Feature Focus: Upload Case Documents with Ease

As you may be aware, our December release included a number of great feature enhancements and updates. If you missed our announcement, check out our latest blog post "Exciting New Changes at Bundledocs". One of the most significant changes made was the removal of the Storage Area. No need to worry, all the same features you use are still here.

So how will these updates change the way you work? The removal of the Storage Area means it is no longer necessary to move documents from the Storage Area to the Work Area when building your bundle. You can now upload your case documents directly into the relevant section. This will help save even more time!

Let's take a quick look at how this is done...


1. Select the 'Upload' button


2. Within the 'Choose an upload location' section, select the dropdown. This will reveal any sections created within your bundle. Choose a section where you wish to upload your documents, for example, Pleadings. 

3. Select the 'Choose documents to upload' button and select the case documents you want to upload. Your files will immediately begin to upload and will automatically appear within the relevant section of your bundle. 

Video: Create Document Bundles in Only 5 Steps

Create High Quality Professional Bundles in just 5 Steps.

Bundledocs automates time consuming activities to ensure your create high quality professional document bundles with ease. Our software automatically creates a hyperlinked index that is bookmarked, paginated and ordered with multiple sections. Your bundle is immediately available in PDF format so it can be downloaded, printed, shared electronically or simply saved to a CD/USB.

What's the best bit? It only takes 5 steps! Take a look at our video to see it in action or try it for yourself for free. Set up your free trial account today!

Exciting New Changes at Bundledocs

At Bundledocs, we have been busy enhancing our product to ensure we continue to deliver the best service offering to you. Over the last few months, we have been conducting research into how people use Bundledocs and based on this valuable feedback we have made a few key changes. 

Let's take a quick look at some of our latest updates... 

1. DESIGN: One of the most significant changes made in this release is the removal of the Storage Area. Don't worry all the same features you use are still here. 

2. UPLOAD: Our new design means no more dragging and dropping from the Storage Area to the Work Area. Now you will upload directly into the relevant sections of your bundle. 

3. MERGE DOCUMENTS: The merge function has been re-introduced in our latest release enabling you to easily merge multiple documents into a single file. 

4. TITLE PAGE: From our research we have found that users often have difficulty finding the 'Upload Bundle Title Page' feature. As such, this is now contained within the Generate options. 

5. PREVIEW COMPLETED BUNDLE: Now once you generate your bundle a preview window will automatically appear. From this you can easily review your bundle, download or even print. 

Our new release is scheduled for Monday December 1st 2014. If you have any queries or questions regarding our latest updates, please get in contact with our team today!

Feature Focus: Preview Completed Bundle with Bundledocs

At Bundledocs, we are continually developing to help ensure we deliver the best service offering to you. Most recently, we have added a Preview Bundle Window so you can quickly and easily view your completed bundle.


What is the new Preview Bundle feature?

Our new preview bundle window will automatically appear once you have generated your bundle. This is great as it enables you to immediately view your completed bundle within your Bundledocs account. The preview window enables you to scroll, download or even print your bundle.

With the addition of this new feature, will I still be able to download my bundle as normal? Yes. For those that wish to download your bundle this can be done either within the preview window or by selecting the Download button (as normal). Furthermore, as Bundledocs automatically emails your completed bundle to you, it can also be downloaded within your email account. 

Feature Focus: Your Bundle is Ready to Download

For those that use Bundledocs regularly you may be aware that once you generate your bundle the completed PDF bundle is automatically emailed directly to you. This is great as it enables you to view your completed bundle from any device, at any time, regardless of whether you are in the office or now. 

For users that do not wish to receive this notification and would prefer to download it within their own account, this is no problem. Simply follow these steps: 

  • Select your email in the top right corner of your account. From the dropdown select 'My Account'.

  • Within the 'Account Information' tab, select the '+' beside the 'Options' section.

  • If you do not wish to receive these emails, then select the box next to the 'Receive Bundle Generated Email'. This will ensure that you do not receive these automatic emails.

  • Select 'Update'.

Remember, you can change back at any time. Simply re-select the 'Receive Bundle Generated Emails' to begin receiving these emails again.