Bundledocs is the ultimate tool for anyone looking to quickly and easily create electronic closing binders, court bundles, booklets or document sets. Our partnership with NetDocuments delivers a true cloud integrated solution. Law firms can now securely access their documents and collaboratively build electronic bundles, binders and booklets from anywhere, on any device.

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Bundledocs Integration with NetDocuments

(Discover how Bundledocs seamlessly links with your NetDocuments DMS)

Incredibly Easy to Use

With one click your bundle is automatically indexed, numbered, hyperlinked and bookmarked. No need for long training sessions.

Access from Anywhere

Securely access your NetDocuments files and immediately prepare your bundles any time, anywhere, on any device.

You Control Uploads

Find what you want, when you want. Now you can search by cabinet, recent and favourite workspaces etc. Simple!

Collaborate with Anyone

Work with colleagues in different offices; Share bundles with Clients; even collaborate with the other side quickly and easily.



Before we jump into how we integrate with NetDocuments Document Management System, let’s quickly tell you more about Bundledocs. To put it simply, we do one job. Help lawyers easily create PDF bundles, binders and booklets from anywhere.

Bundledocs electronic closing binder software is designed to be incredibly simple and easy to use. Take documents from anywhere (even NetDocs), adjust the order, group them, redact anything you don’t want included and that’s it. Bundles are instantly ready to save, securely share or print – from any device, at any time. We even handle document manipulation, annotations, OCR and online collaboration.

At Bundledocs we know it’s imperative that our solution is simple and intuitive to use but also powerful to ensure that every bundle produced is prepared precisely, is of the highest standard and can be provided to any third party in good time. Bundles are now created in minutes – not hours!

Our tool eliminates repetitive and laborious tasks to produce binders that enhance the image and reputation of your organization. That’s not all. With Bundledocs you can reduce photocopying, staff costs, and delivery costs, become more environmentally friendly and even move towards a paperless office.

Create Electronic Closing Binders with NetDocuments

Bundledocs is fully integrated with NetDocuments to make it quick and easy to create electronic closing binders from anywhere. Yes, that’s right - we’re a 100% web based tool so you can not only access but create binders anytime, anywhere.

Our integration with NetDocuments offers a number of ways you can easily search NetDocs to find the right documents for your binder. With our integration connector you can easily search your cabinet, workspace or folder to find what you want in an instant. Then when you’re ready to upload, you can seamlessly add individual documents, multiple documents, or an entire NetDocuments container from NetDocuments into Bundledocs. Upload Documents from NetDocuments to Bundledocs.

Sound good? Let’s take a look at the steps needed to create electronic closing binders using NetDocuments.


Step One: Create your Closing Binder

Step Two: Add Documents from your NetDocuments DMS

Step Three: Customize your Closing Binder

Step Four: Share your Binder Electronically with Others

Interested to see more? Check out our Creating Electronic Closing Binders using NetDocuments DMS post for full details.

Top Reasons to Choose Bundledocs

Not sure if Bundledocs PDF bundling software is the right fit for you? We’ve gathered together some of top reasons to choose Bundledocs as your go-to solution for PDF creation.

EASY TO USE. Bundledocs is so simple and easy to use, there is no need for long laborious training sessions. With one click your bundle is automatically indexed, numbered, hyperlinked & bookmarked. Incredibly easy to use and available in an instant. Binders are now available in minutes - just pick it up and go!

Don’t just take our word for it. Read Jason Plant’s article: ‘Complexity is your enemy. Any fool can make something complicated. It is hard to make something simple.’

LARGE BUNDLES? NO PROBLEM. Computational resources are added and subtracted in line with demand. This means no stalling, no crashing, no issues - regardless of bundle size.

CREATE BUNDLES ON THE GO. With complete mobility you can work exactly the same regardless of where you are - in the office, on the move, in court, or anywhere. With Bundledocs you can work from any location, on any device (yes, even on your mobile) and at any time.

BRANDED AND CUSTOMIZABLE. At Bundledocs, we want you to prepare bundles you're proud of. We offer you a wide range of options for you to customise your bundle, apply custom house styles/branding and much more. With custom cover pages, index pages and options to change font, style, page numbering and bundle format, you can ensure you create the perfect binder every time.

INSTANT DELIVERY. There’s no need to worry about duplicates and delivery costs. Create your bundle and grant access to anyone that needs it. Alternatively, use our Secure Share feature to safely send password protected binders to others.

FULLY SEARCHABLE. Every bundle prepared in Bundledocs is fully text searchable so you can find what you want, when you want. With built-in OCR functionality, it's ideal if you are working with a lot of scanned documents. Not only that, every index is fully hyperlinked and every bundle automatically bookmarked. We do all the hard work for you!

ANNOTATIONS MADE EASY. Effortlessly create public or private annotations directly from Bundledocs. Our unique approach ensures nothing is lost if any changes are made or new versions of your bundle created. 

REDACT CONFIDENTIAL INFORMATION. Quickly and easily apply redactions directly onto any document. This will allow you to completely remove sensitive data before sharing or printing your bundle. 

NO UPFRONT COSTS. The era of paying large up-front costs is over. There is no minimum contract period, no notice times, no termination fees. It’s simple - if you don’t want to continue using Bundledocs - just cancel. You can do so directly within your account at any time. Ready to see what Bundledocs is all about? 

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Frequently Asked Questions


Yes. Bundledocs On-Premise is a great alternative for any organisation that does not want to utilize cloud technologies and are required to store their data locally. Get in touch to see if Bundledocs On-Premise is a option for you.


Bundledocs is a completely 100% cloud based software. This means you do not need to purchase any additional hardware or software. Simply access Bundledocs via your web browser. 


Bundledocs document bundling software can work with any type of document. These include Microsoft Word (.doc), Emails (.msg), .PDF, .txt, Pictures (.tif), Photographs, Maps and Charts etc. Check out our ‘What types of documents does Bundledocs support?‘ post for full details.


Yes. Bundledocs is fully integrated with Actionstep legal practice management software to make it quick and easy to create complete bundles on the move. Check out our video for a quick look at Bundledocs integration with Actionstep.


Yes. Bundledocs offers a free 30-Day trial. With no credit card required and no obligation. Try for Free & See.


Our free trial is 30 days. You can upgrade your account at any time and this can all be done directly within your account. 


Yes. Building bundles and document sets is made easy with Bundledocs. Our integration with NetDocuments makes the whole process incredibly simple and it’s all done in just 5 simple steps. Read our ‘How Do I Create A Document Set from NetDocuments?’ post to see how it’s done.


If there is anything you need to know about Bundledocs before you get started, make sure to get in touch with our team. We are here for you and happy to help. Get in touch today! 

How Do I Connect NetDocuments with Bundledocs?


Access Bundledocs

Bundledocs is a 100% cloud based solution so integrating is super easy. Simply login to Bundledocs.


Link To NetDocuments

There’s absolutely no setup involved. All you need is your NetDocuments login to effortlessly link the 2 systems.


Try for Free

We offer a no obligation free trial so you can try it out fully. Any Questions? Contact Us Today!

 Discover More About Our NetDocuments Integration

If you’re interested to discover how to quickly and easily create the perfect electronic closing binder, bundle or booklet with Bundledocs, then get in touch today. We will provide you with more information about Bundledocs and our integration with NetDocuments DMS. With no-obligation online demo’s and online demonstrations there’s no reason not to get in touch!