Electronic Closing Binder

What is a Closing Book? (And How to Create Yours in Minutes)

If you need to create a closing book then you’ve come to the right place. In today’s post we will cover what a closing book is and how to create an electronic closing book in minutes.


What is a Closing Book?

A closing book is used to summarize and organize all relevant documents generated through a transaction. The closing book contains large volumes of documents that are converted into a single PDF file which is fully searchable, indexed and bookmarked. Once completed the closing book can be distributed electronically or in paper format.

A closing book can also be referred to as closing binders, record books, closing transactions, transaction deal bibles, closing bibles… the list goes on. A lot has changed in the world of document production in recent years and there are now tools to help make the process of preparing and delivering closing binders much easier. Using closing book software can enhance customer satisfaction, save hours of work, reduce costly printing and distribution costs - and not to mention, it’s much more environmentally friendly!

Don’t just take our word for it, here’s how simple it is to create a professional closing binder with Bundledocs…

How to Create a Closing Book with Bundledocs

(Don’t waste time and money creating closing books. Bundledocs does the hard work for you!)


Creating a closing book is made easy with Bundledocs electronic closing binder software. If you need to create a closing book, here’s how it works…

  1. CREATE YOUR CLOSING BOOK. First we will need to create our closing binder and create any folders/sub-folders needed.

  2. ADD DOCUMENTS TO YOUR CLOSING BOOK. Once we have created our booklet, the next step will be to add our documents. You can upload files of any time (word documents, PDF, excel, images, emails etc.) and access them regardless of where they’re stored (local C-Drive, Windows Explorer, Dropbox or your DMS iManage, NetDocuments, Actionstep, Worldox). Check out our Bundledocs Integration Partners for a full listing.

  3. CUSTOMISE YOUR CLOSING BOOK. Once you’ve uploaded your documents you can simply drag and drop to place them in the correct order. Now that everything is in place, we can customise the look and feel of our closing booklet. For example: Add a custom cover page, customize your index/table of contents page, change your page numbering etc. You can even choose what format you want your final book.

  4. DOWNLOAD YOUR CLOSING BOOK OR SECURELY SHARE WITH OTHERS. When you are ready to complete your electronic closing casebook, simply click the Generate button. Your cover page, index page and transaction documents will be merged into a single PDF closing binder. Instantly available and ready to download or share electronically.


Say goodbye to your closing book preparation worries!

If you’re interested in giving Bundledocs electronic document binder software a try then you can start your free no-obligation free trial now. Prefer to see how it works first? No problem. Get in touch with our team and we will be happy to arrange a free online demonstration at a time that suits you. We can’t wait to hear from you!

How to Create a Closing Binder in PDF?

Looking for a way to easily create a closing binder in PDF format? We’ve outlined how this can be done in only 5 steps. So whether you need to create an electronic closing binder for legal transactions, residential real estate closing, mergers and acquisitions etc. - this is what you need to know.


How can I create a closing binder in PDF?

If you need to create closing binders then you’ve come to the right place. Bundledocs is the ultimate electronic closing binder software and has everything you need in one place to create your binder quickly and easily. Here’s how it works…

  1. Make your Closing Binder in Bundledocs. The first step to create your closing binder is to create the structure of your binder by creating sections and sub-sections. Create with a click and name as you wish.

  2. Add Documents to your Binder. Once you’ve created the structure of your binder, you can then add documents. With Bundledocs you can access documents no matter where they’re stored. So whether they’re on your pc or need to be accessed via our seamless integration partner connectors - it’s all possible with Bundledocs.

  3. Customise your Binder. When you are ready to complete your closing binder, there are a number of ways you can customise it. For example, you can add a custom cover page; customise how you index page/ table of contents page appears; add page numbering etc.

  4. Generate. When you are ready to complete your binder, simply click the ‘Generate‘ button. This will automatically merge all your uploaded files (regardless of file type) into a single PDF document. In an instant you will have a perfect pdf binder that is sectioned, indexed, bookmarked, hyperlinked and formatted for you.

  5. Print or Securely Share. Now that your binder is complete it is ready to print or electronically share with others. Bundledocs offers an in-built secure share feature to make sending your completed electronic closing PDF binder easy. Perfect if binders are too big to send via email!

Ready to give it a go? We offer a free 30-day free trial so try for free and see for yourself!

Creating Electronic Closing Binders using NetDocuments DMS

Bundledocs electronic closing binder software makes creating closing binders simple. Our incredibly intuitive and powerful integration with NetDocuments DMS ensures that you can access your documents instantly and create your electronic closing binder regardless of where you are. Ready to see how Bundledocs makes creating electronic closing binders simple - then keep on reading…



Bundledocs electronic closing binder software is the one tool you need for the creation and delivery of closing binders. It handles everything from document collation, document manipulation, sharing and collaboration, OCR, redaction and annotation. It’s incredibly easy to use so you can ensure your binders are prepared in an instant!

Did we mention we’re fully integrated with NetDocuments DMS? Our partnership with NetDocuments helps deliver a true cloud integrated solution. Global law firms can securely access their NetDocs files and collaboratively build electronic closing binders, bundles, booklets and briefs from anywhere - on any device.


Here are the steps you need to create electronic closing binders using NetDocuments:


    Begin by creating your closing binder - give it a name and title. Once this is done you are ready to create folders, sub-folders or volumes for your binder. There is no limit to the number of folders so create as many as you need.


    Once you have created the structure for your binder, you are ready to begin uploading your transactions and binder documents. If you us NetDocuments as your DMS then our integration will make this process so much easier. Here is a quick video that shows how this is done: Upload Documents from NetDocuments into Bundledocs.

    Don’t worry if you don’t use NetDocuments to store your documents. You can easily access documents regardless of where they are stored. For example, upload from your local pc or c-drive, dropbox, or check out our integration partners to see what other systems Bundledocs links with.


    Once you have uploaded your documents from NetDocuments into Bundledocs, you’re ready to begin ordering and formatting your binder. Bundledocs offers a range of features to make sure your binder is created just how you want it. For example:

    1. Order your Documents: Now that you’ve added your NetDocs documents, you can easily amend the ordering so they appear just as you like. Watch this quick video to see how to easily move Bundledocs documents.

    2. Add a Custom Cover Page: Bundledocs automatically generates a simple cover page, however you also have the option to upload a custom cover page for your binder.

    3. Add a Custom Index Page: If you didn’t know already, once you click the ‘Generate‘ button, Bundledocs will automatically merge all your files into a single PDF document and automatically create your index page for you. There are a range of options available so you can customise how your index page appears . Alternatively, you also have the option to upload your own custom index page. Interested to learn more? Get in touch with our support team for more information.

    4. Amend Page Numbers: Bundledocs will automatically number each page of your binder. This is fully customisable and you can even completely remove page numbers if you prefer - and all with the click of a button.

    5. Choose an Export Format: By default, Bundledocs will automatically export your finished closing binder in PDF format. However, as you have complete control you can even export in a zip file if you prefer. That way you can include all the converted PDF files or the documents in their original format.

  4. SHARE YOUR BINDER ELECTRONICALLY WITH OTHERS. Now that you’ve formatted your closing binder to appear just as you like, all that’s left to do is click the generate button. This button is magic and with a single click your binder is ready. Within Bundledocs you can download to your desktop to print or even securely share with anyone that needs a copy.


Bundledocs electronic closing binder software makes the process of creating professional closing binders simple. Don’t just take our word for it. We offer a free online demonstration and a no-obligation free trial so you can try for free and see if it suits your requirements.

Remember, Bundledocs is a 100% cloud based software so you can link to NetDocuments directly from Bundledocs. Have a hosted version? Get in touch with Bundledocs Support and we can help get it setup for you.

How Do I Create A Document Set from NetDocuments?

It’s hard to believe that so many law firms around the world still produce document bundles and document sets manually. Why so when there are awesome tools like Bundledocs available that do all the hard work for you. In today’s post we’re going to show you just how easy it is to create a document set in minutes. Interested to learn more, then keep on reading!


What is a Document Set?

Before we jump into how to create a document set, let’s first address what it is. In short, a document set is simply a group of related documents. For lawyers and attorneys when compiling a casefile they will need to gather all related and relevant documents together into a document set and easily print and distribute it to others.

How Do I Create a Document Set?

Bundledocs, a NetDocuments Binder Integration Partner, makes creating document sets easy. Want to create a document set online? Here’s are the 4 steps you need to know…

  1. Create your document set. To create your document set just click the ‘New Bundle‘ button. Once created you can easily create a single/multiple folders for your set.

  2. Gather documents from NetDocuments. Bundledocs seamlessly links with NetDocuments to make it simple for you to access your documents from anywhere. Choose what documents you want included and they will be instantly added to your document set. You can even easily arrange documents by dragging and dropping - or with a single click!

  3. Generate your document set. When you are ready to compile your document, hit the ‘Generate’ button. This will collate all your document into a single set. You can even customise the look and feel to make sure it’s just right!

  4. Download or securely share with others. That’s it. Your document set (including all your NetDocuments files) is instantly available. The final set is available as a single PDF. A hyperlinked index is created, it’s fully bookmarked and each page is automatically paginated too. What could be better!

Remember, the best thing about Bundledocs is it’s fully customisable and making changes is simple. Need to remove page numbering? Want to change your index page or remove entirely? It’s all possible and can be done in an instant. Easy!

NetDocuments Cloud Partner

Did you know Bundledocs is a long-standing NetDocuments partner? As a 100% cloud tool we love connecting and partnering with other cloud providers. Our integration with NetDocuments makes it simple for you to create document sets online anywhere, any time, from any device.

If you’ve any queries about linking NetDocuments and Bundledocs, then get in touch. Or why not check out our short - Bundledocs Integration with NetDocuments video - to see it in action!

Ready to Create a Document Set with Bundledocs?

Building bundles and document sets is made easy with Bundledocs. Don’t believe us? Why not take advantage of our free 30 day trial and give it a try for yourself. Get started today!