PDF Bundling Software with Tikit P4W Integration - Bundledocs Integrations

If you use Partner for Windows (P4W) and are on the hunt for a solution to help with your PDF bundling woes, then you've come to the right place. Let us introduce you to.... Bundledocs.

PDF Bundling has never been easier with Bundledocs

PDF Bundling has never been easier with Bundledocs

Prepare PDF Bundles Directly from P4W

Bundledocs, a Tikit P4W partner, is fully integrated with Partner for Windows. This means you can quickly and easily upload case documents from Partner directly into your Bundledocs account. From there you can easily collate your documents into a PDF court or brief bundle.

That's not all. With our integration with P4W you can do much more than just uploading documents. Directly from our integration connector you can...

  • Re-name: Change or amend your document name

  • Re-order: Arrange your document into the order you want them to appear.

  • Change Date: If you use dates, these can be easily updated prior to uploading.

  • Create Bundles or Sections: If you've not already created your bundle or sections in Bundledocs, this can all be done from P4W.

  • ... or just upload. If you would prefer to make changes later, that is not a problem. Simply click a button and your documents will be magically moved from P4W into Bundledocs.


How do I Create a PDF Bundle in P4W?

PDF Bundling really has never been easier with Bundledocs. Don't just take our word for it. We have created a short video so you can see just how Bundledocs integrates with P4W. Take a look...


Ready to see more about Bundledocs? Why now start by checking our our Introduction to Bundledocs Video: 5 steps to create a PDF Bundle. 



I've uploaded my documents from Partner into Bundledocs. Now what?

If you have successfully uploaded your case documents from P4W into Bundledocs, that's great. Now it's time to see what Bundledocs can really do...

With Bundledocs PDF Bundling software you can quickly and easily prepare your document bundles in minutes. All you need to do is arrange your documents (if you haven't done it already in Partner) and choose how you want to customise  your bundle (if you need to). Bundledocs will then take care of the rest. It will automatically create a full index for your whole bundle so there is no need to do this manually. The index is also fully hyperlinked so you can click on document and are brought directly to that page. The entire bundle is also fully paginated so no need to worry about page numbering any more.

That's not all. Once you have finished your bundle, there are loads of ways you can securely share your bundle with others. Or if you simply want to download, email or print - you can do this too. 

Interested to learn more? Check out our Top Features page for a quick look at how Bundledocs can help you or arrange your Free Online Demonstration to see Bundledocs and our integration with Partner for Windows in action!