Bundledocs New Feature Release - August 2019

Ready to discover our new feature releases from August? Here’s what you need to know…



Each month we’re thrilled to bring you even more amazing features to help reduce document preparation stress and save you loads of time too. All features highlighted below are available in your account now so be sure to login to Bundledocs and download a copy of our manual for full details.


It’s now possible to receive a summary notification when using the ‘Forward Bundle to Third Party‘ option. With this, Bundledocs will send a summary notification so you can easily see if the recipient received the forwarded bundle.

Sounds great. How does it work? All you have to do is select the ‘Receive Summary Notification‘ option when sending the bundle (using our ‘Forward Bundle to Third Party’).


Recently we introduced support for metadata which is great news for your developer / System Administrator / Super user. It is used to store a dictionary of key/value pairs against bundles, sections and documents which is useful for templates and integrations.

So if you’re a Developer, System Administrator or Super User get in touch for more information.


If you currently include document dates in your bundle, then listen up. We’ve added an enhancement to the on-screen ‘Date Picker’. It is now possible to select the relevant date or type a date into the date field.

Quick Recap: How to Include Document Dates on your Index Page video

If you’re interested to learn more about working with document dates, get in touch with our support team or access your bundledocs account to download our complete user manual.


Page Breaks are now supported for the main section (i.e. @Main) of your custom index. With this latest feature release you can apply page breaks to the main definition of a custom index.


Bundledocs Integrates with Microsoft Office Word

If you missed our Bundledocs New Feature Release - February 2019 edition, you may not be aware that Bundledocs supports Custom Indexing. This awesome feature allows you to fully customise the look and feel of your index page. You have the complete control and can design it to suit court requirements, your house style - whatever it is.

Whilst developing Custom Indexing, we thought it would be even more helpful to develop an integration with Microsoft Office Word. After-all, that’s where the majority of you will be creating and modifying your custom index. How does it work?

  • Bundledocs Tab. Once you have downloaded the integration, a Bundledocs tab will immediately appear on your MS Word ribbon.

  • Check Out. Simply select ‘Check Out‘ to download a Custom Index from an existing bundle.

  • Check In. Simply select ‘Check In‘ to upload a custom index into an existing bundle. It even works for any Word document you are working on!

Note: Our integration works with Microsoft Office Word 2013+.

Interested to learn more? Get in touch today and we will provide you with the Microsoft Office Word Installer and help get you started.


Each month we release some quick (and hopefully helpful!) videos that showcase some of Bundledocs awesome features. So whether you’re only discovering Bundledocs for the first time and are interested to see how it works; or if you’re a seasoned pro, we have something for everyone. Discover some of our latest YouTube releases here:

Bundledocs New Feature Release - July 2019

Who’s ready to discover the latest development releases from Bundledocs? We have everything you need to know so keep on reading…



This month we’ve launched some great new features to help save you even more time and make document preparation and customising even easier. All features are instantly available to you now, so login to your account and download a copy of our manual to learn more.


In this month’s release, we’ve added even more customise options for your index page. We received a number of requests from users asking it was possible to prevent a document from appearing on the index page of a bundle? It is now!

We’ve added the ‘Is this document hidden on index pages?’ option to the edit details area for a document. Selecting will remove the item from the index page however the contents of the bundle will still remain in the bundle. Once you mark the document, a red border will appear to the right of your document so you can easily identify these documents on-screen.

Check out our manual for full details on how it works.


It’s now possible to choose the ‘display order’ as the document description. This will apply the standard Bundledocs display order to the pages of a document in the final bundle.


We’ve made enhancements to our ‘Quick Toggle’ menu to make it easy to apply settings to a number of documents and all with a single click.

It’s great when you would like to, for example, mark a number of documents as late inserts. You no longer have to individually select each document. Using our Quick Toggle option you can instantly apply the setting to a number of documents at once.

What options have been added to the Quick Toggle menu?

  • Included. The document is removed entirely from the generated bundle.

  • StrikeOut. The document’s content is removed from the bundle. The document appears in the bundle index with a strike-through with standard ordering and page numbering applied.

  • HideOnIndex. The document is removed from the index pages of the bundle. The documents content appears in the body of the bundle.

  • Late Insert. The document adopts a separate page number and order sequence. Which means the existing page numbering and index is not affected.

  • Simple Insert. The document is excluded from all bundle page numbering and ordering. The document appears on the index without page numbering and ordering applied.


Each month we release some quick (and hopefully helpful!) videos that showcase some of Bundledocs awesome features. So whether you’re only discovering Bundledocs for the first time and are interested to see how it works; or if you’re a seasoned pro, we have something for everyone. Discover some of our latest YouTube releases here:

UK Government Cloud Compliant Solution

Have you heard the news? Bundledocs is cloud-first, easy-to-use and G-Cloud approved!

Bundledocs has once again been selected as a UK Government cloud compliant tool, under the Digital Marketplace framework. The Digital Marketplace, if you are not aware, is designed to help UK public sector bodies easily evaluate and procure cloud solutions.

Bundledocs is no stranger to G-Cloud having been a selected provider for a number of years. If you’re interested to learn more, check out our announcement post ‘Bundledocs electronic document bundling solution is gcloud 11 compliant’.

Bundledocs New Feature Release - June 2019

Each month we’re excited to bring you the latest development releases and this month is no different. Ready to discover what’s new?



We’ve some exciting new features to share with you all. We’ve met with our development team and gathered together everything that’s new to Bundledocs this month. The best part about being a 100% cloud based solution is you don’t have to wait for installs, setup and roll-outs. Everything here is instantly available right now - all you need to do is login to Bundledocs!

Good News for Australian Users.

Bundledocs are thrilled to introduce a new storage location. Australian users now have the option to choose Australia Central and Australia East for the storage of new bundles. Making the change is simple and can be done directly within your account via the ‘Account Settings‘ area. Full details are covered in our manual but if you’re interested to learn more about our storage location options get in touch with our team.

Ready to Strike Out?

We recently received a request from a number of users, asking for the inclusion of a strike-out option. In short, they needed to be able to remove document contents from the generated bundle however the item (document name) still had to remain on the index page with a strike-through.

Your wish is our command! The Strike-Out feature is now available and it’s even supported if you use our Custom Index. How does it work?

  • Mark your Document. Select the ‘Edit Details’ and select the ‘Is this document a strike-out?’ and ‘Update’ to complete.

  • Let’s Generate. When you’re ready to complete your bundle, select ‘Generate’.

  • That’s it. You’re bundle will be instantly available to preview and download.

Bundledocs will then automatically generate the index page and any document that has been selected will have a strike-through. The contents of any marked documents will also be removed from your updated bundle. Perfect!

Why not login to Bundledocs today and give it a try for yourself.

Time Change for documents

It’s now possible to set time information for any uploaded document.

This can be done by editing a document and amending the ‘Display Time’ field.

It works in the same way as amending the document dates for your bundle. In some cases, you may find that the document date - or document time - is incorrect. With Bundledocs, you can now easily amend both the document date and the document time.

Remember our New Feature Release - January 2019 post where we released our Instant Re-Order feature? Just think how amazing this will be when coupled with our latest amend document date/time release. Now every document contained within Bundledocs can be quickly and easily sorted with a single click!

more reasons to love Custom Indexing

Bundledocs Custom Index is here and it keeps getting better and better. Each month our awesome Development team are releasing more and more ways for you to customise your index page so you can create the perfect bundle every time.

This month we’ve added a number of new terms into the mix to make it possible to further customise your bundle numbering. For example, Arabic numbering, Roman numbering and Latin numbering are now possible and you can even include the original section numbering too.

If you’ve yet to discover Bundledocs Custom Index and unsure if it’s for you, then get in touch. We can show you how it works, provide you with helpful user guides and even setup your own custom index for you. No reason not to get in touch!


Missed any of our recent video releases? We’ve gathered them together so you won’t miss a thing. To help get new users up-to-date with how Bundledocs works we released a couple of videos, however if you already use Bundledocs then you will already know this part.

In addition to this we also released a new video all about our amazing Late Inserts feature. If you’ve yet to discover it then you’re in for a treat. Here’s how it works…


So what is our Late Inserts feature? Late inserts is ideal for anyone that needs to add additional documents to your bundle but doesn’t want to affect the existing numbering sequence.

All you need to do is upload the new document(s) and mark it as a ‘Late Insert’. Bundledocs then takes care of the rest.

Better still there is no need to waste paper re-printing the entire thing. We even have included the option to generate only the late inserts and new index page so you can instantly print or share the changes with others. What could be better?

Check it out: Bundledocs Late Inserts explainer video to see it in action.

Having trouble viewing the video, watch our ‘Late Inserts Explained’ video over on

If you’ve a video request then let us know! Our team are always on the look-out for new videos to create for you so get in touch if there’s any feature you want to see in action. Whether it’s to assist with internal training sessions or simply as a reminder for later, get in touch and who knows you might see it featured on our YouTube Channel very soon.

Tikit P4W Webinar

This month we were delighted to host a webinar with our partners Tikit TFB. There was a fantastic attendance on the day and we were thrilled to showcase how Bundledocs seamlessly links with Partner for Windows to make document preparation simple.

If you missed the webinar, get in touch and our team will be delighted to show you how it works. In the meantime, check out our Bundledocs Partner for Windows Integration video or our ‘How Do I Connect P4W to Bundledocs PDF Bundling Software’ post for more on getting the integration setup in your office.

Bundledocs New Feature Release - May 2019

It’s that time again. We’re back bringing you everything that’s new in the world of Bundledocs. Here’s what you missed…


Awesome Development Releases

We’ve met with our Development team to bring you the run down on everything that’s new to Bundledocs this month. Remember as a cloud solution you don’t have to worry about installing and upgrading - simply login to your Bundledocs account now and they’re all waiting for you!

  • Who’s Generated This Bundle? It’s now possible to see the name of the user that last generated the bundle. Within the downloads area, you will see a ‘Generated By‘ indicator and simply hover over this to reveal the email address of the user that generated the bundle. This works great when working with collaborators and groups so you can see at-a-glance who produced this bundle last.

  • Reply to Sender. We’ve updated our ‘Forward Bundle‘ feature to allow the recipient to reply directly to the person that shared the bundle with them. Bundledocs will automatically populate the ‘To:’ field with the sender email to make it easier for them to contact you directly.

  • Custom Index Keeps Getting Better. Back in February we announced the introduction of our Custom Index feature that allows you build an index exactly how you like it. (If you missed the announcement then check out our New Feature Release - February 2019) Following on from this we’ve continued to add even more definition parameters so you can customise your index further, including:

    • Re-apply root section number to the display order

    • Apply distinct formatting to late insert document rows

    • Define a prefix and suffix to a root level section

    • Replace a template term when included in a table cell paragraph

Interested to learn more about Bundledocs Custom Index, get in touch today. We’re offering free online familiarization sessions, helpful training material and even can help getting it setup for you. Can’t wait to hear from you!

More Video Releases

We’ve been busy creating some great new videos for you all. Our videos are short and sweet and great if you want to quickly see how anything works. We’ve gathered together some of our latest video releases in case you missed them.

Bundledocs Annotations

With Bundledocs you can highlight important text, add comments, create document reference links and even completely redact confidential information. Here’s how it works…

Watch on YouTube: Annotate Court Documents

Tell Me More: How do I add annotations to my digital binder using Bundledocs


Create a Free Trial

Want to introduce a friend to Bundledocs? Why not share this short video with them and let them know how to create a free trial with us.

Watch on YouTube: Free Trial Account Setup

Visit Bundledocs: Create a Free 30 Day Trial Now.


Generate a Zipped Bundle

Did you know with Bundledocs you can export your bundle as a zip. This is great if you want to share bundle documents in their original format or their converted PDF format.

Watch on YouTube: Generate a Zipped Bundle

Anything you want to see? Get in touch and let us know. We want to create videos that are helpful and beneficial for you so if there’s anything you want to see in action, or share with your colleagues, we’re here to help!

Not already following Bundledocs on YouTube? Go subscribe to our channel to make sure you’re the first to know when a new video goes live.

iManage ConnectLive Roadshow 2019

Earlier this month we were delighted to sponsor the 2019 iManage ConnectLive event in both London and Dublin. It was an amazing opportunity to meet so many of our iManage users and get a glimpse of what’s new in the world of iManage. Thanks to everyone who dropped by to see us!

If you missed the event, then you can see what we got up to here: iManage ConnectLive 2019 Event Recap.

Interested to learn more about our integration with iManage? Visit our iManage Integration Partner page for everything you need to know; for a quick look here’s a video that takes you through the integration ‘Bundledocs iManage Integration - Video’ or if you’ve specific questions about the integration then get in touch with us. We love to hear from you.

Bundledocs New Feature Release - April 2019

We’re back to share everything that’s new in the world of Bundledocs. In today’s post we will get you up-to-date with our recent updates, take you through our latest feature releases and have even gathered together all our latest videos too. Sound good? Then keep on reading…

Bundledocs_New_Feature_Release_Development_April_2019 copy.png

New Developments - What You’ve Missed

The last few months have certainly been busy for everyone here at Bundledocs - including our Development team. They’ve been busy releasing some awesome new features that we know you’re going to love. If you missed our previous New Feature Release posts then you’re in for a treat, here’s what you’ve missed.

Custom Indexing is here. Bundledocs have introduced custom indexing so you can create bundles, binders and booklets exactly how you like - include house styles, formatting, branding - it all possible.

If you’re interested in using our custom indexing feature then get in touch and we can take you through how it works and provide you with a copy of our Custom Index User Guide so you can try for yourself.

We’ve Launched Document Manipulation. It’s now possible to seamlessly work with your documents directly from Bundledocs. You can now easily re-order pages, rotate, split, extract or even delete pages from any document uploaded to Bundledocs.

We love our new features and we know you will too. If you’re interested to learn more about our new releases then make sure to get in touch with our support team today!


This month we’ve released a number of feature enhancements to help make our your life easier when it comes to preparing your bundles, working with users and sharing with third parties. Here are just some of the new development releases:

  • Include Bates Numbers on your Index. A new parameter has been added to our custom index vocabulary to allow you display the full bates number on your index page.

  • Produce your Bundle as a Zip File. If you are not aware, Bundledocs allow you to produce your final bundle in a zip file. This is great if you want to share your bundle documents with others - either in their original format or as converted PDFs. In our latest release, we have added another enhancement which allows you to generate a zip bundle without the names of the documents in the zip folder structure.

  • Management Groups Even More Powerful. Bundledocs Management Groups allow you to manage your organisations users, bundles and templates securely in one location. We have released a number of new enhancements to make our management groups even more powerful. You can now review and delete download invitations, more ways to notify members, manage team groups - and much much more.

    If you are not already using Management Groups within your organisation then let us know. We offer free Admin training and training resources so get in touch today!

Download a copy of our manual for full details. Have a question? Get in touch with us today!


Back in February we did a run through of all our latest video releases. If you missed it, you can check it out here: New Feature Release - February 2019. Since then, we’ve created even more videos for you to showcase some of Bundledocs new feature releases - as well as some old favourites too.

Check out our latest video releases…

  • Document Manipulation. Following on from our announcement last month, we have created a short video to showcase how you can manipulate documents in Bundledocs. Watch ‘Bundledocs Document Manipulation‘.

  • Working with Document Dates. If you need to quickly add your document dates to your index page (and don’t need to create a custom index page) then this is the video for you. Watch ‘How to Include Document Dates on your Index Page’.

  • Redact Confidential Information. Bundledocs offers a number of ways that you can annotate and redact your documents. In this video we focus on how you can easily apply redactions to sensitive information and generate your bundle to produce a fully redacted bundle in minutes. Watch ‘How to Redact Confidential Information with Bundledocs’ now.

  • Ultimate Electronic Document Bundling Software. Recently Bundledocs sponsored Lexpo - The Legal Innovation Event - in Amsterdam and we were thrilled to have this video showcased to delegates and attendees through-out the 2 day event. If you didn’t get a chance to attend the event then check out our latest video now. It’s perfect to share with anyone that needs a quick overview of what Bundledocs can do! Watch Bundledocs Ultimate Electronic Document Bundling Software.

Make sure you don’t miss any new video releases. Go follow us on YouTube, Twitter or LinkedIn so you can catch the latest videos when they’re available.