Feature Focus: Automatic Page Numbering & Pagination

Automatic page numbering made simple with Bundledocs

Encase you are not aware Bundledocs is unique software that's designed to help users compile court bundles, trial bundles or any type of document bundle with ease. In order to do this, it automates time consuming activities and provides a number of customisable options - so you can create the perfect bundle. 

One way Bundledocs can help users is through the automation of page numbering or pagination. In short, there is no need to number a single page, Bundledocs will do this all for you. The best part is that it is flexible. So if any changes are needed you won't have to re-number the entire bundle. 


In our most recent update, we have enhanced our page numbering feature to give users even more customisable options. So how can you customise page numbering within Bundledocs? Let't take a look at some of these now. 

  • Choose where you want page numbering to appear on the page - both vertically and horizontally

  • Restart page numbering for each section

  • Use numberic section numbering

  • Prefix page numbering with section numbers

  • Bates numbering options - Click here to learn more

Remember: Bundledocs not only paginates each page of your bundle but automatically creates an index page that is fully numbered, sectioned, hyperlinked and bookmarked. Just think of how much time you could save!