Bundledocs New Feature Release - April 2019

We’re back to share everything that’s new in the world of Bundledocs. In today’s post we will get you up-to-date with our recent updates, take you through our latest feature releases and have even gathered together all our latest videos too. Sound good? Then keep on reading…

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New Developments - What You’ve Missed

The last few months have certainly been busy for everyone here at Bundledocs - including our Development team. They’ve been busy releasing some awesome new features that we know you’re going to love. If you missed our previous New Feature Release posts then you’re in for a treat, here’s what you’ve missed.

Custom Indexing is here. Bundledocs have introduced custom indexing so you can create bundles, binders and booklets exactly how you like - include house styles, formatting, branding - it all possible.

If you’re interested in using our custom indexing feature then get in touch and we can take you through how it works and provide you with a copy of our Custom Index User Guide so you can try for yourself.

We’ve Launched Document Manipulation. It’s now possible to seamlessly work with your documents directly from Bundledocs. You can now easily re-order pages, rotate, split, extract or even delete pages from any document uploaded to Bundledocs.

We love our new features and we know you will too. If you’re interested to learn more about our new releases then make sure to get in touch with our support team today!


This month we’ve released a number of feature enhancements to help make our your life easier when it comes to preparing your bundles, working with users and sharing with third parties. Here are just some of the new development releases:

  • Include Bates Numbers on your Index. A new parameter has been added to our custom index vocabulary to allow you display the full bates number on your index page.

  • Produce your Bundle as a Zip File. If you are not aware, Bundledocs allow you to produce your final bundle in a zip file. This is great if you want to share your bundle documents with others - either in their original format or as converted PDFs. In our latest release, we have added another enhancement which allows you to generate a zip bundle without the names of the documents in the zip folder structure.

  • Management Groups Even More Powerful. Bundledocs Management Groups allow you to manage your organisations users, bundles and templates securely in one location. We have released a number of new enhancements to make our management groups even more powerful. You can now review and delete download invitations, more ways to notify members, manage team groups - and much much more.

    If you are not already using Management Groups within your organisation then let us know. We offer free Admin training and training resources so get in touch today!

Download a copy of our manual for full details. Have a question? Get in touch with us today!


Back in February we did a run through of all our latest video releases. If you missed it, you can check it out here: New Feature Release - February 2019. Since then, we’ve created even more videos for you to showcase some of Bundledocs new feature releases - as well as some old favourites too.

Check out our latest video releases…

  • Document Manipulation. Following on from our announcement last month, we have created a short video to showcase how you can manipulate documents in Bundledocs. Watch ‘Bundledocs Document Manipulation‘.

  • Working with Document Dates. If you need to quickly add your document dates to your index page (and don’t need to create a custom index page) then this is the video for you. Watch ‘How to Include Document Dates on your Index Page’.

  • Redact Confidential Information. Bundledocs offers a number of ways that you can annotate and redact your documents. In this video we focus on how you can easily apply redactions to sensitive information and generate your bundle to produce a fully redacted bundle in minutes. Watch ‘How to Redact Confidential Information with Bundledocs’ now.

  • Ultimate Electronic Document Bundling Software. Recently Bundledocs sponsored Lexpo - The Legal Innovation Event - in Amsterdam and we were thrilled to have this video showcased to delegates and attendees through-out the 2 day event. If you didn’t get a chance to attend the event then check out our latest video now. It’s perfect to share with anyone that needs a quick overview of what Bundledocs can do! Watch Bundledocs Ultimate Electronic Document Bundling Software.

Make sure you don’t miss any new video releases. Go follow us on YouTube, Twitter or LinkedIn so you can catch the latest videos when they’re available.

Bundledocs New Feature Release - March 2019

Each month we’re delighted to bring you the latest feature releases, news and updates from the world of Bundledocs. Following our custom index release last month (thanks for all the great feedback!), we’re thrilled to bring you even more exciting development news.



Our Development team have been working in overdrive to bring you exciting feature release that will make document preparation even easier for you. Last month we were thrilled to launch our new custom index feature. So it’s now possible to add custom index pages to your bundle - formatted to look just as you want!

But what could possibly beat that? Two words. Document Manipulation!

We’re thrilled to finally launch a range of document manipulation tools so you can seamlessly work with your documents directly from Bundledocs. Now it is possible to easily re-order pages, rotate pages, split, extract or even delete pages from an upload document whilst previewing. Awesome right?

To help give you a better idea of how document manipulation works, we’ve created an Introduction to Document Manipulation video so you can see for yourself. Check it out.

Remember, if you’ve any questions about any new feature releases, get in touch with our team. We always love hearing from you so don’t be a stranger!



Earlier this month we were delighted to sponsor the 2019 British Legal Technology Forum in Billingsgate, London. It was great to catchup with our customers, partners and showcase Bundledocs to so many on the day. If you missed our event recap, then check it out here: British Legal Technology Forum 2019 - Event Recap.

What next for Bundledocs? The next stop for the Bundledocs will be LEXPO’19 as sponsors for their annual legal innovation event. This expo will take place on April 8th and 9th in the Park Plaza, Amsterdam. This is the first year we will showcase at the event and we can’t wait!

Bundledocs New Feature Release - February 2019

Our development team have been hard at work developing a game-changing feature, we know you’re going to love! Today we will give you an exclusive sneak peak into how it all works. Intrigued? Then keep on reading…


Introducing Bundledocs Custom Index

We are thrilled to bring you our latest feature release - custom index pages. This will be a game-changer for anyone who wants to create bundles, binders or booklet with their own house styles and branding.

How will it help? It allows you to create a custom index for your bundle and format it exactly how you like. Of course, our simple to use index features still exist but this latest enhancements gives you the option to do so much more - if you need to.

With the new custom index page(s) you can use your own house style, custom formatting, include your title page contents and table of contents on the same page etc. It’s all possible with Bundledocs!

Interested to see how it works? We will cover all in our upcoming webinar (keep your eyes pealed for an announcement) or if you can’t wait until then get in touch with our team. We will be thrilled to show you how it works or give you a Custom Index User Guide so you can try for yourself.

New Video Alert!

We know that reading through manuals isn’t for everyone. We are here to make your life easier so we want to show you how Bundledocs works in a way that’s quick and easy.

Over on our YouTube channel we have a wide range of videos already created. They cover everything from how to upload documents from your DMS, to working with third parties, to templates.

This year we have already released some great little videos - and they’re all only about 2 minutes long. In case you haven’t had a chance to check them out yet, here’s a recap:

  • Moving Documents Made Easy. Did you know you don’t have to just drag & drop to move documents in Bundledocs. Over the years we’ve launched a number of different ways. Especially great for anyone that works with large bundles or binders. Watch it now.

  • Combine and Merge Files. If you’ve upload a few documents and want to merge them into one single document before generating then this ones for you. You will be surprised at how easy it is. Watch it now.

  • How to Create a Trial Bundle. If you missed our latest post ‘Trial Bundle Preparation Made Easy‘ then you may not have seen our latest video that takes you through the steps to create the perfect trial bundle in minutes. Watch it now.

If you don’t already follow us on YouTube, Twitter or LinkedIn then make sure you do. That way you won’t miss a thing!

Another Note for your Diary

This year is already shaping up to be a busy one for all of us at Bundledocs HQ. If you missed our announcement, we will be sponsoring the upcoming British Legal Technology Forum 2019 in March. Following on from this, we are delighted to reveal that our travels do not end there. We will be heading to Amsterdam to showcase at LEXPO’19 on April 8th and 9th.

Will you be heading to LEXPO this year? Check out our announcement post to see where you can find the Bundledocs team on the day.

Bundledocs New Feature Release - January 2019

Happy New Year everyone! We’re delighted to be back to tell you all about our latest feature releases and what’s new in the world of Bundledocs. Let’s jump right in.


Instantly Re-Order with a Single Click

We’ve all been there. You’ve uploaded a load of documents at once only to find they’re in the wrong order. Not to worry. Now it’s easier than ever to sort your files in Bundledocs.

If you’ve been using Bundledocs for a while you will know that you can already sort your documents by date - in either ascending or descending order. Fancy a recap on how this is done? Check out our announcement post here.

With our latest feature release we’ve added another way to sort your documents - this time by description/name. Again this can be done in either ascending or descending order and all with the click of a button. Here’s a quick look at how it can be done…

Note: This option will only appear on screen when you have ‘Show Document Date on Screen‘ selected for this bundle. Full details on how this can be done are covered in the manual.

Don’t forget, Bundledocs offers a number of ways to quickly and easily order and sort your bundles. Why not check out our Feature Focus post on the Moving Documents in Bundledocs (it even includes a short video so you can see it in action!) to see how this can be done. Getting to know these options is great for those who want to help save even more time or for anyone working with large bundles.

Ready to give it a try for yourself? Login to your Bundledocs account now and see for yourself.

A Note for your Diary

Earlier this month we were delighted to announce that we will be exhibiting at the upcoming British Legal Technology Forum 2019 on March 12th. This is one of Europe’s largest legal IT conference and exhibitions and it is one certainly not to be missed. Our team have been showcasing at the event over the last few years and each year we look forward to meeting with our clients, partners and showcasing how Bundledocs works for everyone that stops by.

Thinking of attending this year? For full details on the event and where you can find Bundledocs on the day, check out our recent ‘Come see Bundledocs at the British Legal Technology Forum‘ post. Can’t wait to see you all in March!

Instant Updates with Bundledocs

Remember with Bundledocs you don’t have to wait around for software install and feature updates, everything is available for you now. Simply log into you Bundledocs account and give them a try for yourself!

Have a question? If there is anything you need to know simply get in touch with our awesome support team. They’re on-hand to help get you familiar with everything Bundledocs. Prefer to go it alone? No problem. Our complete training and user manual is available to download 24/7 directly from your account. Easy!

Bundledocs New Feature Release - December 2018

Can you believe we’ve come to our last New Feature Release post of the year. We’ve gathered together some of our exciting new updates for you to check out so keep on reading.


Double sided printing just got easier

Making the move to a less paper office is simple. Whether you want to go completely paperless or would prefer to still use paper copies of your bundles, with Bundledocs there is no choice - you can do it all.

It’s easy. All bundles are automatically produced in electronic format that can be easily printed with the click of a button. But what if you need to print double sided?

From speaking with our clients, we know double sided printing can be a pain. That’s why we introduced our vacat pages feature earlier this year. This allows you to force the first page of each section to the right (if it doesn’t already appear there).

Following on from this, it is now possible to apply vacat pages to each document in your bundle. Similarly, this will force the first page any document to the right. Magic!

Make sure to download a copy of our Bundledocs User Guide for full details.

What does this button do again?

Collaborating with others on your bundle is simple with Bundledocs. We offer a wide range of features from securely forwarding your bundle to anyone (regardless of file size), working in groups or collaborating with anyone on your bundle.

When it comes to securely collaborating with external third parties, we have introduced some handy new features to help make it easier for first time users.

Now if you don’t know what a button/option does, simply hover over the button and a simple description will appear. The best bit? As there are only 6 buttons, getting familiar with using Bundledocs will be a breeze!

Sound good? Login to Bundledocs now and give it a try for yourself.

Numbering just how you like it

At Bundledocs we want to ensure you have everything you need to create the perfect bundle. Whether you want to change your index, change your page numbering or change the export options, it can all be done.

In our latest release, we have added another enhancement to our index customization option. So what can you do now?

As you may be aware, section numbering currently can be set to either numerical or alphabetical. For example it can appear as Section A, B, C or as Section 1, 2, 3 etc.

Moving on from this, we wanted to give you even more flexibility. Now you can set a ‘First Display Order Number‘ for your bundle. So whether you want to begin at Section 7, Section D, or Section 77 - it’s all possible with a click of a button.

Have you a specific format you want to create or any queries on the type of bundle you need to create? Get in touch with our awesome support team today!

That’s a wrap for 2018! If you would like to review any of our previous New Feature Release posts, then we’ve included some of our latest below for you to check out. If there is anything else you need to know, then get in touch with us today. We love to hear from you!