Video: Prepare Court Bundles in Only 5 Steps

Effortlessly produce high quality court bundles in minutes.

Bundledocs powerful court bundling software enables legal teams to effortlessly prepare high quality professional court bundles in only 5 steps. Our unique court bundling software automates time consuming tasks and immediately produces a PDF court bundle that is ready to print, save or share. 

Bundledocs integrates with a number of solutions including Tikit Partner for Windows (owned by BT), Worldox, Clio, Dropbox etc. Our seamless integration enables you to effortlessly upload case documents directly from your system into Bundledocs. Find out more about our integration now. 

Why waste time preparing court bundles when Bundledocs can do the hard work for you. Check out our Bundledocs Court Bundle Software video to see how to prepare a court bundle in only 5 steps...