Feature Focus: Preview Case Documents within Bundledocs

Recently, Bundledocs released a new feature which enables users to preview the contents of any file or document uploaded into Bundledocs.

For those familiar with Bundledocs, you may be aware of our File Download feature. This allows users to either download an original copy or a PDF version of any file uploaded to Bundledocs. This is great as it enables users to have full access to their case files - even if you're not in the office - and means your account can be used to store any documents related to your case. Click here to learn more.

So what is this new feature? Even though users can still utilise our File Download feature, in some cases downloading individual files may not be convenient. This is where our new Preview feature comes in. 

Preview enables users to quickly view the contents of a file without having to download each file individually to your computer. It's simple to use. Simply double click any file to reveal a pop-up preview window (as shown below). This would be great if you are working collaboratively with our team members or if you would simply like to quickly review the contents of a specific document.