Seamlessly Integrate Docordo ERDMS with Bundledocs

Bundledocs are pleased to announce that we have developed a seamless integration between our software and Docordo – a cloud based document management system. Having already integrated with a number of systems, including Dropbox, our integration allows you to effortlessly upload any document contained within your system directly into Bundledocs.

Within this article we will outline how to set-up the integration between your Bundledocs and Docordo accounts. In addition, we will also detail how to upload your documents from Docordo into Bundledocs. Let’s take a look at how it’s done.

Integrate Docordo with Bundledocs

  1. Login to your Bundledocs Account.

  2. Select your email in top right corner & choose ‘My Account’ from the dropdown

  3. Within the ‘Account Information’ section, select the ‘+’ beside ‘Change User Type’ to reveal this section.

  4. Within ‘Change User Type’, select ‘DOCORDO_USER’ from the dropdown.

  5. Click ‘Update’. A ‘Docordo Credentials’ section will appear.

  6. Select the ‘+’ beside ‘Docordo Credentials’ to reveal this section. Provide your Docordo Domain, Username and Password. Click ‘Update’. This will automatically link your two accounts.

Uploading your Docordo Files into Bundledocs:

  1. Within your case, select the ‘Upload’ button.

  2. A window will appear. Select the ‘+’ beside ‘Add From Docordo’.

  3. Enter the Client/Matter number in your Docordo DMS

  4. Documents current held within this Matter will be displayed

  5. Select the documents you want uploaded

  6. Select the ‘Load Documents’ button to complete the upload.

Learn more about Bundledocs Integration:

Bundledocs software can be integrated with other document, records or practice management systems, for more information please contact or call +353 21 4826320