3 ways Bundledocs can help you this September

It may not be a new year (yet!), but all this back to school buzz has got us thinking. Isn't September a great time to switch things up and make some changes... but where to start?

That's simple. Start with your Binders. 

Whilst attending a number of LegalTech events over the last few months, our team were amazed at how many lawyers still create bundles, briefs, binders and booklets manually. With so many reasons to go digital, let's take a closer look at how Bundledocs can help. 

How can Bundledocs help you?


It will save you time. 

As they say - time is money - and this is even more true when it comes to the legal profession. One area where legal professionals spend countless hours is in the production of binders and booklets. For anyone that creates binders manually, this is not only a time intensive but resource intensive process. But not with Bundledocs. 

Bundledocs provides you with a solution to your binding woes. Just take your documents from anywhere and Bundledocs will (automatically) make for you a neat, indexed, numbered binder in minutes. It is instantly ready to save, print or share. 

Not only will it save you time when your preparing the bundle initially, but it works a dream if any last minutes changes or additions are needed. That's when you can really see the benefits. Just make your change and re-generate. No stress and no problem. 


Find what you want, when you want.

When compared to traditional paper binders, a digital binder is fully searchable. You can now quickly move around the document (with our hyperlinked index and bookmarks) or even search by a by word (it's fully OCR'd - great for anyone that does a lot of scanning). 


You're on the move

With Bundledocs you are now completely mobile. Whether you are at home, at court, in another office or even another country you can work the exact same. You can not only access your binders but you can create complete binders from scratch. Better still, you don't even need to be near a desktop computer. Our intuitive design changes to whatever device you are using. So why not create your digital binder from your laptop, tablet or even your phone. Simple!


Interested in see it in action? Get in touch with our team today and arrange your free online demonstration of Bundledocs. We even offer free 30-day trials so you can fully test it out and see if it suits you. Get in touch today!