Introducing Bundledocs Generate as Source Zip - Video

Need to securely share your bundle and case documents with others? Your in luck. We have just the solution for you. 

In our latest post 'Can I include audio and video files in my trial bundle using Bundledocs?', we introduced our new 'Generate as Source Zip' feature. This is a great if you need to work with others. In short, you can create a zip file for your bundle. It contains not only your completed pdf bundle but also all associated documents in their original format. So whether these are word documents, pdfs, emails, images, videos, maps etc. you can securely share them with anyone. 

Want to see our 'Generate as Source Zip' feature in action? We have created a short video to show you exactly how it works. Check it out! 

Interested to discover more? Then get in touch with our team who are always happy to help or simply access your Bundledocs account and download a copy of our manual today.