How Do I Create A Document Set from NetDocuments?

It’s hard to believe that so many law firms around the world still produce document bundles and document sets manually. Why so when there are awesome tools like Bundledocs available that do all the hard work for you. In today’s post we’re going to show you just how easy it is to create a document set in minutes. Interested to learn more, then keep on reading!


What is a Document Set?

Before we jump into how to create a document set, let’s first address what it is. In short, a document set is simply a group of related documents. For lawyers and attorneys when compiling a casefile they will need to gather all related and relevant documents together into a document set and easily print and distribute it to others.

How Do I Create a Document Set?

Bundledocs, a NetDocuments Binder Integration Partner, makes creating document sets easy. Want to create a document set online? Here’s are the 4 steps you need to know…

  1. Create your document set. To create your document set just click the ‘New Bundle‘ button. Once created you can easily create a single/multiple folders for your set.

  2. Gather documents from NetDocuments. Bundledocs seamlessly links with NetDocuments to make it simple for you to access your documents from anywhere. Choose what documents you want included and they will be instantly added to your document set. You can even easily arrange documents by dragging and dropping - or with a single click!

  3. Generate your document set. When you are ready to compile your document, hit the ‘Generate’ button. This will collate all your document into a single set. You can even customise the look and feel to make sure it’s just right!

  4. Download or securely share with others. That’s it. Your document set (including all your NetDocuments files) is instantly available. The final set is available as a single PDF. A hyperlinked index is created, it’s fully bookmarked and each page is automatically paginated too. What could be better!

Remember, the best thing about Bundledocs is it’s fully customisable and making changes is simple. Need to remove page numbering? Want to change your index page or remove entirely? It’s all possible and can be done in an instant. Easy!

NetDocuments Cloud Partner

Did you know Bundledocs is a long-standing NetDocuments partner? As a 100% cloud tool we love connecting and partnering with other cloud providers. Our integration with NetDocuments makes it simple for you to create document sets online anywhere, any time, from any device.

If you’ve any queries about linking NetDocuments and Bundledocs, then get in touch. Or why not check out our short - Bundledocs Integration with NetDocuments video - to see it in action!

Ready to Create a Document Set with Bundledocs?

Building bundles and document sets is made easy with Bundledocs. Don’t believe us? Why not take advantage of our free 30 day trial and give it a try for yourself. Get started today!