Securely Share Bundles with Bundledocs - Video

Take a closer look at Bundledocs Secure Share...

Wouldn't it be great if there was a way to send your bundle to someone when it's all finished? Well, there is, you simply download your bundle (it's immediately ready in PDF format), attach to your email and that's it.

If this works for you then perfect! However in some cases you may need a way to securely send a password protected bundle to others. Or perhaps your bundle is too big to send as an attachment. Worry not, Bundledocs has got you covered with our Secure Share - or better known as Bundledocs Forward Bundle to Third Party.  

How does it all work? Our secure share allows you to share a password protected bundle with anyone. For example, legal professionals find it great if they need to share with outside counsel, Barristers, other side solicitors etc.

The recipient (whoever you send the bundle to) will then receive two emails, the first with their unique password and a second, with a link to download the bundle. You have complete control and can use our automatically generated password or even set your own. 

This will allow the recipient to have one time access to your bundle. If you need to send again at a later stage, just repeat this step. Simple. 

Rather than giving a list of screenshots, we have created a little video (it's only one minute long), to take you through how it all works. We even show you what your recipient will see, so check it out!


Any questions? Want to give it a try for yourself? Get in touch with our team today. We will be happy to assist in any way we can.