Can I set a default template in Bundledocs? - Feature Focus

At Bundledocs, we are continually adding new features to help with the creation of your court bundles, trial briefs.. or whatever pdf binder you need to prepare. One feature our customers love is the ability to use templates, as it saves them having to create sections, apply customisations etc.

In today's post we will focus on how you can set default templates in Bundledocs. By using this feature, every time you hit the 'New Bundle' button (to create a new bundle) Bundledocs will automatically use this template. Don't worry, this can be changed at any time or you can even choose a different template for each new bundle you create. With so many options, simply feel free to choose an option that works for you.

Let's jump right in... how do you set a default template in Bundledocs? 


1. Set Default Template: Simply select the button to the right of your template to mark a template as a default. You can quickly see at a glance if the template is chosen as a dot will appear in the centre of the button.

2. Change Default Template: To change a default template to any other templates created in Bundledocs, simply select another template button. 

3. Remove Selected Template: You can remove your default template selection at any time, by simply selecting the button again. The dot will no longer appear in the centre of the button. If no button is selected then no template is selected. 


That's it! If you would like to give it a go for yourself make sure to login to your Bundledocs account - or better still download a copy of our complete training manual to discover everything there is to know about using templates in Bundledocs. Any questions? Let our support team know - they are happy to answer any queries you may have.