Make a Template Read-Only with Bundledocs - Feature Focus

If you use templates in Bundledocs you are in for a treat. We recently launched a new addition which makes templates even better for you and your team. Ready to learn more?

Templates_Blue (00018591xC5E42).PNG

What is this new addition you ask? In short, it helps you take better control of your templates - especially when working collaboratively in groups. Now you can lock your template and make it read-only. This means other group members can still access and use the template but will be unable to edit it (that is, unless you want them to!). 

How can I mark a template as read-only?

1. Choose Template: Simply choose a template you would like to make read-only. Select the 'Edit Details' button and click the 'Advanced' tab.

2. Mark as Read-Only: Select the option 'Make this bundle read-only to groups?'. Click 'Update' to save changes. 

A handy lock icon will then appear to the right of your template so you can see at a glance any template that will be read-only to other members. Nice!


Need to learn more? Our manual covers everything there is to know about Bundledocs. All you have to do is log into your account and check out our manual. It's available to everyone so login and check it out!