Bundledocs New Feature Release - September 2019

Ready to discover our new feature releases from September? Here’s what’s new…



Each month we’re thrilled to bring you even more amazing features to help reduce document preparation stress and save you loads of time. Our amazing Development Team have introduced some awesome new features, we know you’re going to love. Here’s what’s new…

Save Generate Options

We’ve added a new feature to our ‘Generate’ options so it’s now possible to save the generate bundle options selected - without having to generate the bundle. This is a handy feature for any Bundledocs user and especially for anyone working with large bundles. To save generate options simply select ‘Save' from the Generate button.


On high resolution monitors (HD wide screen displays), you can choose to display the document preview window along side your Bundledocs work area. Using this ‘Split View’, you can view your sections and order of documents in your bundle, on the left; and the document preview window will appear on the right. This is great as you can quickly open and review documents all from the one screen.  


It is now possible to prevent Bundledocs from delivering the Forward Bundle to Third Party password email, if you want. Simply select/de-select the new ‘Send’ button.

Check out our manual for full details - and screenshots!

New Collaborator Type - Analyst

We’ve added a new collaborator type. Now you can add a user as a Viewer, Collaborator, Downloader or Analyst. The new Analyst collaborator type has the ability to add annotation to the documents of your bundle.

Tab Leaders Now Supported for custom index

Since launching our Custom Indexing feature, we are continuing to add more and more ways that you can customise your index page. This month we added support for paragraph tab leaders. If you’re not already using Bundledocs Custom Indexing then get in touch.

Metadata for your Custom Index

In our August Development Roundup we announced that Bundledocs now supports metadata. This is great for your system admin, developer or super user as it allows you to store a dictionary of key/value pairs against bundles, sections and documents which is useful for templates and integrations. This month, we’ve added to this. Now it’s possible to reference Metadata fields at the bundle level in a custom index. Simply reference any Metadata field using the familiar “@” notation and the metadata field value will be pulled into the custom index when generating the bundle.

All features highlighted above are available in your account now so be sure to login to Bundledocs and download a copy of our manual for full details.




Bundledocs are thrilled to announce our partnership with Quill interactive case and document management software. Our integration will allow Quill-Bundledocs clients quickly and easily prepare document booklets and bundles from anywhere.

If you’re a Quill Interactive user and interested in getting setup with the integration connector, then get in touch with our team today!


Each month we release some quick videos that showcase just some of Bundledocs awesome features. Whether you’re discovering Bundledocs for the first time or you’re a seasoned pro, we have something for everyone. Discover some of our latest YouTube releases here:

If there is anything you want to see in action, let us know. Who knows you might be seeing it on our YouTube channel very soon!


This month we were delighted to announce our sponsorship of the 2019 Tikit Partner for Windows (P4W) National User Group Conference 2019. Taking place at the BT Centre, London on November 21st and 22nd 2019, this year’s event promises to be the best one yet.

If you’re a Tikit P4W user then this is the event to attend. For more information on the event, registration and agenda check out the Tikit P4W National User Group 2019 website.