Feature Focus: Download Any Document Stored in Bundledocs

At Bundledocs we are dedicated to helping our users with every aspect of bundle creation, from beginning to end. The Bundledocs team are continually developing and adding new feature enhancements - some of which you may not be aware of. As such, this Feature Focus post will highlight our useful File Download feature.

What is the File Download feature? In short, it allows users to download an original copy and/or a PDF version of any file uploaded to Bundledocs. 

For example, if you upload a case document in word (.docx) format. Bundledocs gives you the option to download this original document (.docx) at any time. In addition to this, in the background Bundledocs will also silently convert all uploaded documents to PDF. This means that in addition to downloading an original copy of your document you can also download a PDF version.

This is great as it enables you to have full access to all your case documents - regardless of whether you are out of the office, at court, or even in another country - and means your account can be used to store any document related to your case. 

Let's see how this is done...


1. Click the 'Edit Details' icon


2. A window will appear. Within the 'Download/Copy' section, select 'Original' to download a copy of your original document or 'PDF' to download a copy of your file in PDF format. 


Top Tip! If you want to save time, simply double click the file icon to download a PDF copy of your file.

Feature Focus: Bundledocs Integrates with Dropbox

Here at Bundledocs our team is dedicated to helping users create document bundles quickly and easily. In order to make this process even easier, in our latest release we have integrated with Dropbox - an online file hosting service. 

This new integration feature will allow users to upload directly from their Bundledocs account and in addition, once the document bundle has been created save a copy back into Dropbox. This is a great new addition that we hope will make the process of creating document bundles even easier. 

Let's take a closer look...


1. Upload files directly from your Dropbox account into Bundledocs. 


2. Once you have finnished creating your document bundle within Bundledocs, the completed bundle can be saved directly into your Dropbox account. 

Remember: Bundledocs can integrate with a number of case or document management systems, so get in contact with our team today to find out more. 

Seamlessly Integrate Docordo ERDMS with Bundledocs

Bundledocs are pleased to announce that we have developed a seamless integration between our software and Docordo – a cloud based document management system. Having already integrated with a number of systems, including Dropbox, our integration allows you to effortlessly upload any document contained within your system directly into Bundledocs.

Within this article we will outline how to set-up the integration between your Bundledocs and Docordo accounts. In addition, we will also detail how to upload your documents from Docordo into Bundledocs. Let’s take a look at how it’s done.

Integrate Docordo with Bundledocs

  1. Login to your Bundledocs Account.

  2. Select your email in top right corner & choose ‘My Account’ from the dropdown

  3. Within the ‘Account Information’ section, select the ‘+’ beside ‘Change User Type’ to reveal this section.

  4. Within ‘Change User Type’, select ‘DOCORDO_USER’ from the dropdown.

  5. Click ‘Update’. A ‘Docordo Credentials’ section will appear.

  6. Select the ‘+’ beside ‘Docordo Credentials’ to reveal this section. Provide your Docordo Domain, Username and Password. Click ‘Update’. This will automatically link your two accounts.

Uploading your Docordo Files into Bundledocs:

  1. Within your case, select the ‘Upload’ button.

  2. A window will appear. Select the ‘+’ beside ‘Add From Docordo’.

  3. Enter the Client/Matter number in your Docordo DMS

  4. Documents current held within this Matter will be displayed

  5. Select the documents you want uploaded

  6. Select the ‘Load Documents’ button to complete the upload.

Learn more about Bundledocs Integration:

Bundledocs software can be integrated with other document, records or practice management systems, for more information please contact lisa@bundledocs.com or call +353 21 4826320

Bundledocs: Upload documents through dragging and dropping

Following the second part of our upload series “Can I upload files into a specific folder/section”, this article with highlight how to upload documents through dragging and dropping. Uploading files through dragging and dropping, can help save time and some users find it particularly useful if they want to quickly upload additional files into their case.

How do I upload documents into Bundledocs through dragging and dropping?

  1. Select the ‘Upload’ button

  2. Within the ‘Choose an Upload Location’, select from the dropdown list where you want to upload your document.

  3. Select: Select a file that you wish to upload, for example, from your desktop

  4. Drag: Drag the file into your Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome window.

  5. Drop: Drop the file within the ‘Drop documents here to upload’ section

Let's see how this looks within your Bundledocs account...


About Bundledocs... 

We are an all-in-one bundling solution. Our automatic indexing, paginating, bookmarking and hyperlinking makes creating bundles simple. With Bundledocs you can easily create create court bundles, electronic briefs, deal bibles, report books and more. Start saving time today, let Bundledocs do the hard work for you!

UK Supreme Court Electronic Bundle Guidelines

Are bundles created with Bundledocs compatible with The Supreme Court of the United Kingdom and Judicial Committee of the Privy Councils electronic bundle guidelines?

Yes. Bundledocs electronic bundle software is specifically designed to help legal professionals create bundles with ease. Our unique software automates time consuming activities such as indexing, numbering, hyperlinking and bookmarking. All with the click of a button! Bundledocs software is fully compatible with the UK Supreme Court and Patents Court electronic bundle guidelines. Let’s take a closer look at the main requirements governing the submission of electronic bundles…


Bundle must be a single PDF


Bundle must be numbered in ascending order regardless of whether multiple documents have been combined together


Index pages and authorities must be numbered as part of the single PDF bundle


The default display view size of all pages must always be 100%


Texts on all page must be selectable to facilitate comments and highlights to be imposed on the texts


Bookmarks must be labelled indicating what documents they are referring to and also display the relevant page numbers


Resolution on the electronic bundle must be reduced to about 200-300 dpi to prevent delays whilst scrolling from one page to another.


The index page must be hyperlinked to the pages and documents they refer to


Supplementary documents or bundles filed during or close to the start of the hearing must be created as a separate single PDF numbered in ascending order starting from 1 and filed on a new memory stick.

For more information about the UK Supreme Court and Judicial Committee of the Privy Council electronic bundle guidelines, visit: