Feature Focus: Invite Members to a Group

Bundledocs unique document bundling software provides a number of collaborative features to enable legal teams to effortlessly collaborate and work together effectively to produce high quality professional bundles with ease. It is great when working with third parties or colleagues regardless of whether they are in the same office, in court or even in another country. 

For those that would like to work collaboratively with other team members then working in groups is the solution for you. Simply follow these steps to invite new members: 

1. Select the 'Groups & Sharing' section. 

2. Select the 'Edit' button. This is located to the right of any group created.

3. Once selected a window will automatically appear. Within the 'Invite Uses' section, enter the email address of the user you want to invite to the group. 

4. Select 'Send'. This will email the recipient an invitation to join the group. Remember, the group administrator can remove users at any time. 

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