Feature Focus: Upload Case Documents with Ease

As you may be aware, our December release included a number of great feature enhancements and updates. If you missed our announcement, check out our latest blog post "Exciting New Changes at Bundledocs". One of the most significant changes made was the removal of the Storage Area. No need to worry, all the same features you use are still here.

So how will these updates change the way you work? The removal of the Storage Area means it is no longer necessary to move documents from the Storage Area to the Work Area when building your bundle. You can now upload your case documents directly into the relevant section. This will help save even more time!

Let's take a quick look at how this is done...


1. Select the 'Upload' button


2. Within the 'Choose an upload location' section, select the dropdown. This will reveal any sections created within your bundle. Choose a section where you wish to upload your documents, for example, Pleadings. 

3. Select the 'Choose documents to upload' button and select the case documents you want to upload. Your files will immediately begin to upload and will automatically appear within the relevant section of your bundle.