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At Bundledocs we are continually adding new features and enhancements to ensure we are the top document bundling solution on the market today. Through-out the year, we highlight some of our key features right here on the blog, to help get you familiar with how it all works. In today's post, we have compiled a list of our Top 7 Training Articles of 2017. Check them out!

Discover the Top 7 Training Articles You Need to Check Out

Discover the Top 7 Training Articles You Need to Check Out

1. Worldwide Release of Bundledocs All Devices

2017 saw the worldwide release of our new responsive and mobile-friendly version of Bundledocs - Bundledocs All Devices. Making the move over to the latest version has been a huge success. As a 100% cloud based document bundling tool, Bundledocs allows you prepare and access your bundles from any device. Whether you need to work in the office, or on the move, Bundledocs will have the exact same look and feel. Work from your computer, laptop, iPad (or any tablet) or even your phone. It really couldn't be easier. 

Learn more about Bundledocs All Devices, check out our 'Get Familiar with Bundledocs New Design' post. 

Not interested in the cloud? Not to worry, Bundledocs is also available as an on-premise solution. Bundledocs On-Premise is server based and as such, does not slow down your pc or does not crash when working on large bundles. To learn more, touch base with our team today.


2. Unique Approach to OCR

Ensure your bundle is fully text searchable with our powerful OCR feature. Check out our post 'Can I OCR my Electronic Binder in Bundledocs? '. This takes you through the 3 steps to OCR your bundle using Bundledocs. 

Did you know, Bundledocs have developed a unique and powerful approach to OCR. How does it work? The moment you upload a document into Bundledocs, it is automatically sent to the OCR queue. This is a great time saver if you build your bundles up over time, as it means your documents will be already OCR'd when it comes time to generate your final bundle. Bundledocs does the hard work, so you don't have to!


3. Handle Late Inserts with Ease

We've all been there, you have completed your bundle and shared it with everyone - only to find that documents need to be added at the last minute. What you need is a solution that allows you electronically add 'Late Insert' documents whilst not affecting the current index and page numbering already in place. That's where Bundledocs comes in. 

Check out our 'Bundledocs Late Inserts Explained' post to learn more about our Late Inserts Feature works (it only takes 3 steps!).


4. Print Single or Double Sided

One of the great things about Bundledocs is it's not just for those wishing to make a move towards a paperless office. You choose how you want to present your bundle - whether as an electronic bundle or a printed hard-copy bundle. 

Depending on your court requirements, you may be required to prepare your final bundle for either single or double sided printing. By default, Bundledocs prepares all bundles for single sided printing. However, you can easily change to print double-sided, if you want.

Check out our '3 Steps to Print Bundles Double Sided (Both Sides of the Paper) - Video' post to see how works. It even includes a quick video! 


5. Generate your Bundle in a Zip File

If you need to securely share your bundle and case documents with others, then you're in luck. We have just the solution for you. 

Our 'Generate as Source Zip' feature allows you to create a zip file for your bundle. It contains not only your completed PDF bundle but also all associated documents in their original format. Want to see it in action? Check out our 'Introducing Bundledocs Generate as Source Zip - Video' to see how it all works. 


6. Securely Share Bundles

Bundledocs makes it simple to securely share your bundle with others. We also offer a range of collaborative features so you can work securely with anyone outside your organisation - or even use Groups to effortlessly work with your colleagues. 

One of most widely used features is our Secure Share (Forward Bundle to Third Party) option. We have created a short video so you can see how it works. Check it out now!

Post: Securely Share Bundles with Bundledocs - Video


7. Work with Templates

One of the best time saving tools for anyone repeatedly creating the same types of bundles is Templates. Setup sections and sub-sections; Apply unique customizations; Set defaults or even share with others to use. Check out our latest template posts below:

Post: Can I set a default template in Bundledocs? - Feature Focus

Post: Make a Template Read-Only with Bundledocs


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