Bundledocs New Feature Release - August 2019

Ready to discover our new feature releases from August? Here’s what you need to know…



Each month we’re thrilled to bring you even more amazing features to help reduce document preparation stress and save you loads of time too. All features highlighted below are available in your account now so be sure to login to Bundledocs and download a copy of our manual for full details.


It’s now possible to receive a summary notification when using the ‘Forward Bundle to Third Party‘ option. With this, Bundledocs will send a summary notification so you can easily see if the recipient received the forwarded bundle.

Sounds great. How does it work? All you have to do is select the ‘Receive Summary Notification‘ option when sending the bundle (using our ‘Forward Bundle to Third Party’).


Recently we introduced support for metadata which is great news for your developer / System Administrator / Super user. It is used to store a dictionary of key/value pairs against bundles, sections and documents which is useful for templates and integrations.

So if you’re a Developer, System Administrator or Super User get in touch for more information.


If you currently include document dates in your bundle, then listen up. We’ve added an enhancement to the on-screen ‘Date Picker’. It is now possible to select the relevant date or type a date into the date field.

Quick Recap: How to Include Document Dates on your Index Page video

If you’re interested to learn more about working with document dates, get in touch with our support team or access your bundledocs account to download our complete user manual.


Page Breaks are now supported for the main section (i.e. @Main) of your custom index. With this latest feature release you can apply page breaks to the main definition of a custom index.


Bundledocs Integrates with Microsoft Office Word

If you missed our Bundledocs New Feature Release - February 2019 edition, you may not be aware that Bundledocs supports Custom Indexing. This awesome feature allows you to fully customise the look and feel of your index page. You have the complete control and can design it to suit court requirements, your house style - whatever it is.

Whilst developing Custom Indexing, we thought it would be even more helpful to develop an integration with Microsoft Office Word. After-all, that’s where the majority of you will be creating and modifying your custom index. How does it work?

  • Bundledocs Tab. Once you have downloaded the integration, a Bundledocs tab will immediately appear on your MS Word ribbon.

  • Check Out. Simply select ‘Check Out‘ to download a Custom Index from an existing bundle.

  • Check In. Simply select ‘Check In‘ to upload a custom index into an existing bundle. It even works for any Word document you are working on!

Note: Our integration works with Microsoft Office Word 2013+.

Interested to learn more? Get in touch today and we will provide you with the Microsoft Office Word Installer and help get you started.


Each month we release some quick (and hopefully helpful!) videos that showcase some of Bundledocs awesome features. So whether you’re only discovering Bundledocs for the first time and are interested to see how it works; or if you’re a seasoned pro, we have something for everyone. Discover some of our latest YouTube releases here: