Bundledocs - Leading PDF Bundling Tool for Lawyers

Bundledocs Leading PDF Bundling Tool For Lawyers

Bundledocs Leading PDF Bundling Tool For Lawyers

Maximize your practices efficiency with Bundledocs

In the latest edition of the American Bar Association's publication GPSOLO (for Solo, Small Firm and General Practices) Bundledocs was named as one of the key utiliities that every lawyer should be using. 

In the article Seth Rowland, founder of Basha Systems LLC highlighted the top cloud based document utilities available today that are helping lawyers become more productive. He noted that over the last 30 years law firms have seen significant change. With the rise of electronic document storage and the range of devices available including - laptops, tablets, smartphones - the lawyer of today is no longer tied to the office where their paper is stored. 

Check out the article in full :'Cloud-Based Document Utilities Every Lawyer Should Be Using'.

The article highlighted some of the core products that should be a part of every attorney's arsenal, including PDF bundling tool - Bundledocs. But how can Bundledocs help you?

Bundledocs PDF bundling tool allows you to create, customize, print and securely share your electronic binder/bundle. The best bit is it's so easy to use you don't even need training! 

Bundledocs takes your documents - whether these are PDF's, Microsoft Word documents, emails, images etc. and collates them into a single PDF bundle that is fully indexed with a table of contents, numbered/bates stamped, bookmarked and hyperlinked. 

Check out the top 10 reasons to choose Bundledocs and see why law firms of all sizes are choosing Bundledocs for all their bundling needs. Find out more today!