Export Files from iManage

Bundledocs automates the process of exporting files from iManage making it quick and easy. If you’re on the hunt for a tool to help you export files from iManage then look no further than Bundedocs. Let’s take a closer look…


How to Export Files From iManage

Let’s take a look at how you can get information out of iManage using Bundledocs. Bundledocs, an iManage integration partner, makes the entire process incredibly easy. So whether you need to export an entire workspace, complete folders or even a range of files, it’s all possible with Bundledocs. Here’s how it works:

If you’re having trouble viewing, visit our Bundledocs YouTube channel to see it in action.

In this example, we will take you through how to export your entire workspace from iManage:

  1. Right Click on your iManage Workspace

  2. Select ‘New Bundle > Bundledocs‘ from the menu

  3. Select ‘New Bundle‘ to complete the export

That’s it. Your entire workspace - including your folder structure and files - is exported from iManage into Bundledocs. So now that you’ve exported your files, what next?

iManage Bulk Export using Bundledocs

Once you’ve completed your export, your iManage files will be available directly from Bundledocs. From there you can easily rename files, re-organise and order files and even cutomise the final export format.

If you first want to take a look at how Bundledocs works, check out our Bundledocs Explained video.

For example, if you would like to customise your final output before exporting from Bundledocs, here is just some of the ways this can be done…

  • Rename Files. You can instantly re-name any file by double clicking.

  • Sort Documents. Once you have exported your files from iManage you can quickly and easily sort them in date/alphabetical order. This is all done with a single click. Check out our latest blog posts to see how it works.

  • Export in PDF or Zip. Did you know you can export your files from iManage to a single PDF file or as a zip file. Producing a PDF bundle is the default however if you would like to export as a zip file our post - Can I include audio and video files in my trial bundle using Bundledocs - will show you how it works,

if you’re interested to learn more about our bulk export tool, get in touch. We can take you through our integration with iManage, the different options for customising your export and how you can even re-import back to iManage with a single click.

iManage Bulk Export: What you want to know

We’ve gathered together just some of the questions you may be thinking, if we missed anything be sure to get in touch. Our team will be happy to answer any questions you have.

  • What kinds of files can be exported? With Bundledocs you can export a range of files including emails, word documents, PDF, images, maps, videos etc.

  • Can I export workspaces and folders? Yes, simply search and select what you want to export. You can easily export files, folders and complete iManage workspaces. When it comes to exporting your workspace, it will replicate all folders and contents.

  • What versions of iManage can this be used with? Our integration with iManage works seamlessly with iManage Work, FileSite, DeskSite 8.5+ - including iManage 10.

  • Does Bundledocs work in the cloud? Yes. Bundledocs is a 100% cloud based solution. We offer full Work 10 server integration so you have anytime access your iManage documents. With no downtime you remain productive regardless of where you are.

If you’re interested to learn more about Bundledocs and our integration with iManage Cloud, FileSite and DeskSite get in touch with our team today. We offer free online demonstration and a free 30-day trial - complete with our iManage integration so you can test it out and see if it suits your requirements.

Create PDF Bundles Directly from your P4W Case File - PDF Bundling Made Easy

Bundledocs, a Tikit P4W Partner, makes the process of creating PDF bundles simple. It can all be done direct from Tikit Partmer for Windows with our awesome integration connector. Ready to discover the ultimate PDF bundling tool then keep on reading…


Last week we hosted a webinar with the guys over in Tikit to highlight how document bundling is made incredibly simple with Bundledocs. If you missed the session and are interested to see how it all works then not to worry. We’ve gathered together everything you need to create the perfect PDF bundle in minutes. Here’s how it’s done…



Having trouble viewing this video? Head over to our YouTube Channel.



Starting in your Tikit P4W Case File all you need to do is search for the documents you would like to export into a pdf bundle. Simply type your client matter code and choose what documents you would like to include. Choose any document type - Bundledocs will automatically convert them to PDF for you.


Before uploading you can quickly and easily make changes to the range of selected documents. For example you can change the order in which they appear, change the document description or even amend the document date if you’re including this in your final bundle.


Now that we’ve decided what documents we want to include in our PDF bundle, the next step will be to choose where we want the documents to go. If you’ve already created a bundle/sections in Bundledocs then you can just go-ahead and select the final destination.

If not, then you create your bundle/sections now. All you need to do is select the ‘New Bundle‘ option to create a new bundle; or alternatively select the ‘New Section‘ option to create a new section. Click ‘Upload‘ to complete.


Once this is done your documents will be automatically uploaded from your case file into Bundledocs. From there we can go-ahead and customise the look and feel of our bundle further - only if you need to.

With click of a single button (the magical generate button) Bundledocs will instantly merge all your documents into a single PDF bundle. Even better, we will automatically create a hyperlinked table of contents page and fully paginate the entire bundle. Your PDF is instantly available to download, save, print or securely share with others. What could be better!


If you’re interested in giving it a try for yourself then get in touch with us today. We will get you started with a free Bundledocs trial and even setup the integration with Tikit P4W so you can see for yourself how simple it is to create the perfect PDF document bundles with Bundledocs. Get started today!

How Do I Connect P4W to Bundledocs PDF Bundling Software

Calling all P4W users! If you’re looking for a PDF bundling tool to help you create document bundles, binders and booklets directly from Partner for Windows, then look no further than Bundledocs. Today’s post will cover how you can get the seamless integration setup.


Bundledocs, a Tikit P4W Partner, makes the process of preparing bundles quick and easy. Simply take your documents from P4W and Bundledocs will instantly organise them into a neat, indexed, paginated and sectioned bundle in minutes. The PDF bundle is instantly available to download, save, share or print.

Sound good? If you’re interested in setting up an integration between Bundledocs and Tikit P4W, then here is everything you need to know…


At Bundledocs, we want to make everything as simple and seamless as possible. That’s why we have developed a simple one click install for our integration with Partner for Windows. This means that with a single click the integration connector will be instantly setup for your entire office. No need to go from desk to desk getting it setup - one click and you’re done.

Better still, our support team want to make sure you have everything you need to get the integration setup and working. Our awesome team are available to help whenever you need them. Have a question? Need clarification? Get in touch with us today!

Once the integration is setup, remember to create your Bundledocs account. If you’re new to Bundledocs and have not had a chance to see how it works, we offer a free familiarization session to get you started. Can’t wait? Check out our ‘Bundledocs - Ultimate Document Bundling Software’ video for a quick look at how it works.


(Discover the Ultimate PDF Bundling Tool)

Where can you access the integration with Bundledocs from Partner? The Bundledocs integration is available within the ‘Partner Task Panel’. Within this area you will be able to see the Bundledocs Icon. Simply click this icon to launch the ‘Sender for Partner’ upload window.

From here you will be able to select case documents and choose which bundle/section to upload the documents into. That not all? Our integration allows you to easily re-name files, drag and drop to re-order, remove or even change document dates etc.


Having trouble viewing our Integration with P4W video? Visit our Bundledocs YouTube Channel for our complete range of videos.


Bundledocs integration with P4W will help you instantly produce PDF bundles directly from your Partner for Windows case file. With our incredibly easy to use tool you can help reduce costs, create efficiencies and save massive amounts of time. What’s not to love?

Here’s what you need to know to get started…

  • VIDEO: Our ‘Bundledocs Partner for Windows (P4W) Integration’ (above) will give you a quick overview of how our integration connector works.

  • MANUAL: Our complete User Manual can be downloaded at any time directly from your Bundledocs account. Simply login to Bundledocs now and download a copy.

  • FREE FAMILIARIZATION SESSION: That’s not all. We even offer a free introduction to Bundledocs and P4W session to help get you up to speed on how Bundledocs works. We can arrange for a time that suits you and your team. It’s a great opportunity for us to answer any questions you have too.

Not ready to install just yet? No problem. Get in touch with our team today with any questions you have or book an online demonstration so you can see for yourself how quick and easy it is to create the perfect PDF bundle using Bundledocs and Tikit TFB Partner for Windows.

Discover How to Create PDF Bundles from Tikit P4W - Webinar

Interested to learn more about Bundledocs and how you can create PDF bundles directly from Tikit TFB? You're in luck!


Bundledocs, a Tikit P4W Partner, are delighted to partner with the guys over in Tikit for our upcoming webinar taking place on June 5th. So what will we cover?

  • The simple steps you need to create the perfect PDF bundle

  • How it links with your Partner for Windows system

  • Discover why Bundledocs should be your go-to solution for PDF bundling

  • Attendee Exclusive. All attendees will receive a FREE all access 30-day Bundledocs trial - including free integration connector and free familiarization session to get you started.


Come and join us! The webinar is taking place on Wednesday, June 5th at 12pm BST. That’s less than 2 weeks to go, so be sure to book your spot today.

Unable to attend the webinar? Let us know and we will arrange a free online demonstration at a date and time that suits you best.

Creating Electronic Closing Binders using NetDocuments DMS

Bundledocs electronic closing binder software makes creating closing binders simple. Our incredibly intuitive and powerful integration with NetDocuments DMS ensures that you can access your documents instantly and create your electronic closing binder regardless of where you are. Ready to see how Bundledocs makes creating electronic closing binders simple - then keep on reading…



Bundledocs electronic closing binder software is the one tool you need for the creation and delivery of closing binders. It handles everything from document collation, document manipulation, sharing and collaboration, OCR, redaction and annotation. It’s incredibly easy to use so you can ensure your binders are prepared in an instant!

Did we mention we’re fully integrated with NetDocuments DMS? Our partnership with NetDocuments helps deliver a true cloud integrated solution. Global law firms can securely access their NetDocs files and collaboratively build electronic closing binders, bundles, booklets and briefs from anywhere - on any device.


Here are the steps you need to create electronic closing binders using NetDocuments:


    Begin by creating your closing binder - give it a name and title. Once this is done you are ready to create folders, sub-folders or volumes for your binder. There is no limit to the number of folders so create as many as you need.


    Once you have created the structure for your binder, you are ready to begin uploading your transactions and binder documents. If you us NetDocuments as your DMS then our integration will make this process so much easier. Here is a quick video that shows how this is done: Upload Documents from NetDocuments into Bundledocs.

    Don’t worry if you don’t use NetDocuments to store your documents. You can easily access documents regardless of where they are stored. For example, upload from your local pc or c-drive, dropbox, or check out our integration partners to see what other systems Bundledocs links with.


    Once you have uploaded your documents from NetDocuments into Bundledocs, you’re ready to begin ordering and formatting your binder. Bundledocs offers a range of features to make sure your binder is created just how you want it. For example:

    1. Order your Documents: Now that you’ve added your NetDocs documents, you can easily amend the ordering so they appear just as you like. Watch this quick video to see how to easily move Bundledocs documents.

    2. Add a Custom Cover Page: Bundledocs automatically generates a simple cover page, however you also have the option to upload a custom cover page for your binder.

    3. Add a Custom Index Page: If you didn’t know already, once you click the ‘Generate‘ button, Bundledocs will automatically merge all your files into a single PDF document and automatically create your index page for you. There are a range of options available so you can customise how your index page appears . Alternatively, you also have the option to upload your own custom index page. Interested to learn more? Get in touch with our support team for more information.

    4. Amend Page Numbers: Bundledocs will automatically number each page of your binder. This is fully customisable and you can even completely remove page numbers if you prefer - and all with the click of a button.

    5. Choose an Export Format: By default, Bundledocs will automatically export your finished closing binder in PDF format. However, as you have complete control you can even export in a zip file if you prefer. That way you can include all the converted PDF files or the documents in their original format.

  4. SHARE YOUR BINDER ELECTRONICALLY WITH OTHERS. Now that you’ve formatted your closing binder to appear just as you like, all that’s left to do is click the generate button. This button is magic and with a single click your binder is ready. Within Bundledocs you can download to your desktop to print or even securely share with anyone that needs a copy.


Bundledocs electronic closing binder software makes the process of creating professional closing binders simple. Don’t just take our word for it. We offer a free online demonstration and a no-obligation free trial so you can try for free and see if it suits your requirements.

Remember, Bundledocs is a 100% cloud based software so you can link to NetDocuments directly from Bundledocs. Have a hosted version? Get in touch with Bundledocs Support and we can help get it setup for you.