How to Print a Trial Bundle Double-Sided?

The new Civil Procedure Rules came into force on April 6th, are you ready?


If you create trial bundles then you will be aware that the new Civil Procedure Rules (CPR) came into force this month, on April 6th 2019. The new rules set out some important changes for anyone preparing bundles for hearing or trial. One of the most note-able changes is - “Unless the court otherwise directs, documents in the trial bundle should be copied double-sided”.

Read CPR Updates in full here: Ministry of Justice - Civil Procedure Rules - 107th Update to the Civil Procedure Rules

3 Steps to Print Trial Bundles Double-Sided

We want to make sure you’re compliant with the new CPR updates. So in today’s post we will cover how you can print your bundle double-sided using Bundledocs trial bundle software. Here’s how it works…


Once you’ve built your bundle, the final step is to set your printing - and make it suitable for double sided printing. To recap, here’s a quick video on how to create a trial bundle using Bundledocs. Now for printing…

  • Let’s Generate. Select ‘Generate‘ and expand the ‘Section Pages‘ area. Select the option ‘Generate with Vacat Pages on Sections‘. This will allow you to print double sided and will ensure that each section begins on the right side of the page. Hit ‘Generate‘ to complete.

  • Download your Trial Bundle. Once your bundle is complete you can go ahead and download it. Bundledocs automatically produces bundles in pdf format (although you can export to a zip file too) and available to download instantly.

  • Preview and Print. That’s it. Your trial bundle is now complete and ready for double sided printing. All you need to do is press print!

If you’re not already using Bundledocs to prepare trial bundles and court bundles then get in touch. We can arrange a free online demonstration to show you how it works (and how you can create CPR compliant bundles in minutes). Prefer to give it a try and see for yourself? No problem. Get started with Bundedocs today!

3 Steps to Print Bundles Double Sided (Both Sides of the Paper) - Video

Bundledocs offers you a range of options so you can significantly reduce your paper waste - both in the creation and the delivery of your bundles. However, in some cases, it may be necessary for you to print your bundles, binders or booklets. If this is the case, then we have the solution for you. 


In a recent post, we mentioned that the Supreme Court of Victoria (including the Court of Appeal) issued a notice earlier in the year regarding the form in which court books, books of authorities and appeal books should be printed. They stated that they should be printed in hard copy and printed double sided. If you missed it, then check it out here: Double-Sided Printing of Court Books, Books of Authorities and Bundles in Bundledocs.

For anyone that uses Bundledocs, you're in luck. We have everything you need.

Interested in printing your bundle double-sided? With the click of a button, Bundledocs will ensure that the first page of every section will always be printed on the right hand side. It will simply add in a blank page anywhere needed to ensure that the beginning of each new section always appears right. Perfect for anyone that needs to print double sided. 

Interested to see how it works? We have created a short video 'Print Bundles in Hard Copy with Bundledocs' so you can see it in action. 

How does Bundledocs double-sided printing work?

1. Generate: Select 'Generate'. 

2. Print Double Sided: Within the 'Section Pages' area, select the option 'Generate with Vacate Pages' and generate.

3. Download: That's it! Simply download your bundle and print. 


Want to discover more about Bundledocs? Why not download a free copy of our manual and learn everything there is to know about Bundledocs. Not already a user? Then create your FREE 30-day trial account now and try it for yourself. 

Double-Sided Printing of Court Books, Books of Authorities and Bundles in Bundledocs


Earlier this year, the Supreme Court of Victoria (including the Court of Appeal) issued a notice regarding the form in which court books and books of authorities should be printed. 

As of January 2017, each appeal book, court book and folder of authorities (unless otherwise directed) should be printed in hard copy and printed double-sided. Read the Notice to the Profession on the Supreme Court of Victoria website for full details. 

Can I print my court book double sided with Bundledocs?

Can I print my court book double sided with Bundledocs? Yes. For anyone that uses Bundledocs for the creation of court books, appeal bundles, books of authorities etc. there is no need to worry, Bundledocs has got you covered. 

With Bundledocs you can effortlessly prepare hard copy bundles in minutes. By default, all bundles are automatically prepared in electronic (soft copy) format and you can easily print a hard copy version of your bundle with just one click. 

Better still, when preparing your court books you can easily customise it to ensure it meets court requirements. When it comes to printing, Bundledocs by default prepares all bundles for single sided printing. However, you can easily change to print double-sided. All you need to do is generate using our 'Generate with Vacat Pages' option. Simple!

Interested to learn how to prepare a hard copy court book for double sided printing using Bundledocs? We have created a short video to show you exactly how this can be done. Make sure to subscribe to our YouTube Channel or follow us on Twitter to make sure you don't miss it. 


Can't wait until then? Full details are covered in our manual, so login to your Bundledocs account and download your free copy today. Not already a Bundledocs user? We offer a no-obligation free trial so give it a try today!

3 Steps to Prepare a Hard Copy Electronic Bundle (ebundle) - Training Tip

Did you know you can effortlessly create a hard copy paper bundle from any ebundle created in Bundledocs? In our latest #trainingtip post we will highlight just how this can be done. 

Whether you produce paper bundles or produce electronic e-bundles, Bundledocs is the solution for you. Our unique solution simplifies and streamlines the process of preparing bundles through the automation of time consuming tasks. What does that mean for you? For legal professionals it means you no longer have to spend countless hours preparing bundles - creating indexes, numbering and paginating bundles, collating and much more. With Bundledocs this is all a thing of the past. 

How can I create a hard copy of my electronic bundle with Bundledocs?

Step One - Generate: When you are ready to produce your bundle, hit the generate button. This will merge all your documents into a single PDF bundle, automatically create an index page, number your entire bundle and apply any customization's you have applied. (Did we mention it automatically hyperlinks and bookmarks your bundle too!)

Step Two - Download: That's it! Your bundle is immediately available to download. 

Step Three - Print: You can download your PDF electronic ebundle directly to your computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone. Need to create a paper hard copy bundle? No problem. Simply select 'Print'. It really is that simple. 

Interested to learn more? Get in touch with our team today! We will be happy to give you a FREE online demonstration of Bundledocs. Alternatively, you can create a FREE 30 Day Trial right now. 

Software that Creates Electronic Bundles & Hard Copy Bundles

With the rise of trial technology and the increased use of mobile devices and tablets within the legal field, it is becoming increasingly important for legal professionals to access their bundles in both electronic and paper format. That's where Bundledocs comes in.

With Bundledocs bundling software you don't have to choose between electronic bundles (e-bundles) or hard-copy paper bundles - you can have both!

How does it work? Bundledocs automatically produces an electronic version of your bundle (e-bundle). It is immediately accessible from any device and can be securely forwarded to any third party. But that's not all. If you require a hard-copy or traditional paper version of your bundles, this can be easily produced by simply pressing print. Let's take a look at how this is done...


But that's not the best bit. One of the main advantages with using Bundledocs is the automation of time consuming tasks such as indexing, hyperlinking, bookmarking etc. This can save considerable amounts of time and resources when creating bundles and provides the flexibility to change/amend any bundle created. Just think - if documents arrive in at the last minute - there is no need to re-do indexing, paginating or any bundling. Bundledocs will do it all for you!