Bundledocs: Upload documents through dragging and dropping

Following the second part of our upload series “Can I upload files into a specific folder/section”, this article with highlight how to upload documents through dragging and dropping. Uploading files through dragging and dropping, can help save time and some users find it particularly useful if they want to quickly upload additional files into their case.

How do I upload documents into Bundledocs through dragging and dropping?

  1. Select the ‘Upload’ button

  2. Within the ‘Choose an Upload Location’, select from the dropdown list where you want to upload your document.

  3. Select: Select a file that you wish to upload, for example, from your desktop

  4. Drag: Drag the file into your Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome window.

  5. Drop: Drop the file within the ‘Drop documents here to upload’ section

Let's see how this looks within your Bundledocs account...


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