Feature Focus: Download Any Document Stored in Bundledocs

At Bundledocs we are dedicated to helping our users with every aspect of bundle creation, from beginning to end. The Bundledocs team are continually developing and adding new feature enhancements - some of which you may not be aware of. As such, this Feature Focus post will highlight our useful File Download feature.

What is the File Download feature? In short, it allows users to download an original copy and/or a PDF version of any file uploaded to Bundledocs. 

For example, if you upload a case document in word (.docx) format. Bundledocs gives you the option to download this original document (.docx) at any time. In addition to this, in the background Bundledocs will also silently convert all uploaded documents to PDF. This means that in addition to downloading an original copy of your document you can also download a PDF version.

This is great as it enables you to have full access to all your case documents - regardless of whether you are out of the office, at court, or even in another country - and means your account can be used to store any document related to your case. 

Let's see how this is done...


1. Click the 'Edit Details' icon


2. A window will appear. Within the 'Download/Copy' section, select 'Original' to download a copy of your original document or 'PDF' to download a copy of your file in PDF format. 


Top Tip! If you want to save time, simply double click the file icon to download a PDF copy of your file.