can do.


It’s Fully Automatic

Manage high volume document cases efficiently. Every bundle is automatically paginated, indexed, hyperlinked and bookmarked for quick and easy access.

Changes Are Simple

Draft again and again until you get it right. Need to make a change. No problem. Bundledocs handles last minute changes and late inserts with ease. 

Paginate Any Document

Upload any type of document and Bundledocs automatically converts them to PDF’s. Even better, we even keep the original document in case you need it!

How to Paginate Documents with Bundledocs

Our software is specifically designed to take the hard work out of document bundle creation. With Bundledocs, legal professionals and support staff no longer have to spend countless hours manually numbering or paginating document bundles.


With Bundledocs paginate is done with a single click. Our innovative software automatically handles the paginating of document bundles by superimposing page numbers on each page of your bundle. Here’s how it works…

Step One: Create your Bundle

Step Two: Create your Sections (if needed)

Step Three: Upload your Documents 

Step Four: Customise your Bundle (if needed) and Click 'Generate'.

Step Five: Your bundle is instantly paginated and fully indexed too!

Customise Page Numbering

Need to customise the page numbering? No problem. Pagination is automatically applied to each bundle and it's fully customisable. With Bundledocs you can specify how you would like the page numbering to appear. For example, if you have created multiple sections, you can choose to restart page numbering at the beginning of each section; You can choose where it appears; or even remove numbering entirely - the choice is yours! 



Bundledocs automatically applies consecutive numbering as standard. However in some cases you may be required to re-start page numbering for each section or at a particular number - this is all possible with Bundledocs.


If you have created a multi sectioned bundle, you can instantly prefix the section number to your existing page numbering sequence.


Although Bundledocs automatically applies pagination to your entire PDF bundle, you may want to remove it when producing certain bundles. You can even choose to remove it from your index page only and/or from your document pages too.


At Bundledocs we know that documents often arrive in at the last minute. With automatic pagination, updating your existing page numbering is simple. We have even developed our unique Late Inserts feature when you can’t alter the existing number sequence of your bundle.


Pagination automatically appears on the bottom right of your documents. Prefer a different position? It’s your choice!


You even have the ability to set specific font and styles for your index page and document pagination.

Handle Late Inserts

As you may be aware with Bundledocs automatic pagination updating and making changes to your bundle is simple. However, what happens when you’ve finalized and forwarded the bundle only to discover additional documents need to be included? That’s where late inserts come in!


Bundledocs unique Late Inserts feature allows you to include additional documents in your bundle - without affecting the existing index and page numbering. That’s not all? We’ve even included the option for you to only generate the changes so you won’t have to print off the entire thing. Win, win!

Bates Numbering

For those that require bates numbering, this is also an option and can be customised to suit your requirements. Bates numbering is a method of indexing legal documents for easy navigation and retrieval. For example, users can set the number starting point, the length of the page number, the bates prefix and the bates suffix.


If you would like to apply bates numbering to your bundle, simply specify how you would like your bates numbering to appear.

1. Select Bates Numbering

2. Simply select the box to apply bates numbering to your document. 

3. Specify how you would like your bates numbering to appear using the fields provided.

Top Tip! Although the Bates Numbering feature is mainly used by our clients in the US, it can come in handy for our other clients too. It is great for anyone that would like to start numbering of their bundle at a particular number - rather than one.


Interested to see how it works? We offer a FREE 30 day trial (no credit card needed and absolutely no obligation) so you fully test to see if it suits your needs and requirements. Alternatively book your Free Online Demo to see it in action!

Discover More About Bundledocs Pagination


With Bundledocs, making changes to document briefs has never been easier. You can add/delete/include/exclude documents or complete sections at any time. Once you're happy with the changes made, simply regenerate your brief. Bundledocs will automatically generate a new index and repaginate the document – at no extra cost.


Making Changes is Simple

(Don't stress about making changes)


Unlimited Changes

Make as many changes as you need - add documents, re-arrange order, re-generate - whatever the change, it's simple with Bundledocs. 

We Handle Late Inserts

Need to add documents at the last minute? Marking documents as late inserts immediately applies an alternative numbering scheme that will not affect your existing index and page numbering. 

No page or section limits

Legal briefs can vary in size from fifty pages to several thousand pages. With Bundledocs, there's no limits to the number of documents, pages or sections in any brief.

Question: I’ve finished creating my document brief with Bundledocs. However, additional documents now need to be included. What do i need to do?

With Bundledocs this is no problem. Utilising our innovative software ensures that making changes to any completed document briefs has never been easier. For example, if additional documents appear at the last minute and need to be included within your brief, a user simply uploads the new documents and with the click of a button, Bundledocs will immediately create a new document brief.

What’s the best bit? There is no need to redo indexing, paginating or formatting. Bundledocs will automatically create a new index, re-number all the document pages and format the brief to include these new changes – and did we mention, there is no extra cost.

That's not all. We've developed a unique 'Late Inserts' feature that gives you the option to apply an alternative numbering scheme to any documents that arrive in at the last minute. This means that your existing page numbering and index page are not affected.

This feature works great it you've already shared your index or bundle with others or no longer wish to re-print your bundle. Simply mark the newly added documents as late inserts and generate. That's it! You even have an option to generate a bundle that only contains the updated index and newly added documents. That way, if you're printing your bundle, you don't have to waste any  paper or time re-printed the pages you already have.Sound good?



All in one solution for creating, sharing and working on briefs

Bundledocs is specifically designed to help legal professionals with every aspect of bundle creation, from beginning to end. We know that collaborating and sharing your bundle is important, so we have integrated some key features to help you prepare and share the perfect brief or bundle.


Invite Third Parties to View Bundles

(Securely Invite Third Parties to View Bundles)


Bundledocs enables users to send security protected bundles to third parties. Users generating large bundles can invite third parties to view bundles created using Bundledocs. All exchanges are security restricted. 

Sending security restricted bundles is made easy. Simply fill out the 'Forward bundle to third party' form. The recipient will then be send two emails - one containing the link to download and another containing the password that you've provided. For security reasons, the user will be allowed one time access to the bundle.

Top Tip: This is a great option if your bundle is too large to send via email. 



Collaborative Group Work Made Easy

(Work with anyone - inside or outside your office - any time)


Bundledocs enables users to easily work together to create bundles. With Bundledocs, users can grant access to other team members allowing them to view, edit and work on bundles. This is particularly relevant when a number of people need to work on a case or cases together.

The best bit? Confusion and time wasted through emailing different versions of your brief is eliminated. With Bundledocs, everybody's reading from the same page.

Work in Groups

(It's never been easier to work collaboratively with colleagues)


With Bundledocs users can easily work together in groups to create bundles. Users simply share their cases with other team members allowing them to access and edit cases created. This is particularly useful if a number of people or departments are working together. 

24/7 Access

(Available Anytime, Anywhere, Any Device)


Bundledocs is available to all users 24/7 from any location. Users can access their bundles from any device with an internet connection including laptops, smart phones, tablet devices etc. Bundledocs creates a single PDF document bundle that can be easily annotated (no need to purchase PDF annotate software), shared or printed - all directly from Bundledocs.