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Create an Electronic Binder from iManage - Video

If you are on the hunt for a solution to help with the creation of electronic PDF binders, then look no further than Bundledocs. We have everything you need to create the perfect ebinder in minutes. Ready to learn more? 


This month marks one year since we launched our integration with iManage - and what a year it's been! For anyone unfamiliar with our integration with iManage, not to worry. Check out our recent posts: Top 3 Reasons Every iManage User Needs Bundledocs and our Bundledocs-iManage Integration FAQ to get up-to-date on everything you need to know. 

Following on from this, in today's post we wanted to recap just how easy it is to create a complete electronic binder directly from iManage. Let's take a closer look...


How Can I create an Electronic Binder from iManage?

Create electronic binders in minutes with Bundledocs. Take your documents directly from iManage. Bundledocs electronic closing binder software will convert all files to PDF and instantly create an organised, numbered, sectioned, tabbed and indexed ebinder. Immediately ready to share with clients, council or any third party. It's easy to use, secure and highly reliable. 

Sound good? To help give you a better idea of how it all works, we have created a short 2 minute video. Check out how simple it is to create an electronic binder directly from iManage...

Having trouble viewing? Visit the Bundledocs YouTube Channel to see more. 


Bundledocs works seamlessly with iManage FileSite, DeskSite, iManage Work (WorkSite) and iManage Cloud. With our integration you can...

  • Create binders from Workspaces. Create your binder directly from iManage. Bundledocs will automatically pull in folders, sub-folders and all documents you have contained within your Workspace. With just a few click you can replicate your entire Workspace into a Bundledocs bundle.

  • Effortlessly upload any document or folder. Quickly add individual documents, multiple documents or entire folders directly into Bundledocs. To upload, simply choose your documents, your bundle and your section. From there you can create the perfect electronic binder instantly.

  • Download complete binders back to iManage. With our seamless integration you can save your completed PDF binder back into iManage. No need to leave. Simply right click on your folder and profile your bundle to save. It really is that simple!


Interested to learn more? We are running a free webinar on Feb 28th. We will be showcasing how you can create electronic binders, bundles and ebriefs from iManage with Bundledocs. To book your place, you can register via: Easily Prepare Bundles Directly from iManage - Webinar Registration or get in touch with our team to arrange a free online demonstration at a time that suits you. 

Bundledocs Powerful Electronic Binder Software - Get Started Guide


Prepare an Electronic Binder in Minutes with Bundledocs. 

If you are looking for a software solution to help you quickly and easily create an electronic binder then you've come to the right place. Our powerful electronic closing binder software lets you easily upload your files, arrange them in the correct order, apply customizations (and make as many changes as needed) and then creates a neat, numbered, sectioned binder in minutes, no matter how big or small. Download in seconds. Share your binder instantly.

Bundledocs takes only 5 steps to create the perfect binder. Let's take a quick look at these 5 steps now...

Create your Electronic Binder. 

We want to help you create high quality electronic binders with ease. Now the whole process only takes 5 steps from beginning to end. It really couldn't be better.



Create Sections. 

With Bundledocs you can easily create single, multiple, sub-sectioned or even large volume binders. With a simple and intuitive drag and drop you can effortlessly create and customize the sections of your binder with ease. 



Upload Files to your Binder. 

At Bundledocs we want to make it as easy as possible for you to access and upload your documents into your binder. That's why we have developed partnerships with the world's leading systems. These include: Dropbox, Clio, NetDocuments, Worldox, iManage - to name just a few. Or just simply upload files directly from your computer (or whatever device you are using). 


Customize your Binder. 

There is a range of options you can use to customize your binder, helping you prepare the perfect electronic binder in minutes. Customization's include: bates numbering, watermarking, custom cover page and even customize the look of your index page. 

Discover other ways you can customise your index. 


Download the Electronic Binder Instantly.

Easily preview your bundle before downloading. Your electronic binder is immediately available in PDF format which can be securely shared. With a range of collaboration features available you can easily work with others regardless time, location or even device. 


Don't waste time manually preparing electronic binders. Get started with Bundledocs today. Interested to learn more? Why not create your Free 30-Day Trial or arrange your Free Online Demonstration.

 Got a Question? Our team are happy to help. Get in touch today.