Court Books

Double-Sided Printing of Court Books, Books of Authorities and Bundles in Bundledocs


Earlier this year, the Supreme Court of Victoria (including the Court of Appeal) issued a notice regarding the form in which court books and books of authorities should be printed. 

As of January 2017, each appeal book, court book and folder of authorities (unless otherwise directed) should be printed in hard copy and printed double-sided. Read the Notice to the Profession on the Supreme Court of Victoria website for full details. 

Can I print my court book double sided with Bundledocs?

Can I print my court book double sided with Bundledocs? Yes. For anyone that uses Bundledocs for the creation of court books, appeal bundles, books of authorities etc. there is no need to worry, Bundledocs has got you covered. 

With Bundledocs you can effortlessly prepare hard copy bundles in minutes. By default, all bundles are automatically prepared in electronic (soft copy) format and you can easily print a hard copy version of your bundle with just one click. 

Better still, when preparing your court books you can easily customise it to ensure it meets court requirements. When it comes to printing, Bundledocs by default prepares all bundles for single sided printing. However, you can easily change to print double-sided. All you need to do is generate using our 'Generate with Vacat Pages' option. Simple!

Interested to learn how to prepare a hard copy court book for double sided printing using Bundledocs? We have created a short video to show you exactly how this can be done. Make sure to subscribe to our YouTube Channel or follow us on Twitter to make sure you don't miss it. 


Can't wait until then? Full details are covered in our manual, so login to your Bundledocs account and download your free copy today. Not already a Bundledocs user? We offer a no-obligation free trial so give it a try today!