Easiest PDF Bundling Software for Legal Professionals

Now we don’t want to brag but Bundledocs really is the most user friendly and easy to use PDF bundling software on the market today. We’ve designed Bundledocs specifically for legal professionals, so if you’re a Lawyer, Barrister, or Legal Secretary, this is the tool for you.


Bundledocs PDF Bundling Software

On the hunt for a PDF bundling tool, then it’s time to discover how Bundledocs document bundling software can help you. Take a look at Bundledocs in action…

Easily Create PDF's

Instantly Convert Any File to PDF

With Bundledocs you don’t have to worry about converting your documents and files to PDF. It is all done automatically for you when uploading. That’s right, simply upload your files into Bundledocs and everything is instantly converted into a PDF document.

Manage your PDF’s in One Place

For legal professionals needing to create bundles/binders for court, we want to make this process as easy as possible for you. Using Bundledocs you can store and manage all case documents in one place. By building it up as you go, last minute changes are made simple.

Combine PDF into a Bundle/Binder

We know a thing or two about easy document bundling - after all it’s in our name! So if you need to create a PDF bundle then we’ve got you covered. Simply hit that magical ‘Generate’ button and Bundledocs will instantly create a single PDF bundle, add a cover page, create a table of contents that is automatically hyperlinked, paginate the whole thing - and if that’s not enough, even add bookmarks too!

Working with PDFs

PDF Editing

Bundledocs has a range of ways you can manipulate your PDFs. We include everything from rotating pages, removing pages, re-ordering pages.


Bundledocs includes a suite of annotation tools to make it easy to mark-up PDF docs on the go! Need to highlight important text? Add labels? Include cross reference links? or add comments? We have it all for you. Plus as we’re a 100% cloud tool, you can annotate your PDF’s regardless of where you are - or what device you’re working on.

Redact Information

In addition to our suite of annotation tools, Bundledocs also includes redaction so you can easily redact confidential or sensitive information. Awesome right?

Sharing PDFs Made Simple

Securely Share PDF’s

From speaking with our clients, one of our tools they love most is our Secure Share. This allows them to quickly and easily share their PDF files and bundles with others. Bundledocs knows that legal professionals work with complex bundles that can be very big in size. Not to worry, using our unique feature you can send bundles of any size, so you are no longer tied to the limits of your email.


Did we mention we’re cloud based! This means you don’t have to send bundles back and forth. Now you can create one PDF bundle and grant access to anyone that needs it.

Group Work

Does your law firm need to work together on bundles? Then you need Bundledocs Groups. This amazing feature allows you to easily work together with team members. It doesn’t matter where they are or what office they are based in. With Bundledocs Groups you are all working from the same page!

Interested to learn more? Then get in touch to arrange a free online demonstration or why not give it a go for yourself and create a PDF bundle free trial.

How to Prepare Case Bundles

If you’re on the hunt for a solution to help you prepare case bundles with ease, then look no further than Bundledocs case bundling software. We have everything you need to get the job done. Interested to see how to create a case bundle, then keep on reading…


Bundledocs market leading case bundling software is the ultimate tool for today’s paperless lawyer. It is specifically designed to help lawyers, barristers, paralegals or any legal professional prepare case bundles and document booklets with ease.

With Bundledocs the days of manually preparing bundles is over. Our incredibly easy to use software provides legal professionals with powerful legal case bundling, in-browser document manipulation, a suite of annotation features (including redaction), OCR, collaboration and secure sharing. We even integrate with leading technology providers including iManage, Worldox, Sharepoint, Actionstep, Quill Interactive and Tikit P4W so you can easily access your case documents directly from Bundledocs.

Ultimate Case Bundling Software

So how exactly can Bundledocs help you create case bundles. Here’s how it works…

How to prepare case bundles using Bundledocs case bundling software:

  1. Create a Case Bundle.

  2. Build your Case Bundle using Sections. There is no limit to the number of sections or sub-sections you can create.

  3. Add Documents to your Case Bundle. Easily manage documents of any type. You can even order and re-order through drag/drop or with a single click.

  4. Arrange, Customise and Generate your Bundle. You have complete control and can customise your case bundle and index page exactly how you like.

  5. Download and Securely Share with Others. With a range of annotation tools available, you can mark-up your bundle, download as a PDF or securely share with others. Did we mention you can even invite collaborators to work on the bundle with you too?

Interested to learn more? Bundledocs is used worldwide and has flexible plans available to suit firms off all sizes. If you need to prepare case bundles for your practice, then get in touch today. We can get you setup with an online demonstration and free trial so you can give it a go for yourself.

Bundledocs Announce Partnership with Interactive

Bundledocs is thrilled to announce our latest integration partner Quill, the UK's largest provider of outsourced legal accounting services, practice management software, outsourced payroll and typing services for solicitors.


Bundledocs Integrates with Interactive

Quill’s INTERACTIVE clients CAN NOW prepare bundles INSTANTLY

Our latest partnership with Quill Interactive case and document management software provides legal professionals with document preparation and bundling functionality at its best. Interactive users can now quickly and easily create document booklets and bundles in minutes. Simply take documents directly from Interactive and easily compile a numbered, indexed, sectioned and hyperlinked booklet instantly.

Speaking on the partnership, Quill’s Managing Director Julian Bryan, commented:

Our integration with Bundledocs is a way of helping legal professionals to handle document preparation in a streamlined manner. Integration is so straightforward because it’s cloud talking to cloud. With rising volumes of law firms embracing cloud technologies, it’s a great time to announce our true cloud bundling tool to the industry. Joint users can maximise efficiencies by running our two systems in tandem.
— Julian Bryan, Managing Director at Quill

Read the announcement in full: Bundledocs Quill Integration now available.

See the Integration in action: Bundledocs Integrates with Interactive by Quill - Video

Are you ready to save time, improve accuracy, reduce costs and become greener? Then you need the new Quill-Bundledocs integration. Get in touch with us today to book a free online demonstration for you and your team.


Bundledocs market leading cloud software is the ultimate tool for today’s paperless lawyer. Our incredibly easy to use software provides legal professionals with powerful document bundling, in-browser document manipulation, a suite of annotation features, OCR, collaboration and secure sharing. We partner with the industry’s largest technology providers (including iManage, Worldox, Tikit TFB, NetDocuments, Sharepoint etc.) to deliver a fully integrated document workflow to our global client base. Now sold in over 30 countries worldwide, Bundledocs helps legal professionals save time, cut costs and create massive efficiencies within their organisation. Get in touch with us to learn more about Bundledocs.


Quill is the UK’s largest outsourced cashiering provider to legal practices as well as outsourced bookkeeping, payroll and typing supplier to businesses within any industry type. In addition to its outsourcing services, Quill offers legal accounts, practice and document management software to independent solicitors and multi-disciplinary law firms.

At the heart of its company values is a total commitment to continual service and software development, and maintaining exceptionally high standards of client support and training, which is why Quill is the first choice for many new and established companies and over 8,000 users.

Can I use Bundledocs on my Apple Mac?

If you’re an Apple Mac user you may be aware that the document bundling tools available to you is limited. No need to worry, Bundledocs is here to help with all your document bundling woes!


Our sales team have had a number of inquiries from users looking for document bundling software that works with their Apple Mac - as well as on their iPad.

If you too on are on the hunt for the perfect bundling solution then we’ve great news. Bundledocs is fully compatible with Mac OS, so effortless document bundling and production is only a few clicks away!

Is Bundledocs software Mac OS compatible?
— Recent Enquiry

As a 100% cloud solution, Bundledocs offers you the flexibility to work on bundles regardless of where you - or your colleagues and collaborators are based. Better still, with our in-built suite of annotation tools, you can even mark-up and annotate your ebundle directly from your iPad. Anytime, anyplace.

Bundledocs works exactly the same whether you are working on your desktop PC, Apple Mac, iPad or phone. Don’t believe us? Why not avail of our free online demonstration and free trial to give it a try for yourself!

Anything else you want to know about Bundledocs? Get in touch.

Bundledocs New Feature Release - August 2019

Ready to discover our new feature releases from August? Here’s what you need to know…



Each month we’re thrilled to bring you even more amazing features to help reduce document preparation stress and save you loads of time too. All features highlighted below are available in your account now so be sure to login to Bundledocs and download a copy of our manual for full details.


It’s now possible to receive a summary notification when using the ‘Forward Bundle to Third Party‘ option. With this, Bundledocs will send a summary notification so you can easily see if the recipient received the forwarded bundle.

Sounds great. How does it work? All you have to do is select the ‘Receive Summary Notification‘ option when sending the bundle (using our ‘Forward Bundle to Third Party’).


Recently we introduced support for metadata which is great news for your developer / System Administrator / Super user. It is used to store a dictionary of key/value pairs against bundles, sections and documents which is useful for templates and integrations.

So if you’re a Developer, System Administrator or Super User get in touch for more information.


If you currently include document dates in your bundle, then listen up. We’ve added an enhancement to the on-screen ‘Date Picker’. It is now possible to select the relevant date or type a date into the date field.

Quick Recap: How to Include Document Dates on your Index Page video

If you’re interested to learn more about working with document dates, get in touch with our support team or access your bundledocs account to download our complete user manual.


Page Breaks are now supported for the main section (i.e. @Main) of your custom index. With this latest feature release you can apply page breaks to the main definition of a custom index.


Bundledocs Integrates with Microsoft Office Word

If you missed our Bundledocs New Feature Release - February 2019 edition, you may not be aware that Bundledocs supports Custom Indexing. This awesome feature allows you to fully customise the look and feel of your index page. You have the complete control and can design it to suit court requirements, your house style - whatever it is.

Whilst developing Custom Indexing, we thought it would be even more helpful to develop an integration with Microsoft Office Word. After-all, that’s where the majority of you will be creating and modifying your custom index. How does it work?

  • Bundledocs Tab. Once you have downloaded the integration, a Bundledocs tab will immediately appear on your MS Word ribbon.

  • Check Out. Simply select ‘Check Out‘ to download a Custom Index from an existing bundle.

  • Check In. Simply select ‘Check In‘ to upload a custom index into an existing bundle. It even works for any Word document you are working on!

Note: Our integration works with Microsoft Office Word 2013+.

Interested to learn more? Get in touch today and we will provide you with the Microsoft Office Word Installer and help get you started.


Each month we release some quick (and hopefully helpful!) videos that showcase some of Bundledocs awesome features. So whether you’re only discovering Bundledocs for the first time and are interested to see how it works; or if you’re a seasoned pro, we have something for everyone. Discover some of our latest YouTube releases here: